Coconut oil has many effective and simple uses in beauty

For many people, coconut oil is no longer an unknown or secret ingredient. And coconut oil is everywhere and can be easily purchased at your local health food store. In addition to being used as a substitute for other cooking oils, coconut oil is now widely used for other purposes.

Coconut oil is a natural oil released from coconut itself, so the oil produced is creamy, consistent, and used in a variety of fields. Nowadays people find that coconut oil has many natural and effective uses in beauty. In fact, I found that no beauty product has as many benefits and effects as coconut oil. And most importantly, coconut oil is 100% natural. From scar repair, hair care, skin moisturizing, etc., all can be used.

coconut oil

With just a few simple application steps, you can use coconut oil to easily complete various beauty tasks. Therefore, please pick up coconut oil and follow these effective and simple methods to maximize their effectiveness.

12 useful uses of coconut oil in beauty

1. Use coconut oil to care for our hair

The first amazing use of coconut oil is to protect hair. Coconut oil is usually solid at room temperature, but will actually become more liquid when heated. This makes it ideal for caring for your hair in the shower.

Simply rinse the entire jar under a hot shower until it becomes more liquid. Then scoop out some with your fingers, apply it evenly to your hair, and then tie the hair into a loose bun. Wait patiently for five minutes, and then rinse, you will be surprised by its magical effect.

Coconut oil is used in hair care, it can make the hair smooth and shiny, and it has certain help for hair growth.

2.100% natural lip balm: coconut oil

Another fabulous use of this oil is to protect your lips. Many people use lip balm when their lips are split, especially during the colder months.

Please try using coconut oil instead of buying lip balm from the store. Making coconut oil lip balm is easy and simple, you can use it directly without extra steps, do you remember? It is a stable solid at room temperature.

Coconut oil has a super moisturizing effect, it can immediately moisturize your lips, so that chapped lips can be quickly restored.

3. Skin care milk from nature

Most people like to apply some body lotion on the body after shower to ensure the bright skin. This is another use of coconut oil to provide beauty help. After a relaxing bath, scoop out some coconut oil directly from the jar, then apply and massage your skin evenly on the body.

The creamy texture of coconut oil means that it will sink into it quickly, and the exotic fragrance will make you smell sweet all day long!

4. Effectively keep nail cuticles soft and moisturized

Now, the importance of manicure for women is the same as delicate makeup and careful facial care. Therefore, the care of hands, especially nails, is a key part of conventional beauty.

The stratum corneum is an important area of nails. If they become rough or dry, they may become some other problems and may even cause serious skin and nail diseases.

So for the care of the stratum corneum, we must develop the necessary habits. Then just apply some coconut oil on each cuticle to help soften them. Nourishing oil will also give them a little hydration to prevent them from being too dry.

5. Makes frizzy and curly hair supple

If your hair is easily curled, then you are definitely looking for an effective and easy way to solve it. If you have not tried coconut oil before, maybe you should do it now. Just take some between your fingers, and then apply it to a few inches of hair at the bottom to rub. Not only can you tame the frizz, but your hair will also look more shiny. It will last all day, so you can keep your hair soft and beautiful until late at night.

6. Cheap and effective coconut oil eye cream

A very important product in the beauty field is eye cream. This is not surprising, because the eyes often require very careful care. But most of the eye creams on the market are very expensive! If you want the same result, but only want to spend a small part of the high cost, then using coconut oil instead of eye cream will be a good choice. Before going to bed, just apply a thin layer of coconut oil under the eyes and rub it lightly (in the same way as the eye cream is used) to make the magic coconut oil work.

7. High-gloss skin

This is another very popular beauty and makeup trend, but it may cost you a lot of money. Use a highlighter when applying makeup, this will make your skin look shiny and give your face a fresh look.

You can get the same results with coconut oil, but you only need to spend half or even less. It is very easy to use it to create the highlight effect of the face. Just rub a small amount of coconut oil into the area on both sides of the bridge of the nose, upper cheekbones and eyebrows, you can get perfect skin every time and it can also provide moisturizing and moisturizing the skin Effect.

8. Gentle makeup remover

All girls know how difficult it is to completely remove makeup. Fortunately, coconut oil can easily remove makeup from the face, and effortlessly.

Simply apply some warm and slightly liquefied coconut oil to your skin and wipe with a cotton pad to get the best results.

Make your own coconut oil cosmetic removal pad, heat the coconut oil to make it more liquefied, and then soak the cotton pad in it overnight, you can get a pure natural gentle and effective makeup remover.

9. DIY body scrub

Body scrubs are becoming more and more popular. This is due to their ability to remove dead skin effectively and quickly, and to preserve the softness and luster of the skin.

If you want to DIY body scrub yourself, then consider using coconut oil as the main ingredient. Add some salt or sugar to the coconut oil. This oil can moisturize and protect the skin, while salt or sugar can easily remove those nasty dead skin cells. The result is that you will have perfect skin.

10. Shaving cream

As a woman, few people always hold shaving cream for men. What if you want to temporarily remove your body hair (leg hair) and find that you don’t have shaving cream? Don’t worry, you still have coconut oil. It is very suitable as a shaving cream, because it can hydrate the skin, while also providing a very smooth and close-fitting shaving effect. Before using the shaver, just warm and apply it to the area you want to shave.

11. Clean makeup brush

Makeup brush is one of the tools that we must use in our daily makeup, and it is very easy to cause the growth of bacteria if the makeup brush is not cleaned for a long time. Everyone usually uses soap to clean the makeup brush, but the proportion of some soapy water is too high, it is easy to damage the makeup brush. If the ratio is too low, the makeup brush cannot be cleaned thoroughly.

So it is better to choose coconut oil-because the makeup brush is stained with oily ingredients, it can be completely removed with an oily cleanser, and the oil can moisturize the hair on the makeup brush and extend its life.

Using coconut oil to clean the makeup brush is very simple, heating the coconut oil to make it more liquefied. Then you only need to soak the bristles in coconut oil for 20 minutes, then rinse and dry

12. Improve bad breath

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and can prevent bad breath caused by bacteria. Before brushing your teeth, include a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth every morning, and spit out the coconut oil after rolling for 10-20 minutes. You can then brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with hot water. Can effectively remove the bacteria in the mouth, while keeping your breath fresh.

Coconut oil has powerful and various effective functions in beauty. From Hollywood actresses to Paris fashion magazine editors to beauty bloggers, coconut oil is an eternal topic and is very active in beauty topics. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and actress Gwyneth Paltrow even claim to use it every day. Madam, please don’t ignore the magic of coconut oil and its effectiveness. From now on, bring it into your daily life and beauty skin care.