36 Beautiful Lotus Tattoos (Design & Meaning – 2021 Guide)

If you are looking for design and inspiration for your next tattoo, these beautiful lotus tattoos may interest you. As we all know, this kind of tattoo pattern (symbol) is so popular. Among many flower tattoos, it ranks second only to roses, and many people even think that the status of the two is equivalent. The meaning of lotus is deep and diverse. Not only that, but it can also symbolize many things that may not be related to each other.

The culture and history behind the lotus are unbelievable, and I tried to understand it comprehensively. Guess what? A large amount of information and literature makes me feel pressured. It may take three days and three nights to read them all, not to mention that I want to understand them thoroughly.

Simple lotus tattoo meaning

Fortunately, we are talking about lotus tattoo art, and things have become a lot easier. It symbolizes a strong spirit, pure thought, peace, mercy and has a commemorative purpose. This kind of flower has a deep connection with Asian countries and Eastern culture. 

In Chinese culture, the lotus also symbolizes self-confidence, pride, and integrity. This flower can also be used to describe a beautiful young woman.

The symbolic meaning of the Japanese lotus tattoo is controversial. In addition to the content mentioned above, the lotus also symbolizes death. Because in Japan, lotus flowers are usually used to pay tribute to the dead. In other countries, the lotus is closely associated with Buddhist culture.

The lotus has such a complicated cultural background and symbolic meaning. No matter how many people get it, you still have tons of personalized and impressive lotus tattoo designs to choose from. Continue to swipe the screen to find a pattern that resonates with you.

36. Lotus tattoo on back

Lotus tattoo on back

Let’s start with the first design, which is a stunning back tattoo. This position is the best drawing board for tattoos. It provides the largest area and lower pain during tattooing. You can fully display your creativity to incorporate more decorative elements and exquisite details into your design. However, I need to remind you that if you are going to get a larger tattoo, you still need to think carefully. Because it is difficult to cover, and accommodating a second tattoo design around it is challenging.

35. Tribal lotus tattoo

Tribal lotus tattoo

The perfect fusion of Eastern and Western cultures creates this amazing tattoo design. If you want to get a lotus tattoo with this theme, you should seek the help of an experienced tattoo artist from the beginning. Your own imagination may mess it up.

34. Green lotus tattoo

Green lotus tattoo

This is a lifelike and complete lotus tattoo. The design not only has rich color matching but also contains lotus leaves. Of course, most of the credit should belong to the realistic style. The direction of the pattern is vertical, the arm is in a good position, where it will be eye-catching. You can also place it on the leg or back.

33. Lion lotus tattoo

Lion lotus tattoo

The lion is a majestic and powerful king of the forest. Lotus represents softness and tolerance in Eastern culture. Therefore, this tattoo design is a combination of kindness and strength. The symmetrical design of the exterior makes it look very comfortable. And it is in line with the philosophy of life that the wearer wants to express: balance.

32. Pink lotus tattoo

Pink lotus tattoo

The pink lotus is closely related to Buddhism. According to books, it represents the Buddha himself. This color is loved by women, and it also has an attractiveness that other colors can’t match. No matter what purpose you wear a lotus tattoo, make sure the design is right for you.

31. Watercolor lotus tattoo

Watercolor lotus tattoo

Watercolor doubles the charm of lotus flowers, which is a bold but relatively soft style. I think it is very suitable for women. Smaller tattoo sizes may not be enough to show the beauty of watercolor. For example, this half sleeve tattoo is the ideal size.

30. Koi fish lotus tattoo

Koi fish lotus tattoo

If you want to get auspiciousness, peace, and good luck through tattoos. The combination of koi and lotus is for you. This tattoo design has a strong oriental flavor, and they often appear in the form of paintings, especially in China. The outline drawn with thin lines is the same visual expression.

29. Phoenix golden Lotus Tattoo 

Phoenix golden Lotus Tattoo

There are wonderful myths behind this tattoo design. It symbolizes rebirth and resilience. A beautiful lotus, growing in the mud, bravely resists, it represents resilience. The phoenix appears in many myths in the ancient world. It is described as an extremely strong and sacred bird. In its eternal life cycle, it tells people that everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and then repeats it again and again without getting tired.

28. Galaxy lotus tattoo

Galaxy lotus tattoo

The lotus represents the human soul, and the galaxy symbolizes the ultimate mystery of the universe. Although our body may not be able to reach there in our lifetime, our soul is always closely connected with the universe.

27. Lotus tattoo on finger

Lotus tattoo on finger

The minimalist little lotus placed on other body positions may be forgotten by people over time. I think this design style is most suitable for placing on the fingers or wrist. Not only can you see it often, but in the eyes of others, you are bold and full of personality. There is no need to worry that finger tattoos will be painful because small tattoos can be completed in tens of minutes.

26. Dragon lotus tattoo

Dragon lotus tattoo

In mythology, the dragon represents supreme power and status. Its design combined with lotus is vivid and legendary. The tattoo looks simple and elegant, but the production process must be complicated. The color combination of red and black makes it eye-catching. Wearing this style of design, you will get some subtle exoticism. I may have discovered some patterns. The combination of ferocious animals and lotus flowers expresses the perfect balance of strength and compassion.

25. Yoga lotus tattoo

Yoga lotus tattoo

The tattoo design includes woman, lotus, the universe, geometric background. And it has a great sense of hierarchy.

Meditation is an important part of yoga. When meditating, you are the center of the universe and you can see the most important things in the depths of the soul. Lotus also has a similar symbolic meaning, so the combination of elements in this tattoo is just right. It has a mysterious appearance but is easy to understand at the same time.

24. Lucky lotus tattoo

Lucky lotus tattoo

The Chinese knot can pray for you and bring good luck, and the lotus flower can bless you with peace and peace of soul. The two design elements complement each other, and their combination strengthens each other’s role. This tattoo is similar to the koi lotus tattoo. Maybe you can try to integrate them.

23. Lotus tattoo on chest

Lotus tattoo on chest

The position on the chest is precious, and you may only be able to place a tattoo here. Because of the limited area, complex designs are not suitable. At the same time, tattoos are best to be symbolic. Although the design is simple, its appearance should also be creative. Take a look at this lotus tattoo, it may excite you.

22. Tiger lotus tattoo

Tiger lotus tattoo

Tiger or Lion? Your lotus tattoo is up to you. They have very similar symbolic meanings. The details of this tattoo are exquisite, you can see the white ink embellishment design, the tiger looks very realistic.

21. Lotus tattoo on wrist

Lotus tattoo on wrist

The mini lotus tattoo placed here is subtle and lovely. Although a wrist tattoo may not be bold, it is definitely elegant. If you place a tattoo on a body position that you can often see, we recommend that the design should always have meaning.

20. Minimalist lotus tattoo

Minimalist lotus tattoo

This is a lotus tattoo that you can get within ten minutes. Although only thin lines are used to outline the outline, its appearance is still impressive. The design has a soft and elegant shape and is just the right size. In fact, you can place it anywhere. For example, the ankle, behind the ear, or the collarbone.

19. Red lotus tattoo

Red lotus tattoo

The red lotus symbolizes a passionate and positive soul. People who wear it are good at expressing themselves and helping others. These meanings and the eye-catching red are a perfect match.

18. NANA lotus tattoo

NANA lotus tattoo

This tattoo design originated from anime. Nana Osaki is one of the core female characters. She is a rock singer and has a strong and kind personality. There is a red lotus tattoo on her arm, which she calls a ren flower. This tattoo is definitely niche, and it still has room for creativity again. Maybe you can try to turn the little lotus flower into the red.

17. Lotus tattoo with a name

Lotus tattoo with name

Lotus tattoos can help you express your misses. So please match a name or a set of numbers for the design to improve this ability.

16. Elephant lotus tattoo

Elephant lotus tattoo

The elephant symbolizes loyalty and good luck, and it is closely related to Buddhist culture. Legend has it that the Buddha chose an elephant as his avatar. When the elephant and the lotus are combined, they strengthen each other’s meaning. This tattoo design takes the elephant as the center of the design, so the designer can create more unique and stunning looks.

15. Small lotus tattoo

Small lotus tattoo

This design has a popular realistic style and gorgeous color matching (pink, white, yellow, and green). In my opinion, this is the best way to design a small lotus tattoo. Although the size of the tattoo is small, it is still eye-catching. This lotus tattoo is probably the most ideal basic design for most people.

14. Yin yang lotus tattoo

Yin yang lotus tattoo

The concept of negative space and shadows create a minimalist yin and yang pattern. This symbol and lotus come from Eastern culture, and they are inextricably linked. This tattoo design combines modern style and incorporates some geometric symbols, so the visual effect it gives people is quite subtle.

13. Moon lotus tattoo

Moon lotus tattoo

The mysterious and familiar moon has many symbolic meanings, and it is also a popular design symbol. The moon in this tattoo is the core of the design, and all the elements surround it. You can see that there is an exquisite and small moon phase combination, and the lotus flower is in the middle of the combination. This design seems to imply a perfect fusion of some powerful natural forces. I think that although this tattoo has meaning, its decorativeness is more important.

12. Fine line lotus tattoo

Fine line lotus tattoo

Fine line tattoos are more popular than ever before. This design style looks clear and concise. If you want to highlight a certain design element, it can provide you with a great service. Through this idea, you should have also seen that even if the size of the tattoo is large, the fine lines can make the design look light and modern.

11. Colored lotus tattoo

Colored lotus tattoo

If you want to decorate your body with lotus tattoos, colorful color combinations may be the ideal choice. They can make lotus flowers look very lively.

10. Lotus tattoo on ankle

Lotus tattoo on ankle

The ankle is one of the most attractive body parts for women, and you may need some decoration when wearing sandals and exposing the ankle in the summer. This is the meaning of the lotus tattoo placed here, not only that, the design can still have meaning. In my opinion, this kind of thing that kills two birds with one stone is very worth considering.

9. Japanese lotus tattoo

Japanese lotus tattoo

Japanese tattoos have very strict requirements. Bright lines and rich color matching are just the most basic. Almost every design element in tattoo design has meaning. Remember the beginning of the article? Japanese lotus tattoos can also symbolize death, and this design is the answer.

8. Blue lotus tattoo

Blue lotus tattoo

The blue lotus symbolizes superior wisdom and a clean soul. It also represents loyalty, honesty, justice, and incorruptibility. This tattoo design is very interesting, the lotus floating in the air has a looming reflection on the water. With this creative and extremely simple design alone, this blue lotus is perfect.

7. Kitty lotus tattoo

Kitty lotus tattoo

The meaning of this tattoo design is obvious, it is used to commemorate the dead cat. According to legend, the lotus has the function of rebirth and immortality. Even though the body cannot live forever in real life, I still believe that the soul can.

6. Purple lotus tattoo

Purple lotus tattoo

The purple lotus is beautiful, and it symbolizes nobility and a mysterious temperament that cannot be described in words. This tattoo design also exudes a slight blue hue, so the appearance will not be monotonous. The Roman numerals under the flowers are the meaning of this design.

5. Unique lotus tattoo

Unique lotus tattoo

This unbloomed lotus is definitely a unique design, trust me, it is definitely different from any lotus tattoo you have ever seen. The exquisite appearance and the right location make it look very, very, very realistic.

4. Realistic lotus tattoo

Realistic lotus tattoo

If I can only choose one lotus tattoo design, then it must have a realistic style and a smaller size, which looks very flattering. Single ink color will make it look sacred, and colorful color combinations will make it come alive.

3. Black lotus tattoo

Black lotus tattoo

Black lotus may have no special meaning, it exists only because black is classic and common ink color. For those who are crazy about black, this lotus is what they need.

2. Lotus tattoo with butterfly

Lotus tattoo with butterfly

The lotus is a container to protect the soul, and the butterfly represents the soul. The watercolor-style water surface makes this tattoo design a dream. Oh my goodness! I have fallen deeply into this design.

1. Geometric lotus tattoo

Geometric lotus tattoo

The power of geometric elements is that there are no restrictions, and almost any pattern can be created using them. Of course, these patterns all have a common appearance feature, that is, they all have a modern abstract visual effect. The combination of lotus and geometry makes it look more mysterious.