50 Amazing One Word Tattoo Ideas

One word tattoos allow you to express yourself in one of the easiest and most meaningful ways. Such tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years, and apparently, they have become a trend. Also, for those of you who like minimalist tattoos, I think one tattoos are well worth adding to your next ink list. For tattoo newcomers, one word tattoo is also a good choice.

One word tattoos are simple, individual and low-key. Moreover, this seemingly “inconspicuous” tattoo actually has a visual impact. Typically, one word tattoos are small in size and they can be placed almost anywhere on the body. This type of tattoo is suitable for everyone as there are thousands of fonts and designs one can choose from. In other words, you can choose the right typeface according to your personal style, or the creative design that suits your taste.

Based on your personal preferences, beliefs, and life experiences, it’s easy to find the best one word tattoo for you. Of course, there are some one word tattoos that are popular among people. I will share them with you for reference and inspiration. These are: Love, Strength, Brave, Faith, Dream, Grateful, Believe, and Harmony.

It’s worth mentioning that getting a one word tattoo is a powerful form of self-expression. So the words that mean something to you and represent you are the best. Keep scrolling and these ideas will inspire you.

1. Enough

This word means full or sufficient. It means that the quantity of something is satisfactory, or that a specific purpose is achieved. Of course, the meaning is more than that. People who get this word want to remind themselves to learn to be satisfied and restrain their desires.


2. Midnight

For you, if midnight is the best time of day for you, then it makes sense to get this one word tattoo.


3. Intuition

To be honest, it is indeed easier to solve difficult problems sometimes by trusting your intuition.


4. Amar

This word comes from a popular Spanish TV series, and it symbolizes romantic love.


5. Inside

As a tattoo, the meaning of the word is to face your heart.


6. Sunshine

Sunshine gives people hope and courage, and makes us feel happy.


7. Soul

What is most important to the individual? There is no doubt that it must be the soul.


8. Love

This word is one of the most popular one word tattoos and many people consider it. So, you want to get a unique design? Check out this idea!


9. Revival

This word has several meanings depending on who gets it. In general, the word “revival” means to renew, restore and reawaken. This word makes people feel excited and enthusiastic.


10. Grateful

This word is considered a good personal quality. I think that for those who know how to be grateful, life must be beautiful and full of hope.


11. Tender

As a tattoo, the word is an adjective and its meaning is tenderness and kindness. According to the meaning of the word, this design is perfect.


12. Harmony

Harmony is a perfect state, it will make people progress steadily and grow up healthily.


13. Faith

The importance of faith to people is self-evident.


14. Saint

If it is your life goal to be a very virtuous, kind and patient person, then this word tattoo is perfect for you.


15. Resilience

Anyone should be resilient, only in this way can we easily face difficulties and bad living environment.


16. Together

This word tells everyone that no matter when and where you face any difficulties, please remember that you are never alone.


17. Trust

Trust is strength as well as hope, this is an inspiring word.


18. Simplify

Please try to simplify, so you will find that your life will become better and easier.


19. Crush

This word means secret love.


20. Serendipia

This word means don’t lose your curiosity, keep exploring and adventurous, you will have unexpected discoveries.


21. Forevermore

The word is a combination of the words “forever” and “more.” It is an adverb meaning endless. People use it in expressions to express eternal love, devotion or commitment.


22. Posible

Don’t give up, anything is possible. Even, even if the result is not what you want, as long as you persist in your efforts, you have the opportunity to change the result. This word comes from Spanish. Compared with English, it has one less letter S, which is very suitable for people who need unique designs or whose native language is Spanish.


23. Amor

The word is also Spanish and it has the same meaning as the English word “love.”


24. Rise

The word is a verb, and in my opinion, it is also a positive attitude. Don’t stand still, only by constantly rising can you become better.


25. Fragile

As a tattoo, the word is not negative, it reminds the person who wears it that in order to be a strong person, a vulnerable side should not exist.


26. Cherish

Whether it is people or other things, at this moment, everything in front of you is the best, please cherish them. In addition, the word also suggests a deep and tender feeling and appreciation.


27. Patience

Patience is a virtue that helps us control our emotions in the face of adversity or discomfort. I think a truly patient person is incredibly powerful.


28. Believe

For anyone, “believe” is very important. It can make us hopeful, united, progressive and stronger.


29. Imagination

Imagination is closely related to creativity. Imaginative people whose lives are filled with endless possibilities. In addition, this word will make people feel free, because imagination will liberate people from the shackles of traditional thinking.


30. Brave

The word is associated with courage, leadership, self-confidence, authenticity and spirituality.

Courage enables people to face fear and adversity head on.

Leadership brings people together.

Self-confident people dare to take any risks.

Authentic people have the courage to express their values and beliefs.

Spirituality allows people to face up to the uncertainties in life.

If one of the above is important to you, then you have a reason to get the word brave tattooed on your body.


31. Family

There is no doubt that family is everything to a person and nothing is more important than it. Get this word tattooed on your hand and you will be immensely proud and this ink will remind you of the importance of your home.


32. Destiny

Sometimes, for the sake of ease, you may compromise with fate. But, many times, you have to fight back for a better life. In my opinion, this word as a tattoo is inspiring.


33. Gorgeous

What is gorgeous is up to you to decide. In other words, you can’t always think of yourself as ordinary.


34. Alive

This word reminds people not to forget their mission and dream. We can’t spend every day in a daze.


35. Joy

“Joy” is the source of power to keep people healthy, happy and relaxed. It’s all around us, be serious and you’ll find it.


36. Dreamer

Be a dreamer! You’ll break with convention and create something different.


37. Inspire

The importance of “inspiration” is self-evident, in everything, we need it. As long as you get used to non-stop thinking, you will find it everywhere.


38. Sole

This word is a great promise of love.


39. Soft

“Soft” makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. This design is great because it perfectly matches the meaning of the word.


40. Happy

This is one of the most popular one word tattoos. I know that people who get this type of tattoo focus on the meaning of the words themselves, but some people need creative designs just as much. So, I’m going to share this idea with you, it will inspire you.


41. Balance

“Balanced” is a positive word. For people, this word is a state. When this state occurs, people usually feel harmony, justice, stability, security, peace, and happiness.


42. Create

If you’re looking to get a line tattoo that’s strongly associated with creativity, imagination, power, and change, then “Create” is perfect for you.


43. Speechless

Here, the word “speechless” is not negative. Its meaning is introspection, awe and wonder. Those who acquire this term wish to develop a sense of inner stillness in order to gain deeper truths and insights.


44. Unstoppable

“Unstoppable” means unyielding will, determination, resilience and strength. This word reflects a positive and powerful quality. Also, this word is popular in recent years thanks to a song of the same name from Sia.


45. Team

It goes without saying that this word makes for the perfect one word matching tattoo. It’s perfect for a bestie and one of a brother.


46. Beyond

This word is associated with pushing boundaries and exploring. Plus, it can be associated with evolution and transformation. It is worth mentioning that this design uses red ink, a color that suggests a determination and unstoppable power.


47. Bloom

Usually, the word means growth and vitality. It can also refer to a person’s success, health and beauty.


48. Now

The “now” is the only moment we can truly control. Don’t worry about the unknown future, and don’t keep recalling the past. Cherishing the present is what we should do.


49. Divine

“Divine” refers to something transcendent or extraordinary. Or something very good or pleasing. Furthermore, the word is also associated with religion and belief.


50. Farthing

To be honest, this word is not commonly used and common. A “farthing” is a discarded coin. You might think this is a negative tattoo? No, quite the opposite. It can symbolize something of great importance. Or, it can also represent a piece of history.