31 Appealing Collarbone Tattoo Ideas

Collarbone tattoos are impressive and eye-catching. This trend is always hot, and many celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez have joined them. Inking on this area, no matter the size, style, or color of the design, it looks exquisite! At the same time, are you looking for a tattoo area that can double the charm? The collarbone is one of the most worthy of consideration. So you now have a good reason.

Tattooing on the collarbone may cause more pain. Although this is an indisputable fact, this reason has not hindered its popularity. Take a look at the final appearance effect! You will know it is worth it. The tattoo on this area may always be visible, so you need to think carefully and understand what you really want before finalizing the design.

Small collarbone tattoos may be the best starting point for 90% of people. I mean, a smaller size tattoo can cover it with a brand new design. On the contrary, if you want to modify a large-size tattoo, the difficulty may increase exponentially. To make the process and results as perfect as possible, we have carefully collected some ideas for you. From elegant plants to charming flowers, from trendy galaxies to minimalist small tattoos. Find the collarbone tattoo that excites you among these designs!

1. Fox collarbone tattoo

Fox collarbone tattooPin

The little orange fox on the collarbone is fun and full of energy. The origami style makes this relative niche element more unique. It has many meanings but usually represents happiness and prosperity. Not only that, but the fox is also a more feminine image.

2. Galaxy collarbone tattoo

Galaxy collarbone tattooPin

Stunning appearance, purple ink makes this design dreamy and beautiful. This galaxy tattoo also incorporates some flowers, so the feminine temperament is also added to it.

3. Mountain collarbone tattoo

Mountain collarbone tattooPin

If you are a travel lover, and you are also a tattoo lover. I guess you will not be unfamiliar with mountain tattoos. It can also represent a destination that has special meaning to you or an unforgettable journey. This tattoo has some creative designs that perfectly blend the sea and the mountain.

4. Colorful collarbone tattoo

Colorful collarbone tattooPin

There is an impressive story behind every tattoo. I think it is enough as long as it is meaningful to you. Check out this tattoo design! It is made up of stars, clouds, and cosmic design elements, and its rich colors are pleasing. This color-matching makes the tattoo on the collarbone more eye-catching.

5. Feather collarbone tattoo

Feather collarbone tattooPin

The feather itself has a deep meaning. Coupled with short quotes or customized text content can make it clear and easy to understand.

6. Geometric collarbone tattoo

Geometric collarbone tattooPin

With modern style tattoo design, geometric elements can make you unleash more creativity. Of course, the meaning of tattoos may only be known to you.

7. Sunflower collarbone tattoo

Sunflower collarbone tattooPin

Inspiring element, it represents love and positive spirit. The design style is thin and minimalist, but this tattoo still performs well.

8. Spider collarbone tattoo

Spider collarbone tattooPin

A unique and beautiful animal from nature, it represents harmony and balance. The blackwork style design is so cool. Placing it on the collarbone will definitely make the person wearing it stand out from the crowd.

9. Symmetrical collarbone tattoo

Symmetrical collarbone tattooPin

The concept of symmetry makes the tattoo visually balanced and harmonious. This is one of the most popular clavicle tattoo designs. Add some color to the design to give it a new look.

10. Abstract collarbone tattoo

Abstract collarbone tattooPin

Abstract tattoos are always a controversial topic because this design method is hard to interpret meaning. But for this reason, it can easily arouse people’s curiosity. In any case, your skin is the canvas of tattoo art, and the content on it is up to you.

11. 1/4 sleeve and collarbone tattoo

1/4 sleeve and collarbone tattooPin

This is a bold and fascinating tattoo design. The sleeve tattoo is combined with the collarbone tattoo. Pink and red flowers can double your charm.

12. Dandelion collarbone tattoo

Dandelion collarbone tattooPin

The elegant dandelion design makes the outline of the collarbone clearer. At the same time, it is matched with the quotation, giving more depth to the meaning.

13. Bird collarbone tattoo

Bird collarbone tattooPin

The watercolor style makes this bird tattoo vivid and lively. The fascinating color matching makes the tattoo design blend into the personal style.

14. Wings collarbone tattoo

Wings collarbone tattooPin

The thin line wings tattoo design looks very cute. It is a symbol of freedom, allowing your soul to “fly” freely. Not only that but angel wings are also used to design parent-child tattoos.

15. Heart collarbone tattoo

Heart collarbone tattooPin

Although heart tattoos have thousands of designs, they are basically similar in appearance. So let’s make a difference!

16. Flower collarbone tattoo

Flower collarbone tattooPin

What are the most attractive and popular clavicle tattoo design elements? I think the flower is the champion of this game.

17. Boat collarbone tattoo

Boat collarbone tattooPin

Usually, boat tattoos have a spiritual meaning. It also symbolizes good luck, a new way of life, and the start of a new journey. Tattoo it on the collarbone to show others your intentions.

18. Word collarbone tattoo

Word collarbone tattooPin

Simple word tattoos have deep meaning, and each letter represents a family member of the wearer. Then incorporate some creative designs into the font to make it unique.

19. Quote collarbone tattoo

Quote collarbone tattooPin

Quote tattoos are not only meaningful but can fully express personal thoughts. A quote that resonates with the soul can guide us to a better life.

20. Plant collarbone tattoo

Plant collarbone tattooPin

This idea is the most classic clavicle tattoo. It has a good role in decorating the body, and some people also think it is a symbol of personal honor. The plant elements alone perform well! If you add some decorative elements to the design, it will be perfect.

21. Constellation collarbone tattoo

Constellation collarbone tattooPin

The simple constellation symbol has a beautiful appearance and is also a meaningful clavicle tattoo. It can represent the birthday of you or the person most important to you.

22. Snake collarbone tattoo

Snake collarbone tattooPin

Snakes are beautiful but dangerous animals. It has both positive and negative meanings. The meaning that every person who wears it wants to express may be different. And with the continuous development of tattoo trends, many people just use snake tattoos as body decorations.

23. Rose collarbone tattoo

Rose collarbone tattooPin

Rose tattoos usually symbolize love, and even the most simplistic design will be sought after by most people. The rose of this idea is a realistic style, so it comes alive. The tattoo artist wanted to make it more special, so it was placed vertically on the collarbone.

24. Cute collarbone tattoo

Cute collarbone tattooPin

The vivid flowers are cleverly combined with two small butterflies of different colors. This tattoo design is like a small garden with an impossible and subtle appearance.

25. Turtle collarbone tattoo

Turtle collarbone tattooPin

The turtle represents love and courage and is an inspirational symbol. It has a hard shell, so it also symbolizes high power. This tattoo design is very appealing and creative. It looks like three turtles, but the design also depicts a turtle swimming happily in the sea.

26. Small collarbone tattoo

Small collarbone tattooPin

As mentioned in the article, whether you are a tattoo for the first time or an avid fan, small tattoos are always a good starting point for this unique body area.

27. Moon collarbone tattoo

Moon collarbone tattooPin

The delicate and charming moon tattoo can be tattooed on the collarbone effortlessly. It doesn’t fit the contours perfectly, but it still performs well.

28. Butterfly collarbone tattoo

Butterfly collarbone tattooPin

The feminine butterfly is very suitable for designing collarbone tattoos, which can push the attractive characteristics of the clavicle to the extreme. If you want to make them look more lively, you can try to add some color to them or use watercolor as the background of the tattoo. Do you want to try a more unique design style? Then you can take a look at the 3D butterfly tattoo design.

29. Minimalist collarbone tattoo

Minimalist collarbone tattooPin

Minimalist thin line design style, and then match your favorite colors and elements as embellishments. You can readily get a subtle collarbone tattoo.

30. Branch collarbone tattoo

Branch collarbone tattooPin

Intricate but obsessive appearance, this tattoo contains branches, flowers and the moon. The design incorporates pink and purple to make it dreamy.

31. Whale collarbone tattoo

Whale collarbone tattooPin

Wearing whale tattoos can improve mental abilities and release more creativity. This tattoo design is very clever! It outlines the charming outline of the collarbone. And visually make it get the upward promotion.


Can collarbone tattoos increase attractiveness?

Whether for men or women, the collarbone is one of the most attractive body parts. Tattooing on this area can effectively enhance the outline and make the collarbone more prominent. Not only that, the tattoo design is 100% customized, and it fits perfectly. It stretches the length of the clavicle visually, making us more attractive. I think the answer is yes.

Does tattooing on the collarbone hurt?

The answer is yes or no! The pain of the tattoo is entirely up to the individual. Depends on the person's pain threshold, how skillful the tattoo artist is, and whether the design is complicated.

However, what we need to know is that tattooing on the collarbone is painful for many people. Because there is almost no fat and muscle under the skin that can be used for cushioning.

What top should I wear when getting collarbone tattoos?

A loose and comfortable vest may be the ideal choice. For women, tube top clothing can also replace vests.

How long does it take for a collarbone tattoo to heal?

Everyone's physical healing ability is different. Some people are fast, while others are relatively slow. Clavicle tattoos are the same as any other tattoos. It takes at least 2 to 3 weeks to fully heal.

Does tattooing on the collarbone hurt health?

The collarbone tattoo is not on the collarbone itself but on the skin. Therefore, infection or complications (relatively low probability) may occur when the tattoo is healed. In addition, it will not have any negative impact on health.