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27 Best Jelly Nail Designs That Will Make You happy

Thousands of nail designs are almost classic styles, and a large number of similar pictures on social media have proven this fact. People’s aesthetics is getting tired, and many people gradually lose interest in nail art. Please don’t get me wrong, the classic design is not bad.

With the sudden changes in trends, people’s common love has produced greater differences. More and more people are looking for niche and special designs. If you are the same, jelly nails are worth trying!

Almost all these nail styles have bright colors, and the fun appearance is just the basic design. The artist has also created nails with some elegant or gorgeous appearance through excellent creativity, and even the design has a romantic atmosphere.

In short, wearing jelly nails makes you full of youthful vitality, and you can easily become the focus of attention in the crowd. Are you already interested in it? We prepare some designs for you, they can give you inspiration.

1. Red jelly nails

Red jelly nails are good enough. However, you can still incorporate some creativity into the design. Just like this idea, gray accent nails with rhinestones make the overall look unique.

Red jelly nails

2. Orange jelly smiley nails

Orange is an inspiring color, and smiley expressions are the easiest way to convey happiness to people. I believe wearing this jelly short nail design can make you smile more often.

Orange jelly smiley nails

3. Elegant jelly nails

In addition to being fun, the soft design makes jelly nails look so elegant.

Elegant jelly nails

4. Butterfly jelly nails

This simple jelly nail with butterflies must be loved by people. The production is not complicated and can be completed in only three steps.

Butterfly jelly nails

5. Super long jelly nails

For this jelly nail, color and creative design are no longer the most important. In short, the long nail length allows you to always get everyone’s attention and praise.

Super long jelly nails

6. Rainbow jelly nails

This design perfectly blends rainbow and jelly styles. Even for short nails, it has an extremely eye-catching appearance.

Rainbow jelly nails

7. Strawberry jelly nails

For strawberry lovers, this slender jelly nail will definitely make them drool. Strawberry patterns are mini stickers, so you can use and combine them flexibly.

Strawberry jelly nails

8. Gray-blue jelly nails

To create unique jelly nails, in addition to creative designs, you can also use special colors. This gray-blue color is one of the best examples.

Gray-blue jelly nails

9. Fruit theme jelly nails

Fruit is the most popular design theme in jelly nails, and the patterns on the nails can be realized by hand painting or stickers. However, don’t forget to match the best colors for the design.

Fruit theme jelly nails

10. Retro jelly nails

The neon tribal flame pattern makes this simple but shiny jelly nail look so retro and fashionable.

Retro jelly nails

11. Colorful jelly nails

Guess this jelly nail uses several colors. They are pink, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow. The talented manicurist makes them harmoniously blend together!

Colorful jelly nails

12. Black jelly nails

Despite the black jelly nail design, its clear appearance still makes people feel comfortable. It is worth mentioning that black is a classic and basic color, so you can wear this nail design all year round.

Black jelly nails

13. Red and pink jelly nails

Red and pink make this jelly nail look bold and soft. In other words, the appearance of nails is full of youthful vigor. This kind of visual perception is very contradictory, right? Perhaps this is its charm.

Red and pink jelly nails

14. Creative French jelly nails

I know that there are many designs for you to wear creative French nails, but this nail art that combines jelly art style is more worth trying.

Creative French jelly nails

15. Mixed jelly nails

The crystal clear jelly nails are perfectly blended with the classic design. This nail looks so special and full of charm.

Mixed jelly nails

16. Fun jelly short nails

Short jelly nails are not only cute but also fun. This design has multiple appearance effects, and the elegant waves are impressive.

Fun jelly short nails

17. Green jelly nails

Looking at this design! The green jelly is only on the nail tips, but the overall appearance is still eye-catching enough. In fact, extremely light green is a somewhat dangerous color, and we do not recommend excessive use of it. I mean, it is very suitable as a secondary color.

Green jelly nails

18. Floral jelly nails

Stunning design! Wearing this jelly nail, you can smell the fragrance of flowers and feel the romantic atmosphere at any time.

Floral jelly nails

19. Geometric jelly nails

Geometric sequins make this short jelly nail look cute and modern. This simple design method can incorporate more personalization.

Geometric jelly nails

20. Gradient jelly nails

This gradient jelly nail looks so delicious. In fact, the appearance of this nail is also the most common scene in our lives, that is the sunset!

Gradient jelly nails

21. Minimalist jelly nails

Even with a minimalist design, jelly nails can have a good appearance. Don’t underestimate this design, it is still eye-catching as an accent nail.

Minimalist jelly nails

22. Candy Jelly Nails

It is no exaggeration to say that this jelly nail design is a treasure for candy lovers.

Candy Jelly Nails

23. Gorgeous jelly nails

Pasting some small gold ornaments on the nails can create a gorgeous look for the jelly nails. Not only that, but the design also has a personal style.

Gorgeous jelly nails

24. Halloween jelly nails

Unlike traditional designs, Halloween jelly nails are obviously special. Wearing it will make you stand out at the party.

Halloween jelly nails

25. Purple jelly nails

Purple jelly nails are not only dreamy, beautiful, and delicious. What do you think of this design?

Purple jelly nails

26. Brown jelly nails

If you want to wear jelly nails in autumn and winter, I think a brown design with some gold leaf is one of the most suitable.

Brown jelly nails

27. Glass jelly nails

This jelly nail is full of culture and vintage. In my opinion, it is more of a work of art.

Glass jelly nails