26 Glittering New Year Nail Art Designs

Glittering nails are perfect for wearing at the beginning of the new year. This design can make you more attractive, and it also has a good meaning and even has the effect of praying. Try to imagine that the shiny nail look will make you win every game like an energetic New Year’s sun.

I know that everyone will make changes in the new year. Whether in terms of thinking or personal appearance, I think the change should be comprehensive. Therefore, there is no reason why New Year’s nails should be missed. Compared to trying different hair colors or hairstyles, refreshing the appearance of your nails can’t be easier.

The nail designs in this series are all eye-catching and include different styles. From gorgeous to elegant, from eye-catching to low-key. Yes, you read it right. Eye-catching and low-key are never contradictory, you can combine the two in the appearance of your nails in a balanced way. We boldly guess that the appearance of New Year’s nails you want may be here. Without further ado, let us keep reading.

1. Elegant plant nails with gold leaf

The rustic plants give the nails an elegant appearance, and the seemingly freely pasted gold leaf gives the design a joyful atmosphere to celebrate the New Year.

Elegant plant New Year nails with gold leaf
instagram @amberandstonebeauty

2. Gorgeous gradient nails

Nude almond nails are very popular, and the design matches some sparkling gold powder to give the nails a beautiful gradient appearance.

Gorgeous gradient New Year nails
instagram @majamarkowicz

3. Luxurious black and gold nails

The combination of black and gold easily creates a luxurious nail look. If you want to make your nails “glow,” gold powder is not the only option, there are gorgeous artificial rhinestones for you to use.

Luxurious black and gold New Year nails
instagram @dystrybucja_indigo_warszawa

4. Silver square nails

Relatively richer gold, eye-catching silver meets the needs of people who are keen on low-key. You can do this minimalist nail design at home without going to a nail salon.

Silver square New Year nails
instagram @grace_momm

5. Simple and fun nails

What a simple and creative nail design, a variety of high-gloss mini stickers can make the nails fun.

Simple and fun New Year nails
instagram @allthingsbeauty_jellybayn

6. Short shiny nails

If the effect of nails is shiny, I think creative design is no longer the most important thing. This short nail looks very “crazy.”

Short shiny New Year nails
instagram @brittsnailss

7. Nails with Christmas vibe

The short Christmas makes people linger, and this nail design can keep you immersed in the festive atmosphere.

New Year Nails with Christmas vibe
instagram @palceioczy

8. Champagne flute nails

Add a glass of champagne to your nails and a toast for the new year to celebrate a good start.

Champagne flute New Year nails
instagram @monmayernails

9. Short brown and black nails

It takes some time for the temperature to gradually warm up. So at the beginning of the new year, you can still choose to wear brown nails. I know that the appearance lacks some eye-catching features, and the creative cloud pattern with black gold can meet this demand.

Short brown and black New Year nails
instagram @justpaintednails

10. Vibrant short rainbow nails

Come with some fun rainbow colors, and your nails will look full of youthful vitality.

Vibrant short rainbow New Year nails
instagram @whatgreatgrandmaate

11. Fresh green nails

Entering the new year means the arrival of spring. I think that fresh and sparkling green is one of the best nail colors. This color fits the season perfectly.

Fresh green New Year nails
instagram @nailsbycharlx

12. Star nails

Whether it is hearing, sensory, or visual, star nails will be eye-catching.

Star New Year nails
instagram @paznokciowa

13. Gold and Nude Nails

This charming and classic color match is one of the most beautiful color combinations for a simple New Year nail design.

Gold and Nude New Year Nails
instagram @lunula_salon

14. Creative nail tips

This creative nail tip is really easy to make. Thanks to gem jewelry, you don’t need to question the eye-catching appearance of your nails, people’s eyes will give you the answer.

Creative New Year nail tips
instagram @withlove.liberty

15. Unique swirl nails

Once a certain nail design trend becomes a classic, it will continue to be popular. Swirl nails are like that. The rose gold thread gives this design a differentiated appearance and a certain uniqueness.

Unique swirl New Year nails
instagram @hummingbirdnailartistry

16. Purple crystal nails

This design looks not only dreamy but also beautiful. The purple crystal nails will become the first luxurious “jewelry” for the New Year.

Purple crystal New Year nails
instagram @art_on_my_fingers

17. Eye-catching yellow and gray nails

We all know that yellow has good eye-catching properties, and the visual effect of this color will be strengthened against the backdrop of gray.

Eye-catching yellow and gray New Year nails
instagram @bornprettyofficial

18. Colorful Coffin Nails

The area of the coffin nails is relatively large, so you can add more color to it. Which way do you choose to organize the multiple colors? Does this colorful nail design evoke your childhood memories?

Colorful Coffin New Year Nails
instagram @its.a.nailthing

19. Sky blue short nails

The gleaming sky blue reminds me of the good weather in the clear sky, and I hope it will be like this every day of the new year.

Sky blue short New Year nails
instagram @polishbreakwithcara

20. Gray toned nails

What is your favorite nail color? If the answer is gray. Create an eye-catching silver accent nail for the design, and nails in this shade can have a New Year’s atmosphere.

Gray toned New Year nails
instagram @pinks_and_pearls

21. Glamorous Almond Nails

This wide-to-narrow glittering centerline is not only charming but also extends the length of the almond nails. No matter which angle you look at, this nail design is perfect.

Glamorous Almond New Year Nails
instagram @ekaterina_nikolaeva_nail_vlg

22. Shiny crayon short nails

Your nails will turn into magical crayons to draw a good year.

Shiny crayon short New Year nails
instagram @kellykmbeauty

23. Lovely French nails

The design of each nail tip is different, this cute French nail will make you laugh.

Lovely French New Year nails
instagram @naileditbyliv

24. Short white nails with silver sparkles

If you are obsessed with white nails, add some silver glitter to your design to create an attractive focus.

Short white New Year nails with silver sparkles
instagram @beauty_crystal_olevsk

25. Black and dark blue nails

The two colors are very similar, but the flashing dark blue is still recognizable. This cool New Year’s nail design needs to be carefully appreciated, you will find its exquisite beauty.

Black and dark blue New Year nails
instagram @nailsbypaulin

26. Attractive red and blue nails

Matching red and blue is very competitive, and this combination of colors makes it easy to create eye-catching nails.

Attractive red and blue New Year nails
instagram @the.galactic.mermaid