33 Trendy Geometric Tattoo Designs

No matter simple or complex, geometric tattoo designs will make people feel extremely shocked. This is entirely due to the avant-garde appearance, good modern atmosphere, and a sense of technology from the future. Believe it or not, the use of geometric shapes to enhance traditional tattoo designs has become a common and tried-and-tested way.

If you are deeply interested in this type of tattoo. I think it is necessary to briefly understand what is a geometric figure. The various figures abstracted from the real object are both geometric figures. There are figures everywhere in life, and these graphics can easily portray the intricate world effectively. In fact, everything we see is made up of basic geometric figures such as points, lines, and surfaces. The combination of these graphics is endless, which also proves that it has amazing charm in itself.

Add geometric figures to common tattoo designs and they will instantly give the tattoo an ultra-modern look. If a complex tattoo is composed of pure geometric figures, it will also give people a minimalist visual experience. Do you want to make the tattoo look sci-fi? Please try to combine realistic design with geometric figures, and then you will get unexpected surprises. Seeing is believing! These geometric tattoo designs below will release your imagination and creativity.

1. Bright Geometric Plant Tattoo

Plants that grow in the sun are full of life. Lines, rectangles, and dots make it look different from all traditional designs. The bright color combination is the secret magic weapon for this tattoo to become eye-catching.

Bright Botanical Geometric Tattoo
instagram @tattooist_basil

2. Geometric Tribal Bracelet Tattoo

Using minimalist and mysterious tribal symbols can easily create the coolest bracelet tattoo. A careful analysis of this design reveals that only three geometries are used.

Tribal Bracelet Geometric Tattoo
instagram @jeantattoobr

3. Geometric Butterfly Tattoo

As I have mentioned all the time, geometric elements can make a natural and beautiful butterfly tattoo with a sense of technology. Specifically, it looked very much like a mechanical butterfly.

Butterfly Geometric Tattoo
instagram @aaedesign

4. Wings Geometric Back Tattoo

This tattoo is neither angel wings nor devil wings. It is the beautiful flower fairy wings made up of elegant geometric combinations. If you try to color this design, I believe it will surprise you.

Wings Geometric Back Tattoo
instagram @marinka.tattoo

5. Triangular Family Tattoo

Three thin-line triangles can create a decent family tattoo, which is the charm of geometry. It implies stability and a close connection.

Triangular Family Tattoo
instagram @home.bog

6. Creative Geometric Penguin Tattoo

This penguin’s body has a refreshing natural landscape, so it is destined to be a popular creative design. This tattoo is also a good template, and you can replace the scenery or other elements you like.

Creative Penguin Geometric Tattoo
instagram @hill_tattoo

7. Geometric Music Player Tattoo

In my opinion, this music player created by Geometry is one of the best gifts for music lovers or producers. This tattoo is three-dimensional, so its appearance must be impressive.

Music Player Geometric Tattoo
instagram @jamestrece

8. Geometric Portrait Tattoo

The process from complex to simple is not easy. This character portrait tattoo has been carefully cut, using geometric shapes to finally preserve the most important image details.

Portrait Geometric Tattoo
instagram @twincityphantom

9. Lion Geometric Tattoo

The geometric lion looks like it is from the future. The admirable artist made this tattoo interesting. I believe that you can imagine the other half of the lion in your mind with just a lion’s eye.

Lion Geometric Tattoo
instagram @madkasantirto

10. Abstract Art Geometric Tattoo

If you have some experience in design, you will find that the combination of geometry and abstract ideas will turn a tattoo into an art treasure.

Abstract Art Geometric Tattoo
instagram @giambaaa

11. Geometric Ornamental Tattoo

Not all tattoos have a well-known symbolic meaning. If you just want to get a tattoo for decorating your body, the design with geometric elements will not be out of date.

Geometric Ornamental Tattoo
instagram @jac.line_olivera

12. Mandala Geometric Tattoo

If you only want to choose from a few classic geometric tattoo designs, I think Mandala is one of the best options. It is worthy of excitement that it also has a deep meaning.

Mandala Geometric Tattoo
instagram @eyntattoos

13. Geometric Elephant Small Tattoo

This cute baby elephant tattoo full of love may melt your heart. The combination of red and blue ink makes the design not monotonous.

Elephant Geometric Small Tattoo
instagram @52.artzzz

14. Geometric Tree Tattoo

Some geometric tattoo designs test people’s imagination, such as this one. The black dot is the sun, and the thin line indicates the height. Then combined with the “plants” in the design will make people realize that this is a tree.

Tree Geometric Tattoo
instagram @_fifne

15. Geometric Conch Tattoo

If you have any knowledge of geometry, you must know that the design blueprint of this tattoo is a golden spiral. This pattern was created based on the concept of the golden ratio. So the perfection of this tattoo can be imagined.

Conch Geometric Tattoo
instagram @leblubrocoli

16. Geometric Mini Bird Tattoo

The geometric bird is flying powerfully. The shadows in the design make the appearance of this mini tattoo delicate and rich.

Bird Geometric Mini Tattoo
instagram @bl.ink117

17. Circle Tattoo

Everyone sees things differently. Take this circle tattoo as an example. Whether it looks condensed or disintegrated is determined by your thoughts. What a creative design with deep meaning.

Circle Geometric Tattoo
instagram @fabien_cu_tattoo

18. Geometric Eagle Tattoo

Geometric wind makes the flying eagle look more vivid. There is also an arrow element in the design, which points out the overall orientation of the tattoo.

Eagle Geometric Tattoo
instagram @deartattoohk

19. Geometric Deer Tattoo

Relatively classic deer tattoos have many designs to choose from, but most of them are a bit over-popular. I mean, you can easily see similar designs. Fortunately, we also have geometric elements that can make the deer special.

Deer Geometric Tattoo
instagram @_osobliwie_

20. Geometric Sun Tattoo

This tattoo is surprising because the design composed of thin lines and circles does not dim the sun. On the contrary, the light is more penetrating and dazzling.

Sun Geometric Tattoo
instagram @ninapost.ink

21. Wolf Geometric Tattoo

This wolf tattoo is gorgeous because the other part of it is made of half a luxurious diamond.

Wolf Geometric Tattoo
instagram @chiara.lenz.taetowierungen

22. Black Rose Geometric Tattoo

This tattoo is a perfect blend of geometric and realistic design styles. The appearance of this bouquet of roses is subtle and exudes a faint unique fragrance.

Black Rose Geometric Tattoo
instagram @sixtenism

23. Delicate and Realistic Geometric Tattoo

Realistic tattoos require many delicate details. The more lines in the geometric design, both the wearer and the artist will need to invest a lot of time, energy, and patience.

The good news is that the final appearance of the tattoo will not disappoint you. Because the layering created by using lines is incomparable to any traditional design. Also, the design has always maintained simplicity.

Delicate and Realistic Geometric Tattoo
instagram @ken.tattoos

24. Geometric Flower Tattoo

Even without a rich color combination, this flower made of geometric shapes has a gorgeous appearance. Another advantage of this kind of tattoo is that you can easily incorporate symbols into the design to create personal meaning.

On the other hand, this seemingly decorative tattoo is not without meaning. Most similar designs can be regarded as protectors.

Flower Geometric Tattoo
instagram @ninapost.ink

25. Geometric Mountain Tattoo

The prototype of the mountain tattoo is some triangles with strong and stable structures. According to your personal preferences, the design can be modified and shadow details added. In other words, you can make the mountain look easy to climb or make it hard to conquer, or both.

People who wear mountain tattoos have common hobbies. They are all hiking enthusiasts or adventurers who are good at exploring the unknown.

Mountain Geometric Tattoo
instagram @saar.ink

26. Geometric Lotus Tattoo

The meanings of lotus and mandala are highly overlapping. They are one of the women’s favorite spiritual symbol tattoos. The difference is that the lotus made of pure geometric shapes will look more modern and eye-catching. Because people have long been used to traditional realistic designs with colors.

Lotus Geometric Tattoo
instagram @ninapost.ink

27. Sound Geometric Tattoo

This sound geometric tattoo is interesting and very personal. Because the content information recorded in the sound is only meaningful to the wearer. I guess no one can easily crack it.

Sound Geometric Tattoo
instagram @the.emilya

28. Bee and Honeycomb Geometric Tattoo

The honeycomb structure has excellent geometric mechanical properties, which are very strong and light. These characteristics show people the cleverness and admirable talent of bees. These excellent quality characteristics are pursued by humans, which is why bee tattoos are so popular.

Bee and Honeycomb Geometric Tattoo
instagram @imajoya_tattoo_luxembourg

29. Geometric Paper Crane Tattoo

The angular and colorful paper cranes convey happiness and prosperity to people. This tattoo has pure childhood feelings and good wishes.

Paper Crane Geometric Tattoo
instagram @natasha_tsozik

30. Geometric Cosmic Tattoo

Circles are the most common and used geometric shapes. This design is an abstract and flat masterpiece of the universe known to mankind. The meaning and function of tattoos are to strengthen the soul.

Cosmic Geometric Tattoo
instagram @eleonora.cercato

31. Geometric Star Tattoo

The geometric stars on the back of your feet will greatly increase your charm. This is a highly customized tattoo, so please let your imagination and creativity go free.

Star Geometric Tattoo
instagram @ayhanmetin_

32. Geometric Sunrise Tattoo

The minimalist design depicts a stunning sunrise on the sea. What a spectacular tattoo appearance! It looks infinitely yearning.

Sunrise Geometric Tattoo
instagram @plinaink

33. Astronaut Geometric Tattoo

This tattoo makes the appearance full of futuristic and sci-fi through geometric shapes. If you dream of becoming an astronaut or doing interstellar travel, you will be fascinated by this design. Wear this tattoo to conquer the unknown back of the moon.

Astronaut Geometric Tattoo
instagram @nathaliemejiag