39 Unique Crown tattoo Ideas

What’s your next tattoo? is it a crown? If I guessed right, then the ideas in this article will give you the inspiration for the perfect design. If you keep an eye on tattoo art trends, then you should know that crown tattoos have become a popular option. The crown has a long history. In ancient times, it was a symbol of power. Therefore, when people talk about the crown, people will first associate it with power, authority and the royal family. This is one of the widely recognized symbolic meanings of crown tattoos.

Apart from what has been said above, crown tattoos also have multiple meanings. It also represents achievement. Alternatively, some people commemorate deceased loved ones or significant events with crown tattoos. There aren’t many tattoos that symbolize inner strength and confidence, and crown tattoos are one of them. Getting a crown is a great idea for anyone who wants to remind themselves to develop the ability to overcome adversity.

Crown tattoos come in many styles and designs, and one of the most popular styles is a minimalist design. For those who are low-key and prefer subtle tattoos, this design is popular. Sophisticated and ornate intricate designs are also highly sought after. These tattoos often feature intricate details and incorporate other motifs such as flowers, butterflies, stars, moons, and swords to name a few. The above is just the tip of the iceberg of crown tattoo designs, read on and you will find many unique, interesting and creative tattoos.

1. Simple Crown Tattoo

If you only pay attention to the symbolic meaning of the crown, and do not need to look fancy design. Then, this simple yet classic tattoo is for you. Since it is a small size, you can get it tattooed on all body parts. For example, for someone with a low profile, the inside of the wrist is fine.

Simple Crown Tattoo

2. Crystal Crown Tattoo

Thanks to the white ink, and black shadow detail, this small crown appears to be made of crystal, this tattoo is exquisite.

Crystal Crown Tattoo

3. Sweet Pink Crown Tattoo

Pink ink makes this crown look sweet, while gold ink and precious stones make it gorgeous. This is the crown that belongs to the princess.

Sweet Pink Crown Tattoo

4. Crown Wings Tattoo

The crown design with wings symbolizes remembrance and blessing. Based on this design, you can also add letters or names to the design to make the symbolic meaning more concrete.

Crown Wings Tattoo

5. Crown Line Tattoo

This line design looks very clean and light, it is very suitable for people who like minimalist style.

Crown Line Tattoo

6. Creative Crown Tattoo

This is an asymmetrical design combining two crowns. How about it? Is it very creative?

Creative Crown Tattoo

7. Crown Geometric Tattoo

The geometric tattoo style makes this crown look mysterious and personal. Believe me, many people will be attracted by its appearance and symbolic meaning.

Crown Geometric Tattoo

8. Delicate Crown Tattoo

The detailed crown design must look exquisite and extremely precious.

Delicate Crown Tattoo

9. Colorful Crown Tattoo

The colorful design is vibrant, and it might be perfect for those with a flamboyant personality.

Colorful Crown Tattoo

10. Crown Tattoo with Letter

The crown with the letter symbolizes good wishes. People who get this design are usually already parents who want their child to be a strong person in the future.

Crown Tattoo with Letter

11. Crown Tattoo For Women

For women, gorgeous yet feminine designs are the most popular. Like this design idea, it uses bright ink and adds flowers and hearts to the design. Plus, the design incorporates a lot of popular symbols. This is a meaningful tattoo as well as a perfect accessory.

Crown Tattoo For Women

12. Crown Tattoo on Hand

The minimalist style design is best for tattooing on hands, what do you think?

Crown Tattoo on Hand

13. King and Queen Crown Tattoo

This big design on the forearm symbolizes noble love.

King and Queen Crown Tattoo

14. Crown Tattoo With Flower

If you need a design that looks minimal and feminine, then simply combining flowers with a crown might be a good idea.

Crown Tattoo With Flower

15. Crown Lion Tattoo

The crown symbolizes power and authority, and the lion has similar meanings. So, this design where the two fit together perfectly enhances those meanings.

Crown Lion Tattoo

16. Crown Wolf Tattoo

Looking for a creative combination of animals and crowns? I highly recommend you take a look at this idea.

Crown Wolf Tattoo

17. Crown Cat Tattoo

This design symbolizes the memory of the cat.

Crown Cat Tattoo

18. Crown Smiley Tattoo

It’s a unique and interesting design that, despite its small size, definitely catches the eye and piques curiosity.

Crown Smiley Tattoo

19. Abstract Crown Tattoo

This abstract design makes me feel majestic and sacred from the crown, how about you?

Abstract Crown Tattoo

20. Crown and Sword Tattoo

This ornate design symbolizes power and supreme regal strength. The artful details in the design make this tattoo sparkle.

Crown and Sword Tattoo

21. Crown Tiger Tattoo

When a crown is combined with an animal, the tiger is one of the most popular options. Also, you can add other elements to the design to make the tattoo look divine. For example, the moon and stars.

Crown Tiger Tattoo

22. Crown Tattoo with Roman Numerals

Numbers can represent many things, it may be a person, an event or the most important day in your life. However, Roman numerals can make the design relatively unique.

Crown Tattoo with Roman Numerals

23. Crown Tattoo On Arm

Tattoo your crown on your arm? In my opinion, this vertical design is perfect. Not only is it a tattoo with powerful symbolism, but it is also a stunning timeless piece of jewelry.

Crown Tattoo On Arm

24. Crown Butterfly Tattoo

A crown design with butterflies is undeniably gorgeous. There are many design ways to combine the two. However, I prefer this natural-looking design.

Crown Butterfly Tattoo

25. Crown and Diamond Tattoo

The diamond and the crown complement each other’s beauty and nobility. It’s a combination that complements each other perfectly.

Crown and Diamond Tattoo

26. Crown Tattoo With Star

The design with stars sparkles. Stars have many symbolic meanings, but in combination with a crown they are usually just decorative.

Crown Tattoo With Star

27. Crown Quote Tattoo

Want to make a crown tattoo clearly express your ideas? Combine it with a quote!

Crown Quote Tattoo

28. Crown Tattoo On Wrist

Wrists are not for complicated designs. Therefore, under the premise of retaining the necessary details, the design of the crown tattooed on the wrist should be kept as simple as possible.

Crown Tattoo On Wrist

29. Cute Crown Tattoo

This cute design has something for everyone. Depending on your style, you can use your favorite color combinations.

Cute Crown Tattoo

30. Crown Tattoo For Men

The crown design that looks so cool is the most suitable for men! Ferocious animals are great additions to the mix, and skulls are another favorite option.

Crown Tattoo For Men

31. Crown Bee Tattoo

Looking for the perfect bee and crown design? In my opinion, this simple combination is very good. I have to admit, the fancy design is indeed creative. Sometimes, though, this design distracts people from the symbolic meaning of the tattoo itself.

Crown Bee Tattoo

32. Minimalist Crown Tattoo

Obsessed with minimalist style? This design is yours. Thanks to the relatively thick black lines in the design, this tattoo is eye-catching.

Minimalist Crown Tattoo

33. Crown Tattoo on Finger

I searched for a long time, and I think, this design is the best match for fingers. It’s minimal yet cute.

Crown Tattoo on Finger

34. Crown Tattoo Behind Ear

How about this crown design tattooed behind the ear? Because of the letters in the design, it has a deep and specific symbolic meaning.

Crown Tattoo Behind Ear

35. Crown Tattoo With Heart

God! No matter how many times I look at it, this crown jewel design with a heart just keeps me blown away again and again.

Crown Tattoo With Heart

36. Crown Tattoo With Moon

Everyone may have different reasons for combining the crown with the moon. Here, though, I’m going to take a wild guess. Most people just wear this design as a permanent body ornament.

Crown Tattoo With Moon

37. Purple Crown Tattoo

Purple crown jewelry designs are a symbol of nobility and royalty. This delicate design is really nice. If you want to get an ink like this, find a reliable tattoo artist.

Purple Crown Tattoo

38. Crown Tattoo With Phrase

A crown design with a phrase can show your thoughts more clearly.

Crown Tattoo With Phrase

39. Gold Crown Tattoo

This crown made of pure gold looks so regal. The red heart stone in the design makes this crown look even more expensive!

Gold Crown Tattoo