37 Pretty Outdoor Decor Ideas for Backyards and Patios

Spring and summer are the best seasons to start a beautiful outdoor life. Bright sunshine and warm weather allow you to carry out more interesting outdoor activities. Such as holding a small barbecue party, outdoor yoga, and meditation. The cold winter traps us in closed rooms, and the summer can make your home more space. It’s time to move to the backyard or patio! In my opinion, it is necessary to re-decorate these areas to give them a new look. You can update the details or completely renovate your outdoor space from scratch. These are good starting points.

We have prepared some ideas for you that will help you get started comfortably. From subtle string lights to charming flowers, from an outdoor second living room to creating eye-catching focal points. No matter which method you choose, the cost is always controllable. Of course, if you plan to completely update the appearance, these decorative designs can be fully and thoroughly utilized. Check these ideas carefully and pick the best design that can be integrated into your patio or terrace. It must be beautiful and impressive. Without further ado, let’s start!

1. bathtub flower pot

bathtub flower pot

Astonishing creativity, planting flowers in a retro uniquely galvanized bathtub. This design scheme creates a striking focal point for the backyard decoration. I believe it will be impressive.

2. Hammock


Enjoy the afternoon in a romantic and comfortable hammock. Reading a book or just taking a nap, everything is so perfect.

3. Elegant accent wall

Elegant accent wall

Natural plants create an elegant backdrop for the small outdoor living room. If you want to incorporate a gorgeous atmosphere into it, try adding some beautiful flowers to the wall. If you need to make it eye-catching, brightly colored flowers are ideal. Or do you want to enhance the elegant appearance again? Then please look for some white flowers.

4. Attractive outdoor decoration

Attractive outdoor decoration

Whether it is home decoration or outdoor decoration, blue is the best color to add charm to the appearance.

5. Barbecue area

Barbecue area

Beautiful appearance and practical area design can coexist. Simple decoration with string lights can make the outdoor barbecue area “shiny.”

6. Grid plant wall

Grid plant wall

This idea provides us with good inspiration. Whether it is used to decorate the corner of the backyard or a small terrace, it can be easily competent. Show off your mini plants with a modern and minimalist design.

7. Deck backyard living room

Deck backyard living room

The raised deck design makes the second living room the protagonist of the backyard.

8. Easy and simple

Easy and simple

Such a decorative design is both beautiful and practical. You can directly move these soft recliners to free up more space for activities.

9. Gardener decoration

Gardener decoration

Have flowers become a part of your life? Then please decorate a beautiful workbench to show others your second “career.”

10. Floating sofa

Floating sofa

To be honest, this may not be a very creative design. But this kind of sofa suspended in the air can really make the backyard look fun.

11. Outdoor private cinema

Outdoor private cinema

Perfect bohemian backyard decoration! Paper lanterns create a romantic atmosphere, not only that this private cinema has multiple areas and a comfortable hammock. The neutral color combination makes the appearance elegant and warm. Spend an unforgettable summer movie night with family and friends here.

12. Black outdoor decoration

Black outdoor decoration

The black decorative design can create an excellent appearance. We must be cautious when incorporating this color into room decoration. However, we can safely use it outdoors. There is no need to worry that it will cause a dull appearance because the colors from the environment can neutralize it well.

13. Poolside


The stylish and simple outdoor living room can add color to your swimming pool. With an elegant appearance and excellent practicality, enjoy a beautiful summer here.

14.Modern summer house

Modern Summer House

A modern summer house can give your backyard a new look. The simple and elegant decoration design is eye-catching enough. This is definitely a good place for you to have breakfast and afternoon tea in warm weather.

15.Mini forest


The backyard full of greenery is the epitome of the forest. This decorative design reminds me of fairy tales and mysterious wonderland. However, you may need to spend a lot of time caring for these plants to ensure that they are always in the best condition.

16.Wooden flower box

Wooden flower box

Arbitrarily placing charming flowers can make the appearance of the outdoor space more natural and relaxing. However, if you are obsessed with orderly appearance, this idea may inspire you. Not only that, but such a decorative design can also provide some uniqueness.

17. Rocking chair

Rocking chair

In my opinion, rocking chairs may be the most cost-effective product for decorating outdoor spaces. Whether it is arranged in the backyard or terrace, it can enhance the overall aesthetics. Undoubtedly, this is a fun piece of furniture, and any decoration scheme can benefit from it.

18. Outdoor bathroom

Outdoor bathroom

Incredible creativity! Soak in the outdoor bathtub and sip a homemade cocktail. You can always feel refreshing even in the hottest weather.

19. The perfect terrace

The perfect terrace

Although there is no unique and eye-catching design, the appearance of this small terrace looks just right. Thanks to the rattan furniture and the balanced color matching, people can relax in such a space involuntarily. The boho style is suitable for decoration in almost any area.

20. Creative candles

Creative candles

Creative candle decorations and string lights can create a subtle night atmosphere. However, it can also incorporate a more original and retro style into your outdoor space.

21. Window flower box

Window flower box

Easy but gorgeous flower boxes make the appearance of monotonous windows unique. This is an easy-to-implement decoration method. It can be easily copied to any place, and it is easy to maintain.

22. Creative floor tiles

Creative floor tiles

If you plan to decorate your outdoor space from scratch, the unique floor tile decoration is a good starting point. The black pebbles give the backyard a touch of luxury, and it also incorporates coastal flair into the exterior effect.

23. Side table decoration

Side table decoration

The side table will help you create an eye-catching decorative appearance and effectively organize the space. Of course, if you want to add some personal style decoration, it can also meet your needs.

24. Boho style

Boho Style

Comfortable rattan chairs and eye-catching screens are clever techniques for creating boho’s second living room. The hay decoration with gold lacquered vases once again light up the theme. Exquisite carpet can make the appearance effect more colorful. However, you still need to make sure that the color match is neutral.

25. Subtle lighting

Subtle lighting

Outdoor decoration should have a romantic atmosphere at night, which is the key to creating a perfect space. Light strings may be the most simplistic and most easy-to-use decorative items to create this effect. You can use it in these areas: eaves, eye-catching designs, rocking chairs, hammocks, and even use it as a screen.

26. Regional Division

Regional Division

The spacious outdoor space has two basic regional division schemes. The first is to integrate the whole into one, which will make the appearance look more uniform. The second is to divide a clear area through design to make the decoration and layout of the backyard more orderly. The final effect of each scheme is excellent, and you can choose according to your own preferences.

27. Courtyard corner decoration

Courtyard corner decoration

Although the outdoors is an open space, there are still many corners for us to decorate and design. Such an area is easier to achieve a striking appearance or to add another unique style.

28. original


If you want to create a rustic and original backyard look, please use stone furniture and decorations (stone tables and chairs, retro floor tiles, etc.).

29. Tray set

Tray set

The durable wooden pallet furniture set is the best choice for creating rustic outdoor spaces. Not only that, this kind of furniture is cheap and allows you to do DIY design. For example: paint it with a more unique color.

30. Layered floral shelf

Layered floral shelf

Layered shelves help you to gather mini flowers and plants together. And it is also one of the best products for corner decoration.

31. A touch of purple

A touch of purple

Add some purple to the outdoor decoration design to give your backyard or terrace a dreamy appearance.

32. Add green

Add green

Although outdoor plants can provide green, we can still apply this color to a large area again. This decorative design makes the outdoor appearance closer to nature. It is worth mentioning that this idea has an academic style. It looks classic and elegant.

33. Swing


Which one do you prefer, swing or rocking chair? Or you can use both to decorate outdoor spaces, you can get unlimited fun.

34. Surrounded by plants

Surrounded by plants

If the conditions are met, please do not plant large plants in pots. Like this idea, healthy green can come into your eyes at any time.

35. Outdoor second living room

Outdoor second living room

Decorating your second living room in the backyard is the most worthwhile and exciting thing. Or are you not satisfied with only one? Then please divide the area to create multiple small outdoor living rooms. The decorative design of this idea is precisely that.

36. Mini tent

Mini tent

You can go on an adventure in the wild at any time, even in the backyard. A mini tent will meet all your needs.

37. Colorful


Amazing effect! Any unique and creative small decoration design may be unnecessary. Because the color matching makes the overall appearance attractive enough.