27 Dragon Tattoos For Women

Dragon tattoos for women should be soft and alluring. Of course, it can also be a cool but feminine sleeve tattoo. There are a variety of art styles that allow you to pick or create a suitable ink work, such as watercolor, line art, and minimalism. Moreover, you can add other patterns to the classic design to get this effect, and I think butterflies, flowers, moons are all good choices.

If they’re not your style, then a small dragon design might be able to touch your heart. The designs mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many styles worth checking out and keep reading to get your dragon.

1. Small Black Dragon Tattoo

Small tattoos do not diminish the majestic image of the dragon and negatively affect its symbolic meaning. If your first ink is a dragon, then a tattoo of this size is the best option for you. Because it will be done in a very short time.

Small Black Dragon Tattoo

Assuming you plan to get a dragon tattoo on your wrist or arm, you won’t experience prolonged discomfort and pain. For other women, small tattoos are also highly recommended. The reason is that this size is the current and future mainstream trend. In addition, a big tattoo means greater risk and more commitment. If you want a small tattoo to look bold and striking. Well, you can try deepening the ink color like this design.