37 Best Strawberry Tattoo Ideas

With its unique taste and beautiful appearance, bright strawberries are one of the hottest and fun tattoo design themes. Of course, the meaning behind the strawberry tattoo is also the reason for its popularity. In this article, we are going to share with you some of the best strawberry tattoo ideas along with some specific symbolic meanings of certain designs. Get inspired by these ideas to discover your favorite designs!

Symbolic Meaning of Strawberry Tattoos

Strawberries are a popular symbol in many cultures. In some cultures, strawberries are considered a gift from great spirits. The ancient Romans would always use the fruit at weddings and festivals, as they believed strawberries were closely associated with love and fertility.

In modern times, the fruit has taken on new meaning. Some people believe that strawberry tattoos connect them with the natural world. Others believe that a strawberry tattoo symbolizes the sweet life and crazy love for this fruit.

It is worth mentioning that this fruit is associated with the goddess Venus, so strawberry tattoos also symbolize femininity.

Strawberry Tattoo Design Ideas

There are thousands of strawberry tattoo designs available for you to choose from. If you like understated and subtle tattoos, then minimalist designs are for you. Do you want to show the texture and color of strawberries? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t think about delicate and detailed designs.

Need a more aesthetically pleasing, natural design that is both visually striking? Try adding flowers or vines to your strawberry tattoo designs. Are you a person who pays more attention to the meaning of tattoos? Adding quotes to your designs may satisfy you. Such a design will also reflect your personality.

1. Minimalist Strawberry Tattoo

For those who care about symbolism and prefer the minimalist style, this basic design is the perfect starting point.

Minimalist Strawberry Tattoo

2. Strawberry Stamp Tattoo

The design is inspired by real postage stamps, so this is a great memorable tattoo as well.

Strawberry Stamp Tattoo

3. Funny Strawberry Tattoo

This dancing strawberry on your arm will make you feel happy.

Funny Strawberry Tattoo

4. Abstract Strawberry Tattoo

To be honest, among the many strawberry tattoo designs, you will be hard-pressed to spot the abstract style. I mean, it’s a unique and creative design.

Abstract Strawberry Tattoo

5. Strawberry Tattoo on Finger

This strawberry tattooed on the inside of the finger looks subtle. Plus, it’s also eye-catching.

Strawberry Tattoo on Finger

6. Strawberry Tattoo With Strawberry Flower

If you can’t think of which flower to choose to combine with strawberries, my suggestion is, consider strawberry blossoms, this combination looks beautiful.

Strawberry Tattoo With Strawberry Flower

7. Strawberry Growth Tattoo

This design symbolizes growth. From flowers to strawberries, this tattoo shows an impressive process.

Strawberry Growth Tattoo

8. Strawberry Cherry Tattoo

This tattoo is inspired by cherries, a design that combines the two fruits perfectly together. While you can’t see the cherry in this design, you know, it’s there.

Strawberry Cherry Tattoo

9. Strawberry Tattoo on Arm

If you want to show off your strawberries, then this large design placed on the arms is worth considering. It will make you the most talked about person in the crowd.

Strawberry Tattoo on Arm

10. Strawberry Tattoo On Shoulder

To be honest, I really like this little design. Although it is small, but placed on the shoulders, it can really make people more attractive.

Strawberry Tattoo On Shoulder

11. Three Strawberries Tattoo

What you may not know is that any design with three of the same pattern or element can represent a happy family or a cherished friendship.

Three Strawberries Tattoo

12. Mini Strawberry Tattoo

Choose this minimal size design, it will make you cute. Plus, even at this size, the design looks eye-catching thanks to the vibrant color of the strawberries.

Mini Strawberry Tattoo

13. Strawberry Tattoo With Quote

Design with quotes that will give depth and specific meaning to your strawberries. Depending on your style, you can simply combine them together, of course, I think, this kind of creative design will look better.

Strawberry Tattoo With Quote

14. Geometric Strawberry Tattoo

Do you want your strawberries to look interesting and special? To be honest, a photorealistic or minimalist style may not meet your needs. However, geometric style can do it!

Geometric Strawberry Tattoo

15. Strawberry Tattoo on Hand

The simple, cute and bright little strawberry design fits well on the hand. It not only represents your preferences, or expresses your thoughts. It also becomes your own symbol.

Strawberry Tattoo on Hand

16. Anthropomorphic Strawberry Tattoo

How about it? Does this design look unique? This anthropomorphic design is uncommon and it will catch everyone’s attention.

Anthropomorphic Strawberry Tattoo

17. Strawberry Heart Tattoo With Flower

This design with hearts looks exquisite. Plus, flowers make the design more feminine. Not only is it suitable for tattoos on ankles, but it is also suitable for placement on wrist, forearm and back, etc.

Strawberry Heart Tattoo With Flower

18. Realistic Strawberry Tattoo

This realistic design is so perfect it looks drool-worthy.

Realistic Strawberry Tattoo

19. Fantastic Strawberry Tattoo

Because of the color combination used in this design, and the unique visual effect it presents. It’s the dreamiest strawberry in this guide.

 Fantastic Strawberry Tattoo

20. Strawberry Tattoo On Thigh

If you are planning to get strawberry tattoos on your legs, then this idea will definitely help you. This design is not big, but it is equally attractive and eye-catching.

Strawberry Tattoo On Thigh

21. Chrome Strawberry Tattoo

We are talking about tattoo art. So, your strawberries can be any color you like. Like this unique chrome-inspired design, the gleaming black strawberry is definitely impressive.

Chrome Strawberry Tattoo

22. Strawberry Tattoo With Bee

The symbolic meaning of the bee is positive, it can represent hard work and unity and so on. Combine it with strawberries and your tattoo is sure to look vibrant. This idea is the answer.

Strawberry Tattoo With Bee

23. Strawberry Tattoo With Eyes

Eye tattoos can ward off evil and provide protection for you. Hence, this strawberry design with multiple eyes is a unique amulet.

Strawberry Tattoo With Eyes

24. Strawberry Gradient Tattoo

Thanks to gradient art, this little strawberry looks so subtle and cute. I bet most people need a design like this.

Strawberry Gradient Tattoo

25. Black Strawberry Tattoo

If it’s just a black strawberry design, then there’s not much to say about it. However, this strawberry is coated with a layer of golden chocolate. This kind of creative design is really worth sharing with you.

26. Strawberry Tattoos with Chocolate Sauce

If you are looking for a simple, yet creative design, this strawberry is for you.

Strawberry Tattoos with Chocolate Sauce

27. Strawberry Tattoo With Rabbit and Flower

This is a personalized mix design. Combine your favorite things with strawberries! Ultimately, you’ll end up with an exclusive ink that’s rich with personal taste and style.

Strawberry Tattoo With Rabbit and Flower

28. Strawberry Bouquet Tattoo

If you are not satisfied with only one kind of flower and strawberry combination, then this design will definitely satisfy you.

Strawberry Bouquet Tattoo

29. Strawberry Tattoo With Peach

Not just strawberries, but peaches too? Let’s combine them!

Strawberry Tattoo With Peach

30. Strawberry Tattoo With Flower and Vine

This strawberry design with strawberry flowers looks so natural and realistic due to the vines in the design. To be honest, I don’t just get the smell of strawberries from this tattoo. I also smell the fragrance from nature.

Strawberry Tattoo With Flower and Vine

31. Strawberry Tattoo With Blueberries

Are you obsessed with strawberries and blueberries at the same time? Well, let’s start with this idea! It is worth mentioning that the colors of these two fruits will make the tattoo stand out. So, if you are someone who prefers an understated look, then try a classic black and gray ink.

Strawberry Tattoo With Blueberries

32. Custom Strawberry Tattoo

This custom design is fun, and the symbolism may only be known to the person who wears it. This design expresses personal style, taste and philosophy.

Custom Strawberry Tattoo

33. Simple Strawberry Tattoo

For first-time tattooers, simple designs are always the first choice. Although, they don’t look as stunning as the creative designs. However, they never go out of style.

Simple Strawberry Tattoo

34. Black and White Strawberry Tattoo

The black and white design makes the strawberry unique. The beauty of this design is that it makes people wonder what it symbolizes.

Black and White Strawberry Tattoo

35. White Strawberry Tattoo

If red and dark grays aren’t your style, how about this white design? This design looks not only cute but also elegant.

White Strawberry Tattoo

36. Strawberry tattoo on the ankle

If you want to make your strawberry ink perfectly match the ankle, you should not miss this vertical design.

Strawberry tattoo on the ankle

37. Small Strawberry Tattoo

Let’s take a look at this classic small design together! If you pay more attention to the symbolic meaning of strawberry than creative design. No doubt, this idea is the perfect starting point for you.

Small Strawberry Tattoo

Overall, strawberry tattoos can express a person’s personality and values. No matter what design style you end up choosing, a strawberry tattoo will bring a symbol of joy and beauty into your life.