37 Extraordinary Lion Tattoo Designs

Lions are large in size, uniform in body, and have developed senses of sight, hearing, and smell. Because they are Africa’s top feline carnivore. Therefore, the lion has the title of the king of the grassland. Lions are social animals and share many similarities with human populations. This animal often appears in ancient myths. Moreover, some countries and regions have adopted the lion as a spiritual symbol or totem. All in all, these are the reasons why lion tattoo designs are enduring and beloved. And most importantly, the symbolism represented by the lion can easily resonate with the qualities people seek.

In fact, there is no set standard to define a tattoo design is good or bad. In other words, as long as it is suitable for your own design can be considered optimal. Before inking, you should listen to your heart and pick a design, not follow the trend. Check out some of the best designs to bring out the truest inner voice. If you agree with me. Well, the following designs are waiting for you to explore.

1. Gold Lion Tattoo

The image of a lion, as the king of the jungle, has been associated with strength, courage, and leadership. These characteristics make it a popular choice for people who want to display their own sense of power and authority. 

Gold Lion Tattoo

The gold coloring of the tattoo adds an extra level of symbolism, representing wealth and prosperity. This combination of strength and wealth makes the Gold Lion Tattoo a popular choice for both men and women.