25 Adorable Galaxy Nail Designs

The dazzling galaxy is infinitely yearning. It is mysterious and indescribable. Fashion trends are like wheels that never stop turning. We cannot accurately predict what the next destination will be. However, the popularity of the Galaxy theme design has become a reality this year. There are endless products with “Galaxy,” such as clothing and bags. Of course, it is also integrated into nail art design.

I know you have many ways to get the galaxy, but wearing galaxy nails is definitely one of the easiest ways. Compared with other nail design themes, there may not be thousands of nail designs of this style. In my opinion, it is always the choice of a few people. I don’t think this is all bad. Think about it from another angle. It can give you unparalleled uniqueness.

Although the design styles are relatively few, you will not miss the best galaxy nail art because they are here! What do you expect from the appearance of your nails? Is it elegant and charming or eye-catching? Or do you like inspiring colorful design or modern minimalist style? A picture is worth a thousand words! Let us continue. In these designs, there is always a Galaxy nail that can perfectly match your personal style.

1. Blue Marble Galaxy Nails

Blue Marble Galaxy Nails

In my opinion, the galaxy is abstract, so everyone has an exclusive galaxy that fits his personal style in his mind. In fact, the nail design of this theme can be various. You only need to match the mainstream background color and the right decorative elements for the design. Then incorporate your favorite design effects, such as marble.

The best background colors for galaxy nails are: blue, black, and purple. The most popular decorative elements are stars, moons, and celestial bodies.

2. Midline galaxy short nails

Midline galaxy short nails

The base color of this galaxy nail is nude, this color is versatile and will never go out of style. You have many ways to integrate Galaxy into your design, such as creative nail tip design, negative space design, and midline design. The first way is to pay tribute to the classic French manicure, the second and third ways will create a modern and fun look.

3. Golden and blue-green galaxy nails

Golden and blue green galaxy nails

The more colors you use, the brighter the Galaxy nails will look. At the same time, you need the correct color matching. The wrong combination will mess up everything.

Thanks to the blue-green background color will make the gold more eye-catching. Not only that, but the minimalist style of stars and moon make this galaxy nail look cute and modern.

4. Green Galaxy Long Nails

Green Galaxy Long Nails

The artistic design is inspired by real life. When I saw this nail design, I thought of the beautiful aurora. The design and production are so simple. If I am not mistaken, it is a cat-eye nail. This is a perfect starting point. Do you want it to look more eye-catching and personal? Please try to incorporate some stars and moons. The color of the decorative elements is up to you. They can be gold or white.

5. Elegant almond galaxy nails

Elegant almond galaxy nails

Do you want to wear elegant galaxy nails? Try to trim your nails into almond shapes. Of course, don’t forget to choose the right background color, we recommend nude, light pink, or white. Adding stars to the design is 80% complete, but the most important thing is the gorgeous oval galaxy background. Try to change the background color to your liking. Or you can incorporate the moon or constellation into the design to enrich the appearance of the nails.

6. Bright blue constellation galaxy nails

Bright blue constellation galaxy nails

Blue is one of the best colors for galaxy nails. Dark blue (usually with a matte texture) is suitable for winter and autumn, and bright blue is a perfect match for summer and spring. The appearance of this nail may be dazzling, it mixes many elements, the design includes marble, two styles of constellations, and stars. Although it is complex, it is also more layered.

7. Silver Galaxy Nails

Silver Galaxy Nails

For the design of Galaxy nails, the silver background may not be the mainstream color. However, this means that the appearance of the nails has also gained uniqueness. The stars and constellations were chosen as the elements of the design, they laid the nail theme. The colorful watercolor galaxy background makes the design dreamy and more feminine.

8. Unique galaxy nails

Unique galaxy nails

This nail has no stars or moon, and its design is inspired by the surface of the celestial body. Gold foil paper adds some luxury to the appearance. I always think that there are no restrictions on the design of galaxy nails. There may be only a few decorative elements, but the most important nail color can really be chosen as you like. The more unique the color, the more outstanding the galaxy nails.

9. Abstract Galaxy Nails

Abstract Galaxy Nails

This galaxy nail is as beautiful and mysterious as a work of art, and I think this is entirely due to the abstract style. In this design, the beautiful purple galaxy is the girl’s long hair. What an impressive appearance, this idea is not only easy to copy, but it also has a good reference value.

10. Long Acrylic Galaxy Nails

Long Acrylic Galaxy Nails

The longer your nails, the larger the surface area, so long acrylic nails are the best nail type for creativity. At the same time, if you want to show more and richer appearance of the galaxy, I think you have no reason to miss it.

11. Black short galaxy nails

Black short galaxy nails

The Galaxy theme takes black nails to a whole new level. This nail has a boho style sun pattern accent design, even with a shorter nail length, it is still eye-catching. Other nails use golden dots for embellishment, they look subtle. This set of designs can be completely copied to long nails, and the appearance effect will also be good.

12. Pastel matte galaxy short nails

Pastel matte galaxy short nails

This nail design is minimalist style, which does not mean that the appearance will lose its due effect. The looming colorful galaxy is low-key but dreamy. To make it look less monotonous and highlight the theme at the same time, some white stars and moons are added.

13. Wavy Galaxy Square Nails

Wavy Galaxy Square Nails

The design of this nail is inspired by the literal meaning of “Galaxy.” In childhood, this is a question we often think about and ask. It is worth mentioning that the wave is also one of the most popular design elements this year.

14. Pink Long Coffin Galaxy Nails

Pink Long Coffin Galaxy Nails

Some starlight can successfully transform pink marble nails into a galaxy theme.

15. Hand-painted black galaxy nails

Hand-painted black galaxy nails

Hand-painted nail design has a certain degree of difficulty, but its ability to express the theme is unmatched by other designs. Wearing this nail may cost you more time and money, but obviously, it’s all worth it.

16. Shining galaxy short nails

Shining galaxy short nails

This design is one of our favorites, minimalist style, clean appearance, and eye-catching effect. It perfectly combines the three favorite things of most people.

17. Galaxy nails with celestial bodies

Galaxy nails with celestial bodies

The stars, moon, and constellations are not the only options for galaxy nails. Celestial design elements can be complicated, look at their amazing performance, you will know these cute things are worth trying.

18. Galaxy theme nail tips

Galaxy theme nail tips

This idea provides another exciting option for creating galaxy nails. The complex design is simplified, and now we only need to focus on the appearance of the nail tip.

19. Purple Galaxy Short Nails

Purple Galaxy Short Nails

What color is the galaxy? Or the question should be more specific, what color is your galaxy? Blue is great, green is unique. Of course, please don’t forget that there is still purple. In my opinion, this is the classic nail base color of the theme. In fact, this design is based on cat’s eye nails, and many galaxy nails are like this.

20. Rainbow Galaxy Nails

Rainbow Galaxy Nails

The rainbow color makes the galaxy nails lively and cute, adding some clouds to make it dreamy.

21. Fun French galaxy nails

Fun French galaxy nails

There are French nails in any theme design, so I have to admire this nail style again. Glamorous and gorgeous is the look that this galaxy nail wants to show people.

22. Mixed Galaxy Nails

Mixed Galaxy Nails

You have multiple options to wear eye-catching and unforgettable Galaxy nails. Mixing multiple design styles may be one of the easiest options to implement.

23. Watercolor Galaxy Nails

Watercolor Galaxy Nails

Soft watercolor gives the nails a new look, and it is one of the most feminine styles. You should no longer feel unfamiliar with decorative elements. Let our stars appear!

24. Colorful galaxy nails

Colorful galaxy nails

In fact, few Galaxy nails can perfectly incorporate flowers into the design. However, this design seems to have done it.

25. Gradient Galaxy Nails

Gradient Galaxy Nails

Gradient allows nails to have as many colors as possible, and this design is also one of the effective ways to show a personal style. Not only that, the appearance effects created by these colors are vivid, and the most realistic and perfect galaxy is on your nails!