37 Extraordinary Lion Tattoo Designs

Lions are large in size, uniform in body, and have developed senses of sight, hearing, and smell. Because they are Africa’s top feline carnivore. Therefore, the lion has the title of the king of the grassland. Lions are social animals and share many similarities with human populations. This animal often appears in ancient myths. Moreover, some countries and regions have adopted the lion as a spiritual symbol or totem. All in all, these are the reasons why lion tattoo designs are enduring and beloved. And most importantly, the symbolism represented by the lion can easily resonate with the qualities people seek.

In fact, there is no set standard to define a tattoo design is good or bad. In other words, as long as it is suitable for your own design can be considered optimal. Before inking, you should listen to your heart and pick a design, not follow the trend. Check out some of the best designs to bring out the truest inner voice. If you agree with me. Well, the following designs are waiting for you to explore.

37. Gold Lion Tattoo

Gold Lion Tattoo

The golden mask adds a sense of sanctity to this majestic lion, and it will overcome all odds like a battle-hardened warrior. The orange-yellow lion eye in the tattoo design is striking. Moreover, it will also give people a deep impression.

36. Tribal Lion Tattoo

Tribal Lion Tattoo

The ancient tribal symbol has a loyal following. If you happen to be in it too. Then, this lion tattoo design is yours.

35. Black-white lion sleeve tattoo

Black and white lion sleeve tattoo

A stunning lion sleeve tattoo needs no overdesign. In other words, black and white color combinations are more suitable than colorful ones. In addition, the white lion eyes in this design are so captivating, they perfectly show the majestic temperament.

34. Portrait and lion tattoo

Portrait and lion tattoo

This tattoo design closely connects the meaning of the lion with the person. I guess this lion tattoo that is both creative and deep meaning must be loved by most people.

33. Minimalist Thin Line Lion Tattoo

Minimalist Thin Line Lion Tattoo

Minimalist thin line lion tattoo designs are perfect for women to wear. Although, the majesty is somewhat diminished. However, the elegance is enhanced. This lion looks so handsome. Because its hair is blowing with the wind.

32. Lion tattoo on hand

Lion tattoo on hand

If you want to show off your lion tattoo. Meanwhile, enhance your personal charm. In my opinion, the roaring lion should be on hand.

31. Mixed Style Lion Tattoo

Mixed Style Lion Tattoo

This mixed realistic and geometric lion tattoo design gives people a feeling from the present to the future. Visually, this tattoo looks intriguing.

30. Maternal Love Lion Tattoo

Maternal Love Lion Tattoo

A motherly love lion tattoo means protection and remembrance. Undoubtedly, this mom tattoo design for kids is great. Plants and flowers in a design may have a special meaning, or they may just be decorative accents.

29. Constellation Lion Tattoo

Constellation Lion Tattoo

If you try to create a personalized lion tattoo design. Well, you will find that the whole process is not easy. Because the powerful lion makes the pattern with personal style less conspicuous. However, some elements and symbols are not affected. For example, horoscopes, quotes, numbers.

28. Tarot Lion Tattoo

Tarot Lion Tattoo

The symbolism of the tarot lion tattoo has many interpretations, and some of these meanings are somewhat contradictory. In-depth interpretation is enlightenment, spirit, the most primitive passion, and desire. With the change of the wearer’s mentality, the meaning of this tattoo will change correspondingly.

27. Geometric Lion Tattoo

Geometric Lion Tattoo

This geometric lion tattoo design looks original yet modern. The staggered rectangles and lines make the overall look digital.

26. Lion Watercolor Tattoo

Lion Watercolor Tattoo

Colorful watercolor design is feminine. Also, this art style perfectly matches and resonates with women. As for the eye-catching, take a look at this lion tattoo, and you will be amazed at how well it looks.

25. Mandala Lion Tattoo

Mandala Lion Tattoo

This mandala lion tattoo design is remarkable. Because the combination of the two is very thorough, not just simply splicing together. This tattoo symbolizes a powerful and indestructible spiritual force.

24. Lion Queen Tattoo

Lion Queen Tattoo

This lion tattoo symbolizes girl power and women’s rights. Also, the combination of lioness and crown looks so noble. In terms of gorgeous appearance alone, it will make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

23. Lion Quote Tattoo

Lion Quote Tattoo

Quotes make the meaning of a lion tattoo clear and understandable, or tightly connected with something.

22. Personalized Lion Tattoo

Personalized Lion Tattoo

This personalized lion tattoo design may be difficult for others to decipher. However, it means a lot to the wearer. This unconventional custom design costs a lot of money. Of course, it’s obviously worth it for someone who wants to express a personal style.

21. Sketch Lion Tattoo

Sketch Lion Tattoo

Sketching is common, but tattoos designed through this artistic style are rare. For that alone, this lion tattoo is definitely unique and special.

20. Compass and Lion Tattoo

Compass and Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo combined with a compass and a nautical chart symbolizes the wearer’s determination to never give up until the goal is achieved.

19. Lion statue tattoo

Lion statue tattoo

Stones are harder than mortal bodies. So, a lion statue tattoo symbolizes indestructible willpower and quality. In eastern countries, the stone lion means praying for blessings and driving away evil.

18. Realistic Lion Head Tattoo

Realistic Lion Head Tattoo

Don’t underestimate this realistic little lion head tattoo, it is more difficult and complicated to make than the minimalist sleeve tattoo. The delicate lion head hairs in this design are impressive and they bring the tattoo to life.

17. Butterfly Lion Tattoo

Butterfly Lion Tattoo

I personally admire the artist who designed this tattoo, his creativity makes the butterfly and lion harmoniously combined. It is worth mentioning that this tattoo is full of femininity.

16. Sweet lion small tattoo

Sweet lion small tattoo

Such a sweet and lovely colorful small lion tattoo design will melt everyone’s heart. Also, the minimalistic stars in the design give the overall look a sparkling effect.

15. Lioness Tattoo

Lioness Tattoo

Without a doubt, the roaring lioness tattoo is one of the most classic designs for women. If you also want to make the design look elegant. Then, incorporate black ink flowers or plants for the design. Also, the color combination can give the tattoo a gorgeous atmosphere.

14. Lion and Moon Phase Tattoo

Lion and Moon Phase Tattoo

The popular moon phase pattern lends a layer of mystery to lion tattoos. Moreover, the design has also been geometric and abstracted to enhance the mysterious atmosphere.

13. Lion black thick line tattoo

Lion black thick line tattoo

Thin line outline lion tattoo is not enough conspicuous? Well, please try black thick lines! This design draws on a bit of blackwork style.

12. Lion Couple Tattoo

Lion Couple Tattoo

This beautiful couple tattoo design consists of a half realistic male lion and a lioness. There is a big promise in the minimalist design, and it will show off an enviable love to all.

11. Baby Lion Tattoo

Baby Lion Tattoo

A baby lion tattoo design symbolizes what parents expect from their children. They want their children to thrive like lion cubs.

10. Natural Lion Tattoo

Natural Lion Tattoo

Thanks to flowers, plants, and black ink. When you see this lion face tattoo design, I think you will feel a natural and elegant vibe from it.

9. Wolf and Lion Tattoo

Wolf and Lion Tattoo

The combination of lion and wolf tattoo design aims to combine different symbolic meanings into one. Delicate long swords in the design act as connections and smooth transitions.

8. Burning Lion Tattoo

Burning Lion Tattoo

The burning lion was reborn from the ashes. Hence, this tattoo design commemorates the difficult victory. The fine shadow details make the tattoo look so perfect and cool.

7. Lion Bracelet Tattoo

Lion Bracelet Tattoo

A lion bracelet tattoo made of special symbols is a unique personal logo. The mighty lion will ward off all evil for the wearer.

6. Lion Flower Tattoo

Lion Flower Tattoo

What are the best lion tattoo designs for women? In my opinion, besides lioness tattoos, designs with flowers are also recommended.

5. Lion Ring Tattoo

Lion Ring Tattoo

For those who worship the lion, this ring tattoo is great jewelry to adorn the fingers. Moreover, this design makes everyone feel the wild breath from this animal.

4. Cross Lion Tattoo

Cross Lion Tattoo

This cross lion tattoo design looks sacred and majestic, it symbolizes force and mercy.

3. Family Lion Tattoo

Family Lion Tattoo

The family lion tattoo doesn’t need any fancy embellishment designs. In my opinion, this basic style is the best. This tattoo symbolizes protection, solidarity, and a close relationship.

2. Lion King tattoo

Lion King tattoo

I bet the lion king tattoo will make every man excited right away. This tattoo symbolizes supremacy and inviolable kingship.

1. Lion Eye Lightning Tattoo

Lion Eye Lightning Tattoo

This creative and cool tattoo design has not lost its meaning. Specifically, lightning symbolizes power. Also, lion eyes staring into the crowd represent majesty, and they can be frightening.