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22 Trending Libra Tattoo Design Ideas

Libra is the embodiment of peace, harmony, and equality. No matter what they face, this sign is keen on the most balanced and optimal solution. So, when faced with choosing from hundreds of Libra tattoo designs, the discreet and cautious Libra can easily tire himself out.

You may repeatedly ask yourself, “Minimalist style or colorful art, large or small tattoo, should I get a tattoo on my wrist or my back?” With that in mind, we’ve decided what to do for Libras.

The rustic balance is a classic design, and the graceful and harmonious symbols are beloved. Of course, we also put together other most popular Libra tattoo ideas and designs that will make it easy for you to get the inspiration you need and ultimately make your ink sparkle.

1. Small Libra Tattoo

For women, small tattoos are always the best and most popular. This idea is one of the best solutions if you’re concerned that the ink isn’t compelling enough.

Small Libra Tattoo

2. Angel and Demon

Without demons, there are no angels, and vice versa. So a tattoo design that combines black and white wings together means eternal balance.

Angel and Demon Libra Tattoo

3. Line art

Line tattoos make the scales look soft and more feminine. Plus, this art style sometimes makes ink more mysterious, like this idea.

Line Libra Tattoo

4. Sun and Moon

The sun and moon represent day and night, good and evil. These things are in opposition to each other, but they restrict each other, so the meaning behind this tattoo is very deep and philosophical. Also, the sword replaces the scale as the main body of this design, and I think this ink will surely impress others.

Sun and Moon Libra Tattoo

5. Constellation and Moon

People like to combine the moon with the constellations, and there seems to be some mysterious and inseparable connection between them. In order to indicate that this is a Libra tattoo, it is necessary to add the corresponding zodiac sign to the design.

Constellation and Moon Libra Tattoo

6. Libra Symbol Tattoo

What does the best Libra symbol design look like for women? I think this idea is one of the most appropriate answers. Colorful and pastel designs make the ink look feminine. It’s an easy-to-copy idea, and if you want to incorporate a personal touch into the design, try using your favorite color combination.

Libra Symbol Tattoo

7. Libra Word Tattoo

Simple and beautiful word designs make it easy for anyone to get a zodiac tattoo that is unique to them. It is worth mentioning that fonts can express your personal style.

Libra Word Tattoo

8. Libra Tattoo For Women

Flower tattoos are loved by women and if they are combined with constellations, the end result is sure to be perfect. You may need an example to reference right? Well, this idea will get you excited. Seriously, this is the best design in this Libra tattoo guide.

Libra Tattoo For Women

9. Realistic

If you need a Libra tattoo that looks elegant and period, a realistic scale design may be what you need.

Realistic Libra Tattoo

10. behind the ear

People like to have a horoscope tattoo behind the ear as it is a status symbol. Usually, a simple symbol is the choice for most people, and if you want to make the ink look feminine, adding flowers to the design will do the trick.

Libra tattoo behind the ear

11. Whale Libra Tattoo

Personalized horoscope tattoos are one of the best designs. You can get it by combining your favorite things with the Libra element. Take this idea, for example, and it’s obvious that this lady is very fond of whales.

Whale Libra Tattoo

12. Geometric art

Looking for a Libra tattoo design that is as mysterious as black magic? Try the geometric style!

Geometric Libra Tattoo

13. On Arm

If you just put the Libra symbol on your arm, you might think it looks a little drab and you might need to decorate it to make it stunning. This idea is a good starting point.

Libra Tattoo On Arm

14. Unique

Such a unique symbol design, it seems to be a perfect connection between virtual and reality.

Unique Libra Tattoo

15. Libra Tattoo With Meaning

Libras seek and preach balance, so having the word “balance” as a tattoo is a very meaningful thing.

Libra Tattoo With Meaning

16. On the Back

A proper back tattoo can enhance femininity, and for Libra women, this design is worth considering replicating.

Libra Tattoo On the Back

17. Libra Star Tattoo

This design is very creative because it subtly expresses the meaning of balance through the dark and bright stars.

Libra Star Tattoo

18. Libra Tattoo With Flower

Undoubtedly, scale tattoos with flowers must be suitable for women. In addition to that, you can also add moon and sun to the design, which will make the ink look more interesting.

Libra Tattoo With Flower

19. Simple

For most people, simple tattoos are best. If the Libra symbol isn’t on your list, a horoscope chart might impress you. Of course, just like this idea, you can also add symbols to your designs.

Simple Zodiac Sign Libra Tattoo

20. Cute

The perfect fusion of symbols and hearts makes the design a sweet and lovely Libra tattoo.

Cute Libra Tattoo

21. Minimalist

Somehow, the simplified scale seems more attractive, don’t you think?

Minimalist Libra Tattoo

22. Libra Goddess Tattoo

size can fully bring out the Libra goddess, so inks like this are great to have on an arm or as a sleeve tattoo.

Libra Goddess Tattoo