20 Most Brilliant Watercolor Nail Art Designs

The watercolor style is widely used. For example, costume design, tattoo art. Of course, there is also the watercolor nail design we are talking about. In contrast, this chic style is only sought after by a few people. Fortunately, nail design styles are still massive. In other words, it may take a lot of time and energy for one person to find a suitable design. We have a keen sense of fashion trends. For now, you can skip this step and check our results directly.

Please allow me to make some assumptions to guide you to the style you want. For the wedding, white watercolor nails will win the whole game. If you often shuttle between different places. For example, from the office to the party. The minimalist and subtle styles belong to you. Do you need something that looks special? Bubble watercolor nails may capture your heart. Because the design incorporates an abstract style. There are too many things to say, but I would like to tell you in detail through the following design.

1. Abstract bubble watercolor nails

Abstract watercolor bubble nails

Bubble watercolor nails are beautiful and abstract designs. If you are concerned about the eye-catching nature of your nails. Then, gold foil paper or a bright palette will dispel your doubts. The core of this nail design is all about randomness. So, please let your imagination and creativity go.

2. White watercolor nails

White watercolor nails

The sparkling white watercolor nail design looks like expensive and rare deep-sea pearls. Off-topic, I think this design is very suitable for wedding nails.

3. Watercolor gray nails

Watercolor gray nails

Gray watercolor is destined to be the choice of a few people. If you want to create a gorgeous look for this low-key color. In my opinion, silver foil paper is the most ideal ornament. Because gold may make gray-toned designs look a little cheesy.

4. Warm pink watercolor nails

Warm pink watercolor nails

In order to create a rich look, this watercolor nail design applies a gradient pink. Needless to say, this nail will make you feel warm in cold weather. In addition, wearing it in the hot season will enliven the mood.

5. Matte rainbow watercolor nails

Matte rainbow watercolor nails

This rainbow watercolor nail is very interesting and magical. Because the matte style is essential to reduce the brightness of the color and keep a low profile. However, this design looks brighter. Please compare with other related designs, and you will understand what I am talking about.

6. Fun blue watercolor nails

Fun blue watercolor nails

This blue watercolor nail design is inspired by the popular paint splatter art. It is worth mentioning that the classic nude nail primer makes the blue more eye-catching. This combination of colors with a strong impact is worth trying.

7. Creative pastel watercolor nails

Creative pastel watercolor nails

It is not surprising that pastel watercolor nails appear in this series. Because this is the most classic style. However, I think everyone needs a unique design to completely refresh the appearance of nails. Therefore, I must share this creative but simple design with you.

8. Watercolor flower nails

Watercolor flower nails

Wearing bright flower nails to step into the warm spring is a happy and pleasant thing. Not only that, the soft watercolor art design greatly increases your charm.

9. Blue and gold watercolor nails

Blue and gold watercolor nails

Gold and blue are the best and conspicuous color combinations in watercolor art. This creative nail design looks like dreamy waves. Therefore, it is very suitable for wearing in summer.

10. Watercolor hand-painted nails

Watercolor hand painted nails

What is your favorite pattern or element? Please try to paint the nails with watercolors. This design approach makes your nails an impressive gallery.

11. Watercolor galaxy nails

Watercolor galaxy nails

The best galaxy nail designs must have vivid night sky backgrounds. As shown above, the performance of watercolor art is very awesome. Then, the seemingly messy pieces of gold foil paper are twinkling stars.

12. Yellow watercolor nails

Yellow watercolor nails

It is no exaggeration that I have checked countless yellow nail designs. Some are bright, others are low-key. However, this watercolor nail design has both. In other words, it appears bright and soft.

13. Watercolor half moon nails

Watercolor half moon nails

This nail is a fusion design of modern and watercolor style. In addition, the lovely hand-painted plants and flower patterns make us feel ample vitality.

14. Watercolor red nails

Watercolor red nails

This watercolor red nail looks strong and powerful. Compared with other nails of the same color, this design is full of artistic flavor.

15. Cool watercolor marble nails

Cool watercolor marble nails

This watercolor marble nail design gave me explosive inspiration. Sometimes, it is difficult and complicated to cleverly change the overall effect of a design. However, it did it using only two thick black lines.

16. Cute colorful watercolor nails

Cute colorful watercolor nails

Designing watercolor nails is a creative process. Put them on your nails if you like them. Therefore, this is why this nail design looks cute and has a personal style.

17. Green watercolor nails

Green watercolor nails

Watercolor green nails that are as delicate as gems are natural and expensive jewelry. In my opinion, adding other elements or accessories to the design is redundant.

18. Minimalist watercolor nails

Minimalist watercolor nails

Minimalist and subtle watercolor nails can allow you to travel through many different scenes and locations at will. Thanks to the gold foil paper, the design is not dim.

19. Watercolor brown nails

Watercolor brown nails

If you are looking for the best autumn watercolor nail colors. I think brown is the wisest choice. This rustic wood tone will give you a warm feel.

20. Elegant watercolor nails

Elegant watercolor nails

If there is only one flower or plant made by watercolor art on the nails. Then, you will feel a strong elegance in the design. The reason cannot be traced back, but I believe that almost everyone feels the same.