Uneven body? May be caused by imbalanced posture

In life, people who are improving their body shape through sports weight loss often encounter such problems: I do a lot of exercise and local shaping every day according to the guidance of the coach. Why does the body still look strange, shoulders, abdomen or thighs, Compared with other body parts, is it still disproportionately thick?

The answer is simple and unexpected, resulting in an uneven body shape, which may be the cause of the imbalanced posture.

How serious is the result of postural imbalance?

An unbalanced posture may cause local fat accumulation in the body. The most common situation is: the whole body is not fat, only the abdomen is very prominent.

Standing and walking take up most of our daily life. Many people think that body fat and thin or well-proportioned body can be greatly improved by normal and correct training. Those thick body parts will naturally Will become thin. However, if there is an error in the standing posture and strength point, whether it is dieting or increasing the amount of exercise, your legs, stomach, and back will only become fatter.

A person with an unbalanced posture can be found almost immediately. The chest, hunchback, and head are stretched forward naturally. These are all signs of unbalanced posture.

And this unbalanced posture makes us seem to have no temperament and charm, and it is likely to cause the local body to be thick and uncoordinated.

For example, some people have a thin upper body but thick thighs and calves. The front thigh muscles and calf are particularly well developed. From the side, the entire leg has an obvious S shape, which is common in many girls.

For another example, what we mentioned earlier is the uncoordinated local obesity of the lower abdomen. It may be inappropriate to describe it as local obesity. The protrusion of the abdomen may have nothing to do with obesity. It may be caused by abnormal curvature of the spine.

Ladies with flat hips may have such an experience. When you put your body to the mirror, how can you make yourself appear to have a hip? That’s right, you can squeeze your waist out by an arc, and your butt will be raised.

This posture is typical of pelvic forward leaning. Once you get used to this posture in your daily life, not only will your lower abdomen protrude, but you will also get used to lumbar spine exertion during exercise.

The correct stance is to distribute the weight of the whole body equally to all parts of the body. For example, if you stay in the correct position for a long time while wearing flat shoes, the whole leg should be tired. If a certain muscle is particularly tired or painful, it means that this muscle is too stressed, that is, it is suffering from a large Part of the strength, over time, if you look closely, you can see that this muscle is gradually becoming stronger.

How to improve the imbalance of posture?

Basically, all these bad postures of the body: hunchbacks, natural head extensions, and pelvic forward leaning are all the result of unbalanced posture. Regardless of walking, standing or sitting, maintaining a neutral body position is the key and first step in adjusting posture balance.

Neutral position refers to a posture in which the various structures of our body are at their best.

Feet naturally open with the same width as the shoulders, and the entire sole is balanced. It should be noted here that the sole balance stress means that the sole of the foot should be attached to the ground as a whole. The center of gravity is mostly on the hind palm, not the heel, and a small part is on the forefoot. The toes only for balance.

Then the legs are straightened, the hip joint is straightened, the pelvis cannot be tilted forward or backward, then the abdomen is lifted, the spine is straightened without lateral flexion, the hands are naturally laid down, and finally the cervical spine is straightened to put the head Keep it directly above the torso, eyes straight ahead!

This is the neutral position of the body. A correct neutral position. From the side, the ears, shoulders, the center of the hip joint, the center of the knee joint, and the ankle are all kept in the same vertical line. It is not standard to lean forward or backward at any point.

It is normal to keep the body standing habits for a long time, to be forced to change, not to adapt and to feel uncomfortable.

However, a standard body posture is very beneficial for posture, health and weight loss. Not only helps us to improve the problem of local body stiffness, but also can reduce the damage of local joint transition stress.

In addition to changing lifestyle habits, some auxiliary training of the back and core muscle groups will be more helpful to improve posture balance. Of course, yoga practice can also improve posture balance.

The posture has been improved, and the problems of thick thighs and calves, hunched back, protruding lower abdomen, and head extension are all solved. It will make you look more temperamental. 

Only by adopting proper fitness and exercise methods can the body get better exercise and results, otherwise, it will result in a lot of time wasted and ultimately no gain. So please check your posture at any time.