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30 Red Ink Tattoo Ideas For Women

What is an impressive and even memorable tattoo ink color? I think red ink may be the best answer. Although this color is quite common, red is definitely a unique and relatively niche color in tattoo art. It is worth mentioning that whether it is a small or large size, red ink tattoos will be eye-catching and attractive. As for which red tattoo size you should choose, it all depends on the design and personal preference.

In fact, red ink tattoos can effectively enhance the feminine charm, which is one of the main reasons why it is popular among women. Not only that, after applying red ink to some common tattoo designs, their meaning and appearance may change significantly. Even tattoos will get an unexpected subtle atmosphere.

We have prepared some of the best ideas and designs for red ink tattoos to help you quickly understand this type of tattoo and decide whether to wear it for the next tattoo. Most of the designs use common elements, but you can definitely feel the unique atmosphere from their appearance. Other designs use elements that are very suitable for applying red ink. Such as dragon, phoenix, heart, rose and spider lily, and more. Continue to slide down the screen, these ideas are waiting for you to explore.

1. Stunning red tattoo

Stunning red tattoo
IG: roma_tattooer

Red ink can easily create an unforgettable tattoo look. The design elements of this red tattoo are derived from Eastern culture, including cranes, clouds, abstract sun, and ginkgo leaves.

2. Red Moon Tattoo

Red Moon Tattoo
IG: gabbasalinasttt

If you want to get a unique moon tattoo, then you can try to use red ink, of course, creative design is also the top priority.

3. Red Wing Tattoo

Red Wing Tattoo
IG: emilymalice

The red ink makes the wing tattoo design mysterious magic, it is an angel or a demon that is completely up to you.

4. Red snake tattoo

Red snake tattoo
IG: txttoo

Are you looking for a snake tattoo design full of feminine charm? Red ink may meet your needs.

5. Cute red tattoo

Cute red tattoo
IG: _belaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Red tattoos can also have a cute appearance, and the combination of smaller size and interesting and minimalist design can be easily achieved.

6. Unique red tattoo

Unique red tattoo
IG: txttoo

In fact, red ink is always the choice of a few people. So if you want to wear an absolutely unique tattoo, then this color is worth considering. Of course, impressive design and style are still necessary.

7. Red dagger tattoo

Red dagger tattoo
IG: kropke_

The red ink makes the small dagger tattoo look more dangerous and powerful. This dagger can pierce all hardships and obstacles.

8. Red rose tattoo

Red rose tattoo
IG: manarino_tats

Although the black rose tattoo is a traditional and classic design, some people will get tired of it. If you do the same, then red is the ideal ink color choice. Not only that, but this color also restores the true appearance of the rose.

9. Red sun tattoo

Red sun tattoo
IG: jamjam.tattoo

This tattoo is a realistic landscape design. In the evening, looking up at the red sun in the woods. The scene impresses the wearer, even unforgettable for a lifetime.

10. Red tiger tattoo

Red tiger tattoo
IG: nana.orient

There are many ways to make tiger tattoos more eye-catching and mighty. If you are looking for the easiest way, in my opinion, red ink can satisfy you.

11. Red Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

Red Dragon Sleeve Tattoo
IG: petertattooerr

The dragon is one of the most majestic and ferocious animals in Eastern mythology. It symbolizes supreme power. Therefore, it is completely correct to use red ink to present it.

12. Red Koi Tattoo

Red Koi Tattoo
IG: ynnssteiakakis

Koi symbolizes good luck, peace, and auspiciousness. If you need a tattoo design that looks vivid, then there is no reason not to use red ink.

13. Red quote tattoo

Red quote tattoo
IG: nk.tattooing

Red can represent love, and the meaning of this quote tattoo is also about love, so the combination of the two is very suitable.

14. Small red tattoo

Small red tattoo
IG: juliapolczantattoo

Small tattoos are very popular among women. I know that everyone wears this kind of tattoo for different purposes. Some people hope that small tattoos can also be eye-catching, so it’s time for red ink to appear!

15. Red spider lily tattoo

Red spider lily tattoo
IG: theartoftattooingofficial

In addition to roses, spider lilies are also one of the most popular and sought-after red flower tattoos.

16. The perfect red back tattoo

The perfect red back tattoo
IG: sunnymytattoo

If you need a super perfect red tattoo design to be placed on your back, I think the dragon tattoo cannot be ignored. The largest area on the back can well show the delicate details of the design.

17. Minimalist red tattoo

Minimalist red tattoo
IG: teploe.more

What is the best red tattoo style for decorating the body? I highly recommend the minimalist style. There are many reasons, the most worth mentioning is that you can cover or remove this style of tattoo relatively easily.

18. Red Chinese Knot Tattoo

Red Chinese Knot Tattoo
IG: inkbrushtattoo

Chinese knot is a kind of thing used for blessing, it can bring good luck and health to people. The red ink makes the tattoo design more realistic.

19. Red symbol tattoo

Red symbol tattoo
IG: miss_raven

In my opinion, symbol tattoos usually have deep meaning. Some designs are easy to understand, while others may only be known to the wearer. In any case, this kind of tattoo is used to remind yourself. Red ink further emphasizes this effect.

20. Red butterfly tattoo

Red butterfly tattoo
IG: maxim_rtatt

This tattoo design is not only unique but also creative. The red butterfly has fresh and tenacious vitality, and it is reborn in the fire again and again. It not only has a beautiful appearance but also deep meaning. This perfectly combined design is the most popular among people.

21. Red Phoenix Tattoo

Red Phoenix Tattoo
IG: petrafontattoo

The phoenix is an immortal mythical animal, and it has the same important position as the dragon in Eastern culture. It symbolizes strong spiritual power and perseverance. Each rebirth of the Phoenix means a new beginning. Although this behavior is painful, the new life is more worth looking forward to.

22. Red flower tattoo

Red flower tattoo
IG: zoeylinink

Red ink can create another subtle atmosphere for flower tattoos.

23. Red star tattoo

Red star tattoo
IG: koda.blk

If you feel that ordinary star tattoos are not enough to shine and attract attention, then red ink may help you.

24. Red word tattoo

Red word tattoo
IG: shomase_tattoo

This tattoo is simple in design and has an easy-to-understand philosophy of life. Extreme thoughts and emotions are unnecessary, love and hate coexist forever. As for how you should choose, it is entirely a matter of one thought.

25. Red scorpion tattoo

Red scorpion tattoo
IG: jakegomz

Although the size of this scorpion tattoo is small, the red ink still makes it look dangerous and powerful.

26. Red Number Tattoo

Red Number Tattoo
IG: lupus.dei.tattoo

In some cultures, the number 7 represents luck. The tattoo design uses red ink to make its appearance more attractive and eye-catching.

27. Abstract red tattoo

Abstract red tattoo
IG: thewiildgypsy

Abstract tattoos are originally unique and mysterious, and red ink further enhances this appearance.

28. Red realistic heart tattoo

Red realistic heart tattoo
IG: vibetattoo.ut

Thanks to the red ink, this tattoo is realistic and impressive, and its smaller size is suitable for anyone to wear. If you want to get a niche heart tattoo, then this design is for you.

29. Red tattoo on hand

Red tattoo on hand
IG: md.poke

Eye-catching, eye-catching is more eye-catching, the limit may be the sky. The red tattoo on your hand can give you this effect, not only that, but it is also a great way to show off your personal style.

30. Red tattoo for love

Red tattoo for love
IG: afrancado

Black ink is a traditional and popular choice. I think red ink is more suitable for love tattoo designs. The next step is to incorporate your personal style and creative ideas into the design. Just like this tattoo, it looks simple but unique, and the design includes hearts and Cupids.