45 Creative Small Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

Are you looking for tattoos that are not so bold and dramatic, but creative and look subtle, and perfectly express yourself? If the answer is yes, then these creative small tattoos in this guide are for you. Also, if you are a minimalist, I am sure these ideas will appeal to you deeply.

Small tattoos have many advantages. For example, it can be placed on all parts of the body. You can also easily cover it up when necessary. This kind of flexibility is not available with big tattoos. Also, small tattoos are usually less expensive than larger ones. And, for someone new to tattooing, we always recommend that they start with a small tattoo.

On social media, you can easily find tons of small tattoo designs. And, more and more celebrities are getting one or more small tattoos. Therefore, today, small tattoos are still one of the trends. It is conceivable that they will become more and more popular in the future as well.

Most small tattoos are simple and basic, and many people wear almost the same design. I think it’s boring, what do you think? More and more people are in need of unique and creative small tattoos, and if you are too, read on, these ideas will excite and inspire you.

1. Rose and Compass Tattoo

Depending on yourself, you can combine rose tattoos with other patterns. Both in appearance and in meaning, your tattoo will be unique.

Rose and Compass Tattoo

2. Camera and Flower Tattoo

If you love photography, or you are a photographer, then this design with flower tattoos is perfect for women.

Camera and Flower Tattoo

3. Flower Moon Tattoo

Check out this moon tattoo, it is so gorgeous and feminine. The flowers that fill the moon are optional, for example you can use your birth flower.

Flower Moon Tattoo

4. Space Plane Tattoo

Do you yearn for space? This small tattoo is for you. It will communicate your interests to others.

Space Plane Tattoo

5. Mom and Baby Tattoo

This unique and creative minimal design symbolizes a mother’s love and protection for her child.

Mom and Baby Tattoo

6. Paper Plane to Airplane Tattoo

This is a design with deep meaning, it symbolizes growth and progress.

Paper Plane to Airplane Tattoo

7. Lightning Tattoo

This realistic lightning design looks majestic, relatively speaking, it may be more eye-catching.

Lightning Tattoo

8. One Word Tattoo

Getting a one word tattoo is one of the best ways to express yourself, and this tattoo is easy to blend perfectly with your creativity.

One Word Tattoo

9. Dog Ear Tattoo

Do you think full dog tattoos are too common? Well, consider a design that only has dog ears, it’s unique and fun.

Dog Ear Tattoo

10. Golden Spiral Tattoo

The golden spiral is considered a symbol of perfection. It can also represent growth, evolution, harmony and balance. Alternatively, some people also get gold spiral tattoos to remind themselves of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe, or to represent their own personal journey of self-improvement.

Golden Spiral Tattoo

11. Small Spider Tattoo

To be honest, although this spider is small, its realistic design still scares people. This is an interesting and impressive small tattoo.

Small Spider Tattoo

12. Butterfly Angel Tattoo

Thanks to the creative combination of butterfly wings and baby angels, I believe this design will definitely amaze people.

Butterfly Angel Tattoo

13. Unique Smiley Face Tattoo

Smiley face tattoos are popular, but most of the designs are similar and need a unique design? Start with this idea!

Unique Smiley Face Tattoo

14. Special Heart Tattoo

Honestly, I have seen thousands of heart tattoo designs, but none of them appeal to me like this one.

Special Heart Tattoo

15. Bird Tattoo

Birds symbolize freedom and the sky is their true home. This brilliant design makes me wow, it looks beautiful.

Bird Tattoo

16. Moss Ubimi Ring Tattoo

The Moss Ubi Ring symbolizes looping and never-ending. You can use it to make great promises to many things, such as love, friendship or family affection and so on.

Moss Ubimi Ring Tattoo

17. Mango Tattoo

For lovers of this fruit, this creative small design is absolutely perfect.

Mango Tattoo

18. Compass Tattoo

This cute and slightly gorgeous small compass design is perfect for women.

Compass Tattoo

19. Geometric Heart Tattoo

Here is another best small heart designs. Geometric art makes it look unique and colorful inks make it sparkle.

Geometric Heart Tattoo

20. Geometric Horse Tattoo

A realistic pony design looks great, but people always need something special, right? I think this geometric design will please people.

Geometric Horse Tattoo

21. Gradient Moon Tattoo

Gradient ink makes this little moon sparkle on the arm. This is a fun and feminine design.

Gradient Moon Tattoo

22. Gorgeous Plant Tattoo

Want to make plants look gorgeous? Try filling your designs with multiple ink colors. The idea will show you how to do it.

Gorgeous Plant Tattoo

23. Colorful Dog Tattoo

This colorful dog design is one of the best ways you can show off your pet to others. Also, no matter what the design is, getting a tattoo such as this is showing your love to your pet.

Colorful Dog Tattoo

24. UFO Tattoo

The rainbow light from the flying saucer will make people feel happy. This is an interesting design that will not only improve your mood, but also affect those around you.

UFO Tattoo

25. Pigeon Tattoo

The design projects a dove through the gesture, the bird symbolizes peace, so this small tattoo is not only creative but also meaningful.

Pigeon Tattoo

26. Stamp Tattoo

There are many creative ways to make a small design look unique, such as making it look like a postage stamp.

Stamp Tattoo

27. Phrase Tattoo

In fact, this design can be considered as two tattoos, one for mom love and the other for love mom.

Phrase Tattoo

28. Panda Face Tattoo

Thanks to white ink, this panda face design looks lifelike.

Panda Face Tattoo

29. Love You Gesture Tattoo

Looking for fun and unique small designs to express your love? So, how about this gesture tattoo?

Love You Gesture Tattoo

30. Virgin Mary Tattoo

This is a design that expresses faith, and it also symbolizes protection and purity.

Virgin Mary Tattoo

31. People and Cat Tattoo

The eyes of the people and the cat are facing each other, and they look very warm, harmonious and happy. This design symbolizes a person’s love for pets.

People and Cat Tattoo

32. Abstract Face Tattoo

This is a fun and creative design. The abstract style makes it mysterious. The specific symbolic meaning depends on the person wearing it.

Abstract Face Tattoo

33. Line Butterfly Tattoo

I know, you must have seen many butterfly tattoo designs. Recall if many small designs look alike. If you are looking for a unique and elegant design, this idea is for you.

Line Butterfly Tattoo

34. Cute Flower Tattoo

The flowers look just like the kids drew them and they really look cute. So, besides the symbolic meaning of the flower itself, I guess, this design also represents innocence and purity. It is worth mentioning that there are three flowers in this design, so it can also symbolize family or friendship.

Cute Flower Tattoo

35. Rainbow Tattoo

This small rainbow design will draw all eyes to the arm of the wearer. The tattoo artist just rotates the pattern and the design looks special. This simple way of creativity is very worthy of our reference.

Rainbow Tattoo

36. Dance Tattoo

This design looks like a joy, doesn’t it? It symbolizes the precious friendship between friends.

Dance Tattoo

37. OK Gesture Tattoo

This is an eye-catching gesture tattoo that symbolizes an easy-going attitude towards life.

OK Gesture Tattoo

38. Chili Tattoo

For women, chilli is one of the very popular patterns. There may be no specific or widely recognized symbolic meaning to this design. Of course, for some, a chili pepper tattoo may represent a love of spicy food.

Chili Tattoo

39. Flower Butterfly Tattoo

Purple gradient butterfly with flowers is one of the best small designs for women. This design is gorgeous, eye-catching, and alluring. I think everyone will be attracted to it.

Flower Butterfly Tattoo

40. Sculpture Tattoo

Honestly, a personalized tattoo is a creative design in itself. This design indicates the hobby or occupation of the person wearing it.

Sculpture Tattoo

41. Moon and Planet Tattoo

I have shared with you many creative ways, but this idea is the simplest. Small designs that combine multiple patterns are definitely unique and impressive. Like this moon and planet combination.

Moon and Planet Tattoo

42. Landscape Tattoo

This design was inspired by photos. Usually this kind of tattoos are big, if you are looking for a perfect small design, this idea might help you. Honestly, removing unnecessary details and keeping only essential elements should be the best way to design. This design can symbolize many things, such as a story, a cherished memory. Or, the person who wears it passes it by in memory of home.

Landscape Tattoo

43. Astronaut Helmet Tattoo

Longing for a mysterious and vast universe? Put on this beautiful helmet and go explore for yourself. This tattoo may not have an exact meaning, and for many, it may just be a body ornament.

Astronaut Helmet Tattoo

44. Bear Tattoo

Big or small, tattoos are the best way to express yourself. Of course, small tattoos may make this process easier. This cute bear design represents the preference of the person who wears this tattoo.

Bear Tattoo

45. Small Elephant Tattoo

Depending on the culture and design, elephants represent strength, wisdom, loyalty and family. Elephant tattoos are very popular and the small designs are usually in a minimal style. If you are looking for creative small designs, start with this idea!

Small Elephant Tattoo