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27 Dragon Tattoos For Women

Dragon tattoos for women should be soft and alluring. Of course, it can also be a cool but feminine sleeve tattoo. There are a variety of art styles that allow you to pick or create a suitable ink work, such as watercolor, line art, and minimalism. Moreover, you can add other patterns to the classic design to get this effect, and I think butterflies, flowers, moons are all good choices. Well, if they’re not your style, then a small dragon might be able to touch your heart.

The designs mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many styles worth checking out and keep reading to get your dragon.

1. Small Black Dragon Tattoo

Small Black Dragon Tattoo

Small tattoos do not diminish the majestic image of the dragon and negatively affect its symbolic meaning.

If your first ink is a dragon, then a tattoo of this size is the best option for you. Because it will be done in a very short time.

Assuming you plan to get a dragon tattoo on your wrist or arm, you won’t experience prolonged discomfort and pain.

For other women, small tattoos are also highly recommended. The reason is that this size is the current and future mainstream trend. In addition, a big tattoo means greater risk and more commitment.

If you want a small tattoo to look bold and striking. Well, you can try deepening the ink color like this design.

2. Sparkling Cloud and Dragon Tattoo

Sparkling Cloud and Dragon Tattoo

In Eastern cultures, dragons only exist in myths and legends.

People’s impression of the dragon is that it soars in the sky and does not live on land. So it complements each other with clouds.

I think this design best matches the image of the dragon in people’s minds. Additionally, adding some stars to the design can make it look divine.

Of course, this work has a certain meaning, and it symbolizes people’s yearning for an ideal life and the pursuit of inner peace.

3. Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

The Yin-Yang symbol originated in Chinese Taoism. Moreover, it is one of the most philosophical ancient patterns in Eastern culture.

This symbol has broad symbolic meanings. For example, light and darkness, masculinity and femininity. Therefore, it can be used by both men and women.

In my opinion, the yin yang symbol is the perfect complement to the dragon, as it gives the tattoo an extraordinary boost from the look to the meaning. Not only that, but through it, the dragon can be closely connected with the cosmic forces.

All in all, if you need a dragon ink piece that looks mysterious, you might as well start with this design.

4. Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

Dragon sleeve tattoo-2
Sleeve Dragon Tattoo-1

I’m guessing that a tattoo that can instantly excite avid tattoo lovers is most likely an amazing and eye-catching sleeve tattoo.

The ink will cover your entire arm, so the dragon will look large and detailed, and you can add more subtle shadow detail to the design. Not only that, but because of the relatively large area of the arms, your dragon can have the perfect silhouette and stretched lines.

People’s preferences are different, and I think the appearance of a highly customized sleeve dragon tattoo is ever-changing. Of course, the minimalist style with flowers is also impressive enough.

Think about what you really need, and then let your imagination run wild and create your own design to show off your personal taste!

5. Mountain and Dragon Tattoo

Mountain and Dragon Tattoo

A mountain and a dragon reminded me of a spectacular scene from Game of Thrones.

I think this tattoo has another interpretation. Mountains are considered to be insurmountable difficulties, and dragons give people great power to solve them. In other words, this tattoo symbolizes indestructible willpower and a fighting spirit.

This unusual combination of patterns can be regarded as a personal tattoo, so the interpretation may not be completely correct. Perhaps there is an impressive story behind this tattoo.

In conclusion, if you want to get a dragon tattoo like this, then you should think about what is most important to you besides this creature. Of course, the design must ultimately have meaning, even depth.

6. Water Dragon Tattoo

Water Dragon Tattoo

In ancient China, there was a dragon closely related to water. It lives in a place called “Donghai Dragon Palace,” not in the sky. This dragon rules the earth’s water resources, and it has control over rainfall.

In my opinion, the condition for choosing this kind of tattoo is that you have a detailed knowledge of the history behind it or have a strong interest in them.

Of course, incorporating water patterns into the design is a great way to make the dragon look feminine. In addition, you can use light blue ink to make the water look realistic, and then the tattoo effect will be fascinating.

7. Moon and Dragon Tattoo

Moon and Dragon Tattoo

Since ancient times, the moon has been the most popular pattern symbol for women. There are many stories behind it, some of which are about religious beliefs, others are myths.

The most used and popular moon patterns are the crescent moon, full moon, and moon phases. They have the same symbolic meaning: ultimate wisdom and indescribable charisma.

In many world-famous books, the dragon is the party that maintains peace and justice. In other words, it represents an inspiring positive force.

To sum up, I boldly believe that the core symbolic meaning of the dragon moon tattoo is female power and empowerment. This combination design is especially suitable for confident and strong women.

8. Dragon tattoo on hand

Dragon tattoo on hand

Getting a dragon tattoo on your hand is the best way to show it off.

Plus, you can influence how others perceive you through its symbolic meaning. Of course, as more and more people embrace and recognize tattoo art, these perceptions will almost always be positive. They will think of you as a loyal, sincere, and strong person.

From another perspective, the dragon on the hand is almost equivalent to a unique girl power tattoo.

Please choose the classic black ink and simple design style as much as possible. Because hand tattoos fade quickly, and over time, brilliant colors and intricate lines can make the dragon look bad.

9. Colorful Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Dragon Tattoo

A lot of interesting things happen when foreign cultures are localized.

There is no doubt that the traditional color of dragons is gold, but then black, red, and colorful dragons have appeared. These dragons of different colors have distinctive meanings, corresponding to supreme power, destructive force, suffocating majesty, and powerful hope.

On the other hand, if you want to make the dragon have your personal style. Well, adding different colors to the design can easily achieve this effect.

Combining multiple colors can be fun and challenging. You can take inspiration from some trending palettes to make sure the colors match.

10. Double Dragon Tattoo

Double Dragon Tattoo

The dragon pattern can protect the body and soul from evil, and Asians regard it as a very important amulet.

If you want to enhance this feature for maximum protection, the double dragon design may be your only option.

The absolutely symmetrical double dragon is especially suitable for traditional people because it is the most primitive image. Would you like to add some subtle fun and eye-catching to serious ink? I think this design is the optimal solution.

11. Dragon tattoo on the lower leg

Dragon tattoo on lower leg

Like snakes, dragons have slender bodies. The great thing about this situation for tattoo art is that you can twist the dragon into any shape you can imagine, such as a heart, an infinity symbol, or a circle.

The slender dragon perfectly matches certain body parts, such as arms, back, and legs. Also, patterns that can be designed vertically will get the best performance and results in these areas. Because ink works take advantage of a limited area, this means they can have more shadow detail and even add other patterns to the tattoo.

12. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

In Eastern and Western cultures, the symbolic meaning of the dragon is somewhat antagonistic. Moreover, there are some differences in appearance.

Dragon is regarded as the supreme deity in Japan, and it is the perfect combination of ultimate power and force. Also, many people believe that it is omnipotent and can control time and space.

Even so, the Japanese dragon symbolizes charity and wisdom. It has a warm heart and loves to help others. The black western dragon with wings is the opposite, which symbolizes war, destruction, and oppression.

So the reason to choose a Japanese dragon tattoo must be that you are attracted by the quality it represents.

In addition, different artistic styles may subtly alter the symbolic meaning of the Japanese dragon. But don’t worry, these changes will not generate negative energy. In short, you can choose whatever style resonates with you.

13. Thin Line Dragon Tattoo

Thin Line Dragon Tattoo

Tattoos created in line art style have a balanced effect. In other words, the style is perfectly in between showy and understated, which is its laudable virtue.

All in all, a simple line tattoo is suitable for everyone, and it fits the modern mass aesthetic very well.

Dragons created using line art look soft and feminine. This style has the added bonus that you can add a bit of minimalism to the design.

Depending on the thickness of the thread and the depth of the color, the tattoo may be more prominent or more understated. Also, you need to add embellishment details to your design. Because this practice can make the tattoo look exquisite overall.

14. Dragon tattoo on back

Dragon tattoo on back-1
Dragon tattoo on back-2

The back is the best place to get a dragon tattoo because of its large size, low pain, and easy hiding. These advantages are particularly important and attractive for women.

The back is not exposed as often as the hands, so the ink fades slower. In my opinion, a colorful dragon is especially suitable for tattooing in this area.

A stunning dragon has delicate lines and rich shading, which means that the size of the work is likely to be large, and the back is definitely the ideal location for inking.

If you want to add a floral or moon pattern to make your dragon look gorgeous without losing the detail the design deserves. Well, the back won’t limit your creative ideas.

Because you can hardly appreciate the dragon on your back without help. So inking on the back focuses more on symbolism than sheer beauty.

15. Blue Ink Dragon Tattoo

Blue Ink Dragon Tattoo

For most people, the most authentic dragon is gold. But in some periods of Chinese culture, the blue dragon is also often mentioned.

The symbolic meanings of these two different colored dragons are essentially the same.

However, the blue dragon is more widely popular among the people, and the gold dragon is the symbol of the royal family. In other words, if you want to describe an ordinary born hero by the dragon, I think blue is more appropriate.

On the other hand, if you just want to color your dragon, blue is a great option. Because dragons of this color do exist in many cultures and have their own mythology.

Of course, you could use a different color or palette, but make sure it represents your personal style, as it makes more sense.

16. Dragon Face Tattoo

Dragon Face Tattoo

A full dragon tattoo focuses on the perfect outline and fine details, and if you need it to look bold and fierce, you may need a lot of time to fine-tune the design.

However, a dragon face ink will allow you to get this effect easily, so we don’t need to complicate things.

Since the size of this tattoo is very controllable, it can be applied to smaller but more noticeable body parts such as the forearm, hand, or wrist. The advantage of doing this is that you can make your dragon face more prominent and awesome.

Compared to a full dragon, the head-only design is obviously simpler. That said, it looks great whether it’s minimalist or old-school.

It is worth mentioning that the thick outline design will make the dragon face tattoo more striking.

17. Watercolor Dragon Tattoo

Watercolor Dragon Tattoo

The best dragon tattoos for women come in many varieties, and feminine-looking designs must be included in them.

In addition to adding a gorgeous pattern to your work to achieve this effect, it can also be done through exquisite watercolor art.

Not only that, but this style balances out the masculinity of the dragon itself. In other words, it makes dragons more feminine in nature.

Moreover, watercolor is also a great way to create a personalized tattoo because you can combine your favorite colors according to personal taste. Plus, its own smoke effect will add a Japanese and Zen touch to your dragon.

18. Tiger and dragon tattoo

Dragon and tiger tattoo

The Chinese zodiac signs are not ranked and have the same status in the culture. But in the folk, people subconsciously think that the dragon and the tiger are the first.

It is mentioned in many books that the dragon and the tiger are opposites, and they will spend their lives in constant battle, and in the end, there is no winner.

Everything has its other side. Many Chinese religions state that the dragon and the tiger actually symbolize yang and yin. Combining them together represents the most perfect balance in the universe.

In my opinion, dragon and tiger tattoos are similar to Yin-Yang symbols. They have the same expressive meaning: a perfect and subtle relationship and true inner peace.

Because the small size cannot accommodate this intricate tattoo, you should ink the larger area. I recommend that you think about your back, flanks, or thighs.

19. Chinese Red Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Red Dragon Tattoo

There is a good chance that you will see red dragons in buildings and murals with oriental cultures, especially in China.

Dragons of this color symbolize good luck and prosperity and have the effect of praying for good fortune and dispelling evil.

Because of the differences and diversity between cultures, some people believe that the red beast pattern represents danger and aggression. I mean, the red dragon has the potential to affect you negatively. Of course, you can choose to explain it to others or to ignore what they think.

In conclusion, the premise of choosing a red dragon ink work is that you must agree with the meaning it represents.

20. Dragon tattoo on shoulder

Dragon tattoo on shoulder

The shoulders are the sexiest part, and inking on this area is undoubtedly the best way to enhance your charm.

If you want to look cool and invincible at the same time, then the dragon pattern will please you.

Like the snake, this legendary creature will look especially harmonious and perfect in this area. Because the shoulders are perfect for a pattern that can freely adjust the overall silhouette. Conversely, lions are unlikely to get good results in that area unless the tattoo size is small. 

The shoulders are the same as the back, and your tattoo will only be seen by others when you want to show it off.

21. Dragon and flower tattoo

Dragon and flower tattoo

As I mentioned above, there are many ways to create gorgeous dragon tattoos for women. If you are looking for the easiest one, combining flowers with a dragon is the ultimate answer.

Add your favorite flower to a dragon tattoo, and it can become personal or have a deep meaning. The reason is that the qualities that flowers represent can reflect human principles or the most important things in life. Let me give you an example, if you think romantic love is the most important thing, then you can claim this through Sakura.

Plus, the flowers and dragons will contrast visually, so your tattoo will end up being impressive.

22. Dragon and Sword Tattoo

Dragon and Sword Tattoo

Even in modern times, the sword is one of the people’s favorite cold weapons. It represents power, strength, and a fighting spirit that will not be easily annihilated.

You can get inspiration from famous ancient swords or add your favorite pattern to the basic sword to make it your own weapon.

Depending on the integrity of the sword, the dragon tattoo has two distinct symbolic meanings.

If the weapon is complete, the tattoo represents ultimate power and authority. On the contrary, loving peace and opposing violence is the correct interpretation of the work. Because people hope to use the dragon’s power to crush all the bad things.

23. Minimalist Dragon Tattoo

Minimalist Dragon Tattoo

A realistic dragon tattoo tends to have a surprising number of scales, and its appearance is truly admirable. However, that doesn’t mean the minimalist style has lost the game.

Oriental dragons may not suit this style, but winged western dragons can be rendered perfectly with minimalist art, and the due details are well preserved.

Like this design, just the right shadow on the wings makes the dragon look incredibly vivid.

Affected by the trend, everyone’s current consensus is that minimalist style has been firmly bound to small tattoos. That said, if a mini dragon is what you need, maybe you really should try this style first.

24. Geometric Dragon Tattoo

Geometric Dragon Tattoo

All patterns are constructed from the most basic geometric shapes. With these shapes, you can create any ink work you can think of, such as a cool and edgy dragon tattoo for women like this design.

This tattoo looks simple yet intricate, right? This statement seems wrong, but that’s the beauty of geometric art.

Try changing the shades of color in an orderly manner, and you can give life to your dragon. If you feel the geometric design lacks some femininity, complement the piece with realistic or ornate patterns, like roses or butterflies.

Of course, colored inks can also achieve this purpose. But why not try both? You will be amazed at the final result.

25. Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Tribal patterns are the perfect complement to dragons, as their shapes look graceful and have deep symbolic meaning. Moreover, this pattern can easily create a sense of mystery. In other words, your dragon will attract more people’s attention.

This pattern is not complicated, which is undoubtedly good news for those who like simple styles. Once you’ve used tribal patterns, colored inks and shadow details are best left out of the design. The reason is that they make the pattern less original, pure, and retro.