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36 Heart Tattoo Designs to Spark Your Inspiration

The powerful heart tattoo is classic and sacred, and the design you can choose from is enough to dazzle you. We always believe that the best tattoo design must be perfect for you. Therefore, in the face of such an important heart tattoo, you must not be careless. Even with the help of an artist, you still need to display some creativity to incorporate your own things into the design. It is no easy task to make the inspiration gush out immediately. The best heart design we have prepared for you may be able to inspire you.

From creativity to classic, from fun to deep meaning. This heart tattoo guide contains all mainstream and popular designs. I bet that you can get something that resonates with you. Maybe it’s a certain style or a certain design combination. Of course, this is totally different from person to person. Let us set off immediately and wish you a pleasant journey of thought.

1. Whale and Moon Heart Tattoo

The heart tattoo with a whale, moon, stars, and clouds has a dreamy look. I believe that this visual effect is very popular among ladies.

Whale and Moon Heart Tattoo

2. Wings Heart Tattoo

In any case, this angel and devil wing heart tattoo design is unique. In fact, it also has a certain meaning. This tattoo symbolizes the mutual tolerance and opposition of good and evil.

Wings Heart Tattoo

3. Brain and Heart Tattoo

This perfectly combined heart tattoo has deep meaning. Human nature is so miraculous, there is no absolute rationality or sensibility for anything.

Brain and Heart Tattoo

4. Compass heart tattoo

The gorgeous golden compass points out your ultimate goal in life. You need to follow your heart to get there step by step.

Compass Heart Tattoo

5. Abstract heart tattoo

This tattoo design expresses human nature. If you follow your heart, everything will inevitably be contradictory.

Abstract Heart Tattoo

6. Word Heart Tattoo

Although the thin line heart design can’t represent much, the strong text content can.

Word Heart Tattoo

7. Bird Symbol Heart Tattoo

The bird symbol heart tattoo is a non-mainstream design. I think the meaning expressed by this tattoo varies from person to person. Only from the analysis of the color combination of the design, it has decent soft power.

Bird Symbol Heart Tattoo

8. Pearl Heart Tattoo

The crystal clear pearls make the heart tattoo look precious.

Pearl Heart Tattoo

9. 3D Heart Tattoo

The heart tattoo combined with the 3D art design concept is unique and interesting.

3D Heart Tattoo

10. Eye Heart Tattoo

One of the reasons why heart tattoos are so popular is that they have a wide range of symbolic meanings, and this design is just that. What it wants to express is that seeing is not necessarily believing, it may be possible to face the heart.

Eye Heart Tattoo

11. Broken Heart Tattoo

Broken heart tattoos are often used to commemorate a love whose ending is not perfect. Of course, it also has the function of alerting oneself.

Broken Heart Tattoo

12. Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

This minimalistic tattoo design is absolutely romantic. You can use the fingerprints of yourself or someone important to you. The most perfect is to combine the fingerprints of the two.

Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

13. Colorful Heart Tattoo

There is no doubt that the heart of a positive and sunny person must be colorful.

Colorful Heart Tattoo

14. Red Heart Tattoo

The red heart tattoo expresses love. This design is broken, so it has a deeper meaning.

Red Heart Tattoo

15. Flame Heart Tattoo

The flaming heart tattoo means that the wearer is full of infinite enthusiasm for life. Even if you are facing a difficult problem now, the problem will be solved someday, right?

Flame Heart Tattoo

16. Painting Heart Tattoo

This heart tattoo is amazing and full of artistic flavor. As you can imagine, the design is free to customize. What’s your favorite drawing? Keep it in mind.

Painting Heart Tattoo

17. Rainbow Heart Tattoo

Love is all, and absolutely equal.

Rainbow Heart Tattoo

18. Angel Heart Tattoo

This heart tattoo incorporates religious culture, and the design wants to express great love and kindness.

Angel Heart Tattoo

19. Purple Heart Tattoo

It is not necessarily other elements or words that control the meaning of the heart tattoo, it may also be the color. For example, the purple heart represents admiration, blue represents excitement and support, and yellow represents friendship and intimacy.

Purple Heart Tattoo

20. Heart Lock Tattoo

In fact, this is part of a couple’s heart tattoo. A lock can only be opened by a unique specific key.

Heart Lock Tattoo

21. Plant Heart Tattoo

Don’t go against your heart, let it grow naturally in nature like plants.

Plant Heart Tattoo

22. Geometric Mini Heart Tattoo

The heart tattoo created by geometry has a modern atmosphere.

Geometric Mini Heart Tattoo

23. Tiny Constellation Heart Tattoo

A tiny heart tattoo can also have a deep, personalized meaning. How to do it? You can try to add constellation elements to the design.

Tiny Constellation Heart Tattoo

24. Mixed heart tattoo

A tattoo design that mixes multiple elements is beautiful and impressive. This heart tattoo contains a snake and the sea.

Mixed Heart Tattoo

25. Tribal Heart Tattoo

The tribal symbol makes the heart tattoo not only meaningful, it is worth mentioning that this symbol also makes this tattoo design look super cool.

Tribal Heart Tattoo

26. Rose Heart Tattoo

The minimalist heart tattoo with roses has perfect feminine charm, and the design looks gorgeous and full of love.

Rose Heart Tattoo

27. Realistic heart small tattoo

What a realistic small heart tattoo, it beats powerfully on your arm.

Realistic Heart Small Tattoo

28. Sparkling heart tattoo

How to make a small heart tattoo sparkle? Please add some flickering light to it.

Sparkling Heart Tattoo

29. Flower Heart Tattoo

I bet that heart tattoos made of gorgeous flowers are the common choice of most women.

Flower Heart Tattoo

30. Landscape Heart Tattoo

Everyone has a beautiful landscape that is most important to them. In my opinion, it is the perfect material for designing a heart tattoo.

Landscape Heart Tattoo

31. Funny heart tattoo

Take a look at this anthropomorphic and fun heart tattoo, it is full of vitality.

Funny Heart Tattoo

32. Friendship Heart Tattoo

If you are looking for the best tattoo design for your precious friendship, the heart tattoo cannot be easily ignored.

Friendship Heart Tattoo

33. Brave Heart Tattoo

The brave heart tattoo is a sacred and classic design, it suits almost everyone.

Brave Heart Tattoo

34. Gem Heart Tattoo

Your heart will be as precious and sparkling as a gem.

Gem Heart Tattoo

35. Double Thin Line Heart Tattoo

The double thin line heart tattoo full of childhood colors represents pure and uncomplicated love.

Double Thin Line Heart Tattoo

36. Flying Heart Tattoo

The flying heart tattoo with wings easily conveys love to the one you miss.

Flying Heart Tattoo