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32 Attractive Rainbow Nail Designs

Wearing rainbow nails can make you fully feel the summer atmosphere. The bright and eye-catching appearance has made it one of the most popular styles. It is a fun and popular nail trend. If you are tired of single colors, you should not miss it this summer!

This color combination has good applicability and can match almost any nail design and length perfectly. All kinds of colors make you obsessed? Or do you want to show your personal style through the appearance of your nails? There is no doubt that it will never let you down.

Rainbow nails

Simply apply the correct color combination to your nails, and you can get classic styles. Please don’t underestimate the charm of rainbow colors! Although it is a minimalist design, it is enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

You can also choose attractive patterns, animal prints, and retro popular symbols to incorporate rainbow nails. Such a design is bound to be unique, and it can fully meet your needs for expressing individuality. If you want to wear modern and fashionable rainbow nails, designs with geometric elements, lines, stripes, and dots are worth trying.

Thanks to the creativity of the artists, the available appearance styles of this nail may be unlimited. Many designs give people gorgeous and dreamy effects as simple as blowing off dust. Other rainbow nails can show elegance and softness very well. In my opinion, it is suitable for anyone. Among the many styles, you can definitely get the one that satisfies you the most.

1. Jelly Rainbow Nails

Jelly Rainbow Nails

The bright color and the excellent combination of jelly nails further enhance the original “delicious” appearance. There are two colors on each nail, and they are related, so the design is both fun and creative.

The design of this nail also has a sparkling look. It has unparalleled eye-catching, and the person who wears it is destined to stand out from the crowd.

Based on this idea, you can also make some design changes that express your personality. You can try to change to another color combination you like. Or just add one color to each nail and add some cute patterns.

2. Floral rainbow nails

Floral rainbow nails

If we do not look closely, we may miss these delicate and charming small flowers. Its design is inspired by traditional French nails, summer floral nails, and rainbow styles. Elegance is its basic style, and the creative design creates an eye-catching appearance.

You may think that this design does not have the traditional “rainbow style.” However, I have to say that it is still a good starting point. Try to change other colors for the white petals, and re-match the colors. You can easily make the appearance look new.

3. Cloud Rainbow Nails

Cloud Rainbow Nails

Clouds and neon colors create an impressive contour effect. The nude color is a symbol of elegance, and blue nail tips add charm to the wearer.

This rainbow nail design is a modern minimalist style. However, through careful observation, you will find its exquisite and ingenious design details.

4. Line rainbow nails

Line rainbow nails

You can use lines to create almost any pattern! The only limit may be imagination.

Line design can naturally give people a modern minimalist visual effect, and it can also create a “magic” appearance. The appearance of this nail is like a whirlpool, which deeply attracts people’s attention.

5. Pastel rainbow nails

Pastel rainbow nails

Rainbow nails can be divided into color combinations and theme design elements. If you want to create an attractive appearance, please choose a classic color matching. If you need to create pastel nail designs, an iconic rainbow pattern is an ideal choice.

Not only that, but you can also add rich colors to the design like this idea. However, you need to choose a color with lower brightness.

6. Silver Rainbow Nails

Silver Rainbow Nails

Both silver and gold are colors that symbolize “nobleness.” Such a color on the nails can make you infinitely attractive.

When I saw this idea, I realized that wearing silver rainbow nails is never difficult. Only need some colorful patterns can be easily achieved, and you can also incorporate personal style.

The idea used mini stickers to create such a fun look.

7. Animal print rainbow nails

Animal print rainbow nails

Animal prints are fascinating. Are you a fan of this design style? If the answer is yes, you should try its nail design that blends perfectly with rainbow colors.

This nail adds some fun to the original wild elements and makes its appearance more attractive.

8. Ombre rainbow nails

Ombre rainbow nails

The hot trend of Ombre nails is beyond doubt. Few people can refuse this dreamy look, so rainbow colors will not miss it.

Now such a design is right in front of our eyes, it does not let the ombre style lose its original charm, and we also have an active “little rainbow.”

9. Galaxy Rainbow Nails

Galaxy Rainbow Nails

Thanks to the rapid development of modern nail art, new and distinctive designs come into view every day.

Rainbow nails are both a stylish color match and a style at the same time. What we need is the same visual effect, so colors should not limit your extraordinary creativity.

This idea draws inspiration from the rainbow style, using exquisite golden celestial stickers to create this unbelievable nail. It is conceivable that this design can be perfectly matched regardless of the length.

10. Negative space rainbow nails

Negative space rainbow nails

Long nails may cause inconvenience to daily life, so a shorter size seems to be the only option. The design of short nails is also rich, but most of the styles are cute or simplistic.

Many people may be tired of these basic styles. People are looking for a modern and chic short nail look. I think negative space design can be satisfying.

When we incorporate the rainbow into it, the negative space nails have another special appearance, which looks full of summer fun.

11. Rainbow nails with black

Rainbow nails with black

Gorgeous rainbow nails can also be cool, and classic black is one of the most worth trying colors to create this look. Just applying rainbow colors for design is already good. If you add some unique patterns, they can meet your individual needs.

In fact, nails with black primer will never go out of style. It can create a retro style when mixed with bright colors. And contrasting colors will produce a strong visual experience, which can further activate bright colors.

12. French short rainbow nails

French short rainbow nails

Timeless and classic French manicure has incredible charm! You may not believe that some people wear it all year round.

French style is a great starting point for designing elegant rainbow nails. It can perfectly embrace the rainbow colors, and the tip of the nail is the preferred area for creativity.

You can choose a single line to ensure the simplicity of the appearance. Or try multiple lines and match them with different colors to make the effect pleasing.

13. Sparkling rainbow nails

Sparkling rainbow nails

This rainbow nail has a chrome style, so it has a luxurious and eye-catching effect. The rainbow colors make it look like a delicious summer candy.

If all nails have the same style, the design may be bland. Therefore, the nail artist created another matte texture look for it.

Guess! What do I think of when I see this design? That is powdered sugar.

14. Striped rainbow nails

Striped rainbow nails

The rainbow colors dance between the lines, like beautiful notes, and the nails sing cheerful and relaxing music. The appearance of this nail reminds me of the fun of childhood. Wear this design can make you happy all day.

Although this nail looks “rich,” it is definitely easy and pleasant to make. In other words, you can do it yourself at home.

This idea still has room for creativity again, and the easiest way is to change the color matching scheme. You can also try to change the direction of the line, such as vertical or oblique.

15. Plaid rainbow nails

Plaid rainbow nails

This idea is different from the appearance of the previous nail, but the design concept is indeed similar.

In my opinion, they are all a way of combining or structuring colors. The first method uses lines, the other uses geometric elements.

If you are interested in such a design approach, I suggest you save both ideas so that you can try the other at any time.

16. Smiley Rainbow Nails

Smiley Rainbow Nails

The cute smiling face can remind you to face life positively at any time. This is a delightful pattern! When people see it, their faces are bound to be full of smiles.

Take a look at the popular rainbow nail pictures on Instagram, and you will know that they are the best partners. Thousands of similar designs are about to overflow the phone screen.

17. Simple rainbow nails

Simple rainbow nails

This nail design is stylish and versatile, it is suitable for almost all scenes. From the daily home to the office, from the coffee shop to the party, it has outstanding performance.

This design is also in line with the concept of less is more, so in my opinion, it will never be out of date. Not only that, the nail artist also added purple hearts to the two nails to create a lovely atmosphere.

18. Geometric rainbow nails

Geometric rainbow nails

Another way to make rainbow nails fun is to use geometric elements. The more you use the same graphics, the more colors you can add.

Although this nail looks stylish and concise, there are still some little challenges in designing it. You need to be proficient in color matching and coloring positions.

19. Watercolor rainbow nails

Watercolor rainbow nails

The more feminine watercolor style is niche. You can incorporate this style into rainbow nails to create another soft look. Now, you have one more option.

20. Heart rainbow nails

Heart rainbow nails

Smiley faces and weird retro patterns fascinate you. Take a look at this rainbow heart nail. Can it make you excited again?

21. Rainbow nails with white

Rainbow nails with white

It feels good to be eye-catching, but everyone has a different acceptance of this feeling. Just like some people like dramatic design, while others prefer low-key and elegant.

Black can make rainbow colors more conspicuous, while white is the opposite. It can neutralize some of this visual perception and make the appearance of rainbow nails look more natural.

22. Neon Rainbow Nails

Neon Rainbow Nails

Yes, bright colors also have many styles. Some are eye-catching or pastel, while others can sparkle just by color without any modification.

The color style of this rainbow nail is the last one. It is popular ​neon. At the same time, this type of color is also very easy to create a wild and romantic atmosphere.

If you are looking for the boldest rainbow nails, this neon style may be the most recommended.

23. Mixed rainbow nails

Mixed rainbow nails

Rainbow nails are one of your ideal ways to show your personality, so their appearance can be without reference to popular design styles or patterns.

Color combinations and pattern symbols that can express your personal style are the most important things to create a nail design. Finally, they are perfectly combined in a way that resonates with you.

24. Trendy rainbow nails

Trendy rainbow nails

This nail may not be perfectly described in words, but I know it must be a design at the forefront of fashion. Exquisite appearance, perfect color matching and give people a comfortable visual effect.

25. Fun rainbow nails

Fun rainbow nails

Perhaps we should forget all nail styles and only incorporate our favorite things into the design.

Do you need an elegant appearance? Please add some French style to the design. Want to make it shinier? The holographic suit can help you! Don’t forget its design theme. So please make sure the appearance is colorful. Need some fun in the end? Wave elements are a great choice. Of course, you also have smiley faces and popular patterns.

26. Neutral rainbow nails

Neutral rainbow nails

Any neutral style nail design is worthy of careful appreciation. Whether it is a design starting from bright or dark colors, it is definitely not an easy task to create a perfectly balanced appearance.

This nail may not be the most popular design, but it can give us a lot of enlightening inspiration. The most direct and useful are the color matching, brightness, and purity control.

27. Clear rainbow nails

Clear rainbow nails

Nail designs that look clear are usually minimalist styles. Wearing these rainbow nails allows you to feel the lively atmosphere of summer while gaining a hint of coolness.

28. Gradient rainbow nails

Gradient rainbow nails

The gradual effect of using a full dry brush can create another distinctive visual experience. I believe it is different from any gradient nail you know.

Also to create an interesting atmosphere, this nail artist added some simple five-pointed stars to the design to express her personal preferences.

29. Matte rainbow nails

Matte rainbow nails

Sparkling rainbow nails are the mainstream design, so for some people who are very concerned about personalization and niche people, a design with a matte effect may be the ideal choice.

30. Elegant almond rainbow nails

Elegant almond rainbow nails

French nails symbolize elegance, but it may be boring to paint only the tips of the nails. This design is worth trying. It is very creative, using fine rainbow lines to outline delicate nail contours.

31. Abstract art rainbow nails

Abstract art rainbow nails

The patterns created by abstract art can always easily arouse people’s curiosity. When it blends perfectly with rainbow colors, even short nail designs are eye-catching enough.

32. Flame Rainbow Nails

Flame Rainbow Nails

The lively rainbow colors and flame complement each other, and this nail design will ignite the passion of summer.