25 Sweet Heart Nail Art Designs

Whether it is a classic or avant-garde trend design, the heart pattern can instantly reverse the appearance of the nails to make them look sweet and full of love. In fact, a few years ago, the vast majority of people would only choose to wear heart nails on Valentine’s Day. Times have changed, and the invisible rules have long been broken. Nowadays, creative mixed heart nail designs are active in major festivals. And some simple mass designs have long become popular options for a daily manicure.

I believe you have noticed the changes described above. I have to say that adding the heart pattern to the nail design is effortless. But if you want to make it shine, even highly personalized, you still need some unique design as a guide. As it happens, I have the same ideas as you, so I have made sufficient preparations in advance. These carefully selected heart nail designs are the ones I want to share with you.

1. Two-color heart almond nails

The combination of similar colors from dark to light makes the heart on the almond nails look gorgeous, cute, and vibrant. There is one more tip in this nail design. You don’t have to place the heart patterns in the same position, making them look free will enhance the appearance to some extent.

Two-color heart almond nails

2. Nude nails with green hearts

The more unexpected the colors used in the pattern, the more distinctive the nail design will look. The design of the nude base nails with green hearts is as described above.

Green Heart Nude Nails

3. Red heart nail tips

The most worthwhile design method to add heart-shaped patterns to French nails is to release creativity at the tips of the nails. As for the choice of color, it should be a matter of personal style. The more special the color of the heart pattern, the more eye-catching this nail design will be. Of course, the red symbolizing love is a color that will never go out of style.

Red heart nail tips

4. Pink heart nails

If you want to wear heart nails with a very romantic atmosphere, the pink design will be your treasure. What I mean is that the main color of nails should be like this, not the decorative pattern specifically.

Pink heart nails

5. Blue heart nails

Blue nails are undoubtedly beautiful, and blue hearts are also the darling of fashion trends. Of course, it also has some special meanings. However, this varies from person to person. Talking about this design alone, the crystal accessories make this cute style nail look a little noble.

Blue Heart Nails

6. Red heart abstract long nails

The abstract design makes red nail tips with golden edges look soft and comfortable. Thanks to this artistic style, this long heart nail will be outstanding. In fact, if there is not enough length, this design is also difficult to achieve an amazing appearance effect.

Red heart abstract long nails

7. Grid heart nails

Mixing a variety of hot patterns can easily create creative and high-profile nail designs. You see, this is the case with this youthful and vigorous grid heart nail.

Grid Heart Nails

8. Minimalist gold leaf heart nails

What is the most minimalist heart nail design? And how to make the appearance effect is eye-catching? I think this nail will give you the answer you want to know.

Minimalist gold leaf heart nails

9. Printed heart yellow nails

This matte yellow nail looks bold and low-key. Needless to say, these two appearance effects are not contradictory in fact. The printed heart pattern looks richer and more fashionable than the appearance of the traditional design.

Printed heart yellow nails

10. Gorgeous marble heart nails

Heart nails can be extremely luxurious too, and the answer is to perfectly blend the pattern with the marble. The pink and white color combination looks beautiful and sweet. It can be guessed that black and white or black and gold color combinations are the unanimous choices of many people.

Gorgeous Marble Heart Nails

11. Heart poker nails

Simple but creative nail designs can often be surprising. Can this interesting heart poker nail resonate with you?

Heart Poker Nails

12. Leopard heart nails

In addition to trying different background colors to make the heart nails shine, perhaps “make a fuss” on the heart pattern is another practical design method.

Leopard Heart Nails

13. Brown heart nails

Even if Valentine’s Day arrives, the temperature in many areas is still low, so brown nail designs are still popular. The heart accent of this nail is a multi-layered design, and it looks like a whirlpool that deeply attracts people’s attention.

Brown Heart Nails

14. Lovely heart glitter nails

Let the nails with heart patterns sparkle, and pass the love and romance to everyone.

Lovely Heart Glitter Nails

15. Elegant heart nails

You can wear an elegant heart ring to your nails just like this design. Try to change the color of the nails and heart patterns to match your personal style perfectly.

Elegant heart nails

16. Luxury heart nails

This design is like queen nails. The white background color is used just right, this color makes the gold foil and red heart tips more conspicuous. Are you fascinated by this nail design?

Luxury heart nails

17. Purple and gold heart nails

This nail uses a negative space design concept to create each heart pattern. The design on each nail is different, so the overall look is unusually rich. The combination of purple and gold is the perfect combination of dream and gorgeous.

Purple and Gold Heart Nails

18. Heart black and white short nails

If you are looking for high-end, atmospheric, elegant, and modern heart nail designs. I will recommend this to you without hesitation. Its excellent appearance is admirable.

Heart black and white short nails

19. Colorful heart nails

The more bright colors you use, the more active the appearance of your nails. Not only that, but this color heart pattern with only outlines looks light and clean.

Colorful heart nails

20. Small black heart square nails

Maybe you only need a little but not all, so please add a small heart pattern with a contrasting color to the accent nail. I boldly guess that this design approach can satisfy you.

Small Black Heart Square Nails

21. Shiny silver heart stiletto nails

The overall nature of this nail is very good. The silver heart outline and the stiletto nail shape complement each other.

Shiny silver heart stiletto nails

22. Multicolor heart nails

This design allows you to incorporate a variety of favorite colors or currently popular color palettes for your heart nails.

Multicolor Heart Nails

23. Attractive heart beige nails

Some black dots and short lines make the red heart with gold rim gleam and look holy on the beige nails.

Attractive heart beige nails

24. Heart sweater nails

The heart sweater accent brings this classic nail design up at least one level. It looks extremely warm, so this nail is best for wearing in winter.

Heart sweater nails

25. White heart French nails

Because this design has a wide range of uses, and can perfectly match any color and style of clothing. So these clean and clear French nails with white hearts are hard not to be sought after.

White heart French nails