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19 Stunning Scorpio tattoo Ideas

If you want to get a really personalized and beautiful tattoo, there are really not many options to choose from, I recommend you horoscope tattoos. If you happen to be a Scorpio, this guide is for you.

Passionate, mysterious and proud, Scorpio needs a different design, so we’ve prepared this list of ideas for you. Scorpion tattoos are one of the popular options and we share with you not only feminine thin line designs but also cool and striking black designs.

In addition, there are creative tattoos that combine Scorpio elements and personal attributes, such as designs with symbols, constellations, birthday flowers, moon, and stars. Whatever it is you need, the design ideas in this guide will reward you and make you proud of your Scorpio tattoo.

1. Scorpio Tattoo For Women

A scorpion with a rose tattoo looks dangerous and charming. Additionally, adding stars to the design gives the ink a sparkling effect. This is a tattoo design for women, so choosing a soft and simple thin line style is a smart decision.

Scorpio Goddess Tattoo

2. Elegant Scorpio Symbol Tattoo

If you want to get an elegant Scorpio symbol, then try to incorporate botanical tattoos into your design! This idea is a good example, and it is worth referencing and copying.

Elegant Scorpio Symbol Tattoo

3. Scorpio word tattoo

The font you choose can express your style. Honestly, this simple word tattoo is also a niche and characterful option.

Scorpio word tattoo

4. Scorpio Goddess Tattoo

The scorpion goddess looks mysterious and sexy. The artist made the design to relate to the horoscope so you can also see moon tattoos in this tattoo.

Scorpio Goddess Tattoo

5. Scorpio Tattoo With Flower

A design with a flower tattoo is undoubtedly gorgeous, especially when it is combined with the simple Scorpio symbol, the visual feel is even stronger.

Scorpio Tattoo With Flower

6. Line Scorpio Tattoo

The most representative and popular Scorpio pattern is the scorpion, the thick line design is more suitable for men, while the thin line design is more favored by women. Don’t forget that this is a zodiac sign related tattoo design, so adding a corresponding symbol or other iconic pattern to the ink may be a necessary thing.

Line Scorpio Tattoo

7. Dreamcatcher Scorpio Tattoo

This Scorpio design with a dream catcher tattoo is meant to express dispelling evil, praying for blessings and expressing personal identity. Other than that, it’s also a personal ink, as combinations like this are really rare.

Dreamcatcher Scorpio Tattoo

8. Constellation Scorpio Tattoo

If the symbol is not on your ink list but you still need a simple design, I would definitely recommend the zodiac scorpio tattoo to you.

Constellation Scorpio Tattoo

9. Small Scorpio Tattoo

This small scorpion looks more dangerous and striking, all thanks to red ink. Of course, it can also be pink, blue or any color you like, depending on your personal preference and style. Also, in addition to the calf, I think it’s also suitable for tattoos on the wrist or behind the ear.

Small Scorpio Tattoo

10. Red Scorpio Tattoo

If you think the last design idea is too striking, but you still need a red scorpion design, I think thin line art tattoos can satisfy you.

Red Scorpio Tattoo

11. Minimalist

I was very impressed with this minimalist tattoo, the design consists of three pattern elements, among them the scorpio symbol, the plant and the constellation diagram. What amazes me is that this is a small tattoo with intricate elements, but it maintains a minimalist look perfectly.

Minimalist Scorpio Tattoo

12. Geometric Scorpio Tattoo

The geometry makes the scorpion look cool and powerful, and despite the small size of this tattoo, it definitely catches the eye.

Geometric Scorpio Tattoo

13. on Finger

Constellation tattoos on fingers are such a cliché that I think almost everyone knows that only symbols are best for tattoos here. However, remember to use thick lines as much as possible, as finger tattoos are too easy to fade.

Scorpio Tattoo on Finger

14. Star and Moon

Not only are the stars and moon associated with the horoscope theme, but they can be a great way to enhance the femininity of your tattoo.

Star and Moon Scorpio Tattoo

15. Abstract art

It’s a slightly abstract design, from the right angle, it’s a scorpion, from another angle, it could be another pattern, so I think this ink is interesting.

Abstract Scorpio Tattoo

16. on Wrist

Scorpio tattoos on the wrist can be gorgeous, elegant, simple or intricate. Of course, for most people, there’s a good chance they’ll choose a small, somewhat striking symbol.

Scorpio Tattoo on Wrist

17. Colorful style

Colorful tattoos are full of energy and this style of design is perfect for women. It can be a gradient symbol or line scorpion if you like a minimalist style, or a constellation tattoo of multiple planets if you like anything that looks gorgeous.

Colorful Scorpio Tattoo

18. Moon Scorpio Tattoo

By using the moon tattoo as a backdrop for the constellations, your ink won’t be drab and boring.

Moon Scorpio Tattoo

19. on Arm

This is a tattoo design that mixes various Scorpio elements, you can see scorpions, flowers, stars, lines and some geometric patterns. Therefore, the size of this design is bound to be large, so it is best to be tattooed on the arm. Also, you can incorporate some personal elements, which can make it a half sleeve tattoo.

Scorpio tattoo on Arm