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23 Lovely Panda Tattoo Designs

In fact, panda tattoos are definitely the choice of a few people. Because only lovers and protectors of this animal have sufficient and direct reasons to wear this type of tattoo. Of course, there are exceptions to everything. In any case, the cute panda is really hard to refuse.

A niche tattoo usually means a smaller number of designs, so it seems to be more difficult to get the best panda tattoo. But you don’t need to worry, we have already completed the collection and sorting for you. All you need to do is check them and get inspiration.

The history of pandas can be said to have a long history. Its ancestors appeared 2-3 million years ago. Animals of the same period have been extinct one after another, but it has always survived. Although the panda has a cute appearance, its amazing bite force cannot be ignored. In ancient Chinese mythology, the panda is Chi You’s mount. In other words, it also symbolizes power. 

1. Panda tattoo behind the ear

There is a naughty little panda behind your ears. Although it is difficult for you to see it at any time, this cute little thing will always be there. This tattoo will make you more personal.

Panda tattoo behind the ear
Source: instagram.com/mvtuszewski/

2. Sunflower and Panda Tattoo

The sunflower symbolizes a positive attitude towards life, and the cute panda warms our hearts. The combined design of these two elements complements each other.

Sunflower and Panda Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/newtattoo_studio/

3. Panda Warrior Tattoo

This design incorporates Japanese tattoo culture. The mighty panda wearing armor and holding a katana turned into a Japanese samurai. This panda tattoo is perfect for men.

Panda Warrior Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/dziedzic.tattoo/

4. Meaningful panda tattoo

Words or quotes can easily make panda tattoos meaningful. Through amazing creativity, the simple design will also be impressive.

Meaningful panda tattoos
Source: instagram.com/bandieracarla/

5. Panda and Coca-Cola tattoo

This chubby panda has an almost crazy obsession with Coca-Cola. The appearance of this tattoo is so interesting!

Panda and Coca-Cola tattoo
Source: instagram.com/qsl.tattoo/

6. Panda Astronaut Tattoo

Imagination is absolutely unlimited. If you like pandas and dream of becoming an astronaut, this tattoo is for you.

Panda Astronaut Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/bartektattoo/

7. Panda Bamboo Tattoo

As we all know, how important bamboo is to pandas. This tattoo has a simple design concept, but the appearance is rich.

Panda Bamboo Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/walnij_se_kreske_tattoo/

8. Geometric panda tattoo

The geometric panda with water chestnuts looks fashionable and avant-garde. If you are obsessed with modern minimalist style, how about this tattoo design?

Geometric panda tattoo
Source: instagram.com/wild_crane_tattoos_official/

9. Panda tattoo for family

The tattoo designs of the three pandas are for families or children. This design does not need to incorporate overly complex elements, the meaning it represents is the focus.

Panda tattoos for the family
Source: instagram.com/ink_by.m/
Panda tattoos for the family-2
Source: instagram.com/elysium.tattoo.shop/

10. Realistic panda tattoo

No matter how many times I admire this tattoo, these two pandas will always give me an illusion. The design has a lifelike appearance and is full of vitality.

Realistic panda tattoo
Source: instagram.com/jks.tatts/

11. Panda Galaxy Tattoo

This tattoo is beautiful and eye-catching. The blue-purple galaxy replaces the panda’s black hair.

Panda Galaxy Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/cyn.thia.xin/

12. Mr. Panda Tattoo

Both men and women can wear the panda tattoo. Most of the designs are neutral, while some are aimed at specific genders. For example, this Mr. Panda tattoo design is for men.

Mr. Panda Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/ikram.ink/

13. Panda face tattoo

Small-size tattoos usually mean losing some design details. If you want to take care of both at the same time, a panda face tattoo can meet your needs.

Panda face tattoo
Source: instagram.com/tutu_head/

14. Abstract panda tattoo

I know the full outline of this panda tattoo has appeared in your mind. In my opinion, this is the charm of abstract art.

Abstract panda tattoo
Source: instagram.com/jwjpeg/

15. Panda Color Sleeve Tattoo

High risk means high return. In the same way, sleeve tattoos and rich color matching are destined to give the design a stunning appearance. This design makes the panda look full of wild charm.

Panda Color Sleeve Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/davide.bolla_bubi/

16. Panda tattoo on hand

What a cute design! This little panda on your hand will accompany you anytime and anywhere. When you feel sad, take a look at it and your heavy heart will be relieved.

Panda tattoo on hand
Source: instagram.com/zenith_leydi/

17. Delicate panda tattoo

Pay attention to this design, do you see the looming white ink? It is this color that makes this panda tattoo more delicate.

Delicate panda tattoo
Source: instagram.com/tattoostudiobecause/

18. Watercolor panda tattoo

Watercolor makes panda tattoos gorgeous and has a unique feminine charm.

Watercolor panda tattoo
Source: instagram.com/koitattooil/

19. Cute panda tattoo

This cute panda tattoo is unique because the design describes an action, not a common facial expression.

Cute panda tattoo
Source: instagram.com/40.tatt/

20. Small Panda tattoo

This panda tattoo is small in size, but the design has rich elements (planet and stars). The designer intends to create a lovely scene.

Panda small tattoo
Source: instagram.com/nieun_tat2/

21. Panda and Butterfly Tattoo

The thin outline and black ink make the panda and the minimalist butterfly stand out. We agree that it is the best in this series.

Panda and Butterfly Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/kcpr.ttt/

22. Minimalist panda tattoo

This minimalist panda tattoo is interesting because it is designed to challenge people’s ability to associate. If you don’t explain it, people may mistake it for a bear. When you explain, people will be surprised again.

Minimalist panda tattoo
Source: instagram.com/bymosler/