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20 Most Popular Small Cross Tattoos

One thing to state before we start is that small cross tattoos carry the same symbolic meaning as larger size designs. Due to the development of tattoo art in recent years, small tattoos have become mainstream and conform to contemporary aesthetics. This situation has made more and more artists specialize in designs of this size. In other words, your options are pretty plentiful, and getting the perfect ink work just got easier. In my opinion, the small size is ideal for people who just want to show their faith, as the design usually only includes a cross. Additionally, the small cross has the particularly appealing advantage that you can get it tattooed on any body part. This advantage has important implications for many people.

1. Small heart cross tattoo

Small heart cross tattoo

Adding the cross to a heart tattoo is a commitment and statement to marriage and relationships. Because they bind love and faith closely. This tattoo is not only romantic but also has deep meaning, and it is suitable for newlyweds and couples who are deeply attached. Moreover, it’s divine, and you really should think about it before inking. The heart and cross are not complicated patterns, so they can be designed as small ink works. The advantage of this is that you can tattoo it anywhere. I think always visible positions are perfect, like the wrist or forearm. In addition, colored ink or adding other patterns to the design can give your small heart cross tattoo a personal touch and look unique.

2. Small cross tattoo on hand

Small cross tattoo on hand

With more and more people accepting and liking the art of tattoos, this situation makes hand tattoos less of a negative. Moreover, it has also become the favorite type of ink for avant-garde people. Plus, tattooing a cross on your hand is the best way to declare your faith to the outside world. A small and simple design is best for the hand. Because getting inked on this area is so painful, a small tattoo will shorten the amount of time you will suffer from pain. In addition, if you need a simple, eye-catching, and unique small cross. Well, the 3D art style can meet your needs without much effort.

3. Small Celtic Cross Tattoo

Small Celtic Cross Tattoo

The Celtic cross has a long history and is highly sought after by the Irish and the British. There are many legends about this cross, so its origins remain a mystery to this day. It is considered one of the most meaningful patterns, and it symbolizes love, eternity, and peace. Since this cross is unisex, it can be used by both men and women. The traditional Celtic cross tattoo has a finely textured design and looks artistic. There is no doubt that these delicate details obviously cannot fit into a small tattoo. Because the Celtic cross is so powerful, the small ink with a simple outline design also works well and deserves everyone’s consideration.

4. Small cross tattoo with the name

Small cross tattoo with name

If you are looking for a trending tattoo to commemorate a loved one who has passed away. Well, I recommend you the small cross design with the name. The charm of this tattoo is that it is small and simple yet has deep meaning. Of course, these meanings all boil down to missing. The cross is not just associated with death. Additionally, add the names of your living relatives to the cross, and the tattoo’s specific meaning becomes God protect them.

5. Small cross tattoo on wrist

Small cross tattoo on wrist

The wrist is the best place to tattoo a small cross. The reason is that this area is always visible. Second, this sacred pattern acts as a reminder and inspiration, in addition to its powerful symbolic meaning. So if you could always see your small cross, I think it would be more valuable and meaningful. Inking on the wrist is painful, but luckily the discomfort goes away quickly due to the smaller tattoo size.

6. Small Necklace Cross Tattoo

Small Necklace Cross Tattoo

The cross necklace is precious jewelry for Christians and Catholics. If you want to wear it forever, a necklace tattoo is worth considering. Actually, it can be tattooed on many body parts. This tattoo is more prominent on the arm than the traditional neck area. Even a small and minimalist design has the same effect. Getting a tattoo is a more complicated process than wearing jewelry. In other words, tattoos can make a bigger statement.

7. Small cross tattoo on arm

Small cross tattoo on arm

The arm has long been the most popular inking position. Because this area is minimally painful and large, a detailed sleeve tattoo or combination of small designs are perfect options. On the other hand, small tattoos will also be noticeable on the area. In my opinion, this is another attractive advantage of inking on the arm. Since you and others can easily see the tattoo on this area, getting a small cross on your arm is an excellent way to make a statement of your faith. Also, please choose the left or right arm according to the symbolic meaning you want to express. For example, the cross on the right arm is usually related to strength.

8. Small Cross Tattoo with Quote

Small Quote Cross Tattoo

As we all know, the cross is the most important symbol of Christianity, and its symbolic meaning is extensive. Moreover, these meanings may vary and change slightly depending on the culture of different regions. In other words, if you want to express a specific personal thought through this symbol, in my opinion, it is obviously impossible. Fortunately, we have quotes to help, and they can make symbolic meaning concrete or enhanced. You can add a quote around the small cross. Or, like this tattoo, draw a cross directly using the quote. Furthermore, I think the second way is more creative.

9. Small cross tattoo on forearm

Small cross tattoo on forearm

If the small cross is your first ink, I recommend tattooing it on your forearm. The reason is simple, forearm tattoos do not appreciably deform over time and with body changes. Secondly, there is no obvious pain when inking the area, and some people don’t even feel the slightest discomfort. Lastly, the forearm area is large, and you can further add other patterns or elements to make your cross even better. For example, flowers can make it prettier, while quotes can enhance symbolism. Also, men are best suited to inking their forearms, and doing so will make them more masculine.

10. Small cross tattoo on neck

Small cross tattoo on neck

While inking the neck is a risky and negative thing, it does make a person look more individual and unique. This is why neck tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days. Many celebrities and artists are very fond of inking this area. In other words, this tattoo can instantly make you a trendsetter and be on the cutting edge of trends. Even so, getting a neck tattoo still requires serious consideration. Because you’ll feel more pain, and the ink won’t hide as easily. Of course, if your faith makes you proud and empowered, I think getting the small cross on your neck is a very worthwhile thing.

11. Small cross tattoo on ear

Small cross tattoo on ear

Relatively speaking, inking behind the ear is more suitable for low-key people. Tattooing small crosses on your ears is a good idea if you want everyone to know your faith. But doing so also means you need to pay more, such as a stronger pain. Also, the ink design must be minimalist. Do you want to make it stand out and have some of your personal taste? Well, colored inks can help.

12. Small Flower Cross Tattoo

Small Flower Cross Tattoo

Flowers are the best pattern to complement and embellish the cross. Of course, they also have an important place in the Bible. The rose flower is related to Mary, so this flower is popular among Christians. You can also use white flowers to add to your little crosses, such as lilies. You need to take a closer look at what the flowers mean, though. Because they change the overall symbolic meaning of the tattoo. Plus, you can make the meaning more specific and understandable by adding quotes to the design. Or do you just want to make ink work look gorgeous? So, please feel free to choose your favorite flower! Moreover, you can make it even better with colored inks.

13. Small cross tattoo on shoulder

Small cross tattoo on shoulder

Although the shoulders can hold a big ink work. But I think a small cross also fits the area perfectly, and it looks good. Moreover, this method enhances attractiveness, which is especially important for women. Having a cross tattooed on this area means that you hope to gain strength and help from God through it to take on more responsibilities and obligations. In addition, getting a cross tattoo on the shoulder also represents that family is the most important in your life.

14. Small Cross Tattoo On Back

Small Cross Tattoo On Back

The back is considered by many to be the source of life and strength, and only tattoos with deep meaning are eligible for inking in this area. Such a statement is easy to understand. Since you can’t appreciate your own back tattoo without the aid of tools, inking this area means that you pay more attention to the lift and good meaning the tattoo brings to you. Apparently, the cross perfectly fits this condition. Plus, a small design is a good and quick start, especially for first-time inkers. Because the back gives you enough area to add other patterns later to enhance the overall effect or symbolism.

15. Small cross tattoo on ankle

Small cross tattoo on ankle

Wear sandals and shorts in warm weather, and you can show off your ankle tattoos. In addition, you can easily hide it when necessary. The way is simple, socks can help you. In my opinion, what has been said above is one of the advantages of ankle tattoos that attract people. And, like the shoulders, inking this area enhances femininity. Not only that, but this kind of tattoo has gradually become popular among men. The ankle is one of the most important body structures, so getting a small cross on this area symbolizes that faith is at the heart of your life and what keeps you going.

16. Minimalist Small Cross Tattoo

Minimalist Small Cross Tattoo

A minimalist small cross is perfect, and it is more eye-catching than a complex and big design. Because people are only attracted to the cross itself and not the other patterns. In addition, this design is only related to faith, so its symbolic meaning is pure and easy to understand. It is worth mentioning that such ink works can be tattooed on any body part. In other words, whether the forearm or another position is entirely up to you. You might think that this design looks ordinary and generic. But what you need to know is that your tattoos are only tied to you, so they are all ultimately unique.

17. Small Colorful Cross Tattoo

Colorful Small Cross Tattoo

The small colorful cross will not negatively affect your faith. Instead, it can reflect your personal style and taste. In other words, color can represent a certain character trait of a person. If you focus on inner spirituality and enjoy tranquility, blue is for you. Striking red is the best color for outgoing and enthusiastic people. The unobtrusive white is perfect for the low-key person. In addition, the colorful design does not affect and change the symbolic meaning of the cross.

18. Small Upside Down Cross Tattoo

Small Upside Down Cross Tattoo

The upside-down cross is often seen in dark art and horror movies, so it’s considered bad. I must point out that this is a very wrong understanding. Instead, its symbolic meaning is humility and reverence for God. These meanings come from the story behind the upside-down cross. It is recorded that when the first pope of Christianity was martyred, he felt ineligible to be compared with Christ, so he asked to be crucified upside down.

19. Unique Small Cross Tattoo

Unique Small Cross Tattoo

Undoubtedly, the small cross with its personal symbolic meaning must be unique. Think carefully about which qualities are most needed or important to you. If you want to incorporate strength and tenacity into your tattoo, I think you can use nails to design a cross. Also, do you need ink works to look natural? Then a tiger, lion, or eagle pattern can achieve this effect. The above is a simple and easy-to-use design idea, and then it’s your turn to be creative.

20. Small cross tattoo on finger

Small cross tattoo on finger

A tattoo on the finger looks bold and subtle, and it can make you stand out from the crowd with ease. Tattooing a cross on different fingers has different meanings. A cross on the middle finger often represents power and status. In addition, some people also think it is related to gang crime. Many Christians choose to ink their right ring finger. Because the symbolic meaning of the cross becomes a promise and a blessing. If you need to commit to marriage, I think the left ring finger is obviously more appropriate. Of course, no matter which finger you choose, the ink will unreservedly declare your religious belief to all. Because finger tattoos are really striking!