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25 Best Autumn Nail Designs in 2021

With the change of seasons, nail art trends have quietly changed, and autumn nails have returned to people’s vision. It’s time to check out some popular designs for your fall manicure to get inspired. In fact, there are very few thematic nails related to season perfection, and we talk more about the correct nail color application.

Many spring and summer nail designs use bright colors, and dark nails are usually worn in the cold season, especially in winter. Autumn nails are somewhere between two completely different styles of colors. In other words, your range of options may be larger and less restrictive, and the color combinations will be richer. However, everything has a downside. In my opinion, this “benefit” is very likely to bring more errors.

We carefully selected and integrated some of the best autumn nails, they can provide you with some inspiration and help you avoid mistakes that shouldn’t occur as much as possible. For example, if you want to wear black autumn nails, you can try to add some gold, white, or pink to the design. Are you always a fanatical follower of lively colors? You can still wear this type of color in the fall. The only thing you need to do is try to reduce the brightness of the color to soften it or choose a matte style for the appearance of the nails. Of course, you always have representative monochrome autumn nail designs to choose from, such as burgundy, ginger, brown, gold, and dark nude. Read on and you will find the design you want.

1. Black and gold autumn short nails

Black and gold autumn short nails
IG: amyytran

Autumn is the harvest season, so adding some gold to the nail art is perfectly in line with the theme. If you also want to ensure that the appearance is low-key at the same time, you can try to match one or more dark colors to the design. What do you think of black?

2. White and black autumn nails

White and black autumn nails
IG: lovejbyjulia

In fact, this classic and fashionable color matching can be used at any time. However, I think it is best in the relatively cold season, and autumn happens to be suitable.

3. Deep purple autumn nails

Deep purple autumn nails
IG: xmedzikx

If you want to wear autumn nails with a dreamy atmosphere, then the color of choice must be purple. Of course, darker tones should be more suitable.

4. Creamy white autumn nails

Creamy white autumn nails
IG: brushedbyleah_

This unique and niche white color will make your autumn nails look more fun. Not only that, but you will also get an elegant appearance.

5. Marble autumn nails

Marble autumn nails
IG: bykatiebeauty

Different seasons correspond to different colors of marble nails. This design is prepared for autumn.

6. Black and pink autumn nails

Black and pink autumn nails
IG: eszterevelin_nails

Whenever the cold season comes, black nails will become more and more popular. This color is great but at the same time a bit monotonous. So please add some bright colors to the design, such as pink. Take a look at this perfect autumn nail design and you will know what I am talking about.

7. French autumn nails

French autumn nails
IG: courtneymarienailartist

Match the nail tips to the correct autumn nail color and you will get stunning and elegant French autumn nails. There are many colors for you to choose from, let me list some for you, such as wine red, brown, gold, ginger, and more.

8. Neon autumn nails

Neon autumn nails
IG: nails_nail_inspiration

You can still wear neon nail designs in the fall, but we suggest you try matte styles.

9. Gorgeous autumn nails

Gorgeous autumn nails
IG: misato_olinail

Combining deep nude colors and shiny golden nail tips together, a gorgeous autumn nail design that can be worn for a long time was born. There is almost no difficulty in making, and this design can perfectly match your autumn clothing and makeup.

10. Abstract autumn nails

Abstract autumn nails
IG: gelatokat

Almost all abstract nails have a similar appearance, but this kind of nail art is still niche. In the same way, different pattern background colors can represent different seasons.

11. Gray autumn nails

Gray autumn nails
IG: gelishsa

The impressive autumn nail design must have a unique color, I recommend you try gray. Although it is the most minimalist design, this color will give you unexpected effects.

12. Plant autumn nails

Plant autumn nails
IG: moyou_london

Once autumn arrives, the plants begin to wither. You can choose to wear this nail design, and the vibrant plants will always accompany you.

13. Animal print autumn nails

Animal print autumn nails
IG: thegelbottlenz

People seem to have reached a certain consensus to use different animal prints in different seasons. Leopard and tortoise-shell patterns are more suitable for autumn.

14. Pastel-toned autumn nails

Pastel-toned autumn nails
IG: maniwithsami

Dark tones are usually more suitable for autumn nail design. But the nail art trend is different every year, and soft tones seem to be more popular this year. This color can give people a comfortable visual experience and relax people.

15. Red autumn nails

Red autumn nails
IG: flopi.nails

Red is one of the best colors in autumn nail art, and the charming burgundy is perhaps the most popular color. I bet this color can make you more attractive.

16. Yellow autumn nails

Yellow autumn nails
IG: skoro_nails

The landscape in late autumn is yellow, so this nail design is worth trying.

17. Shiny mixed color autumn nails

Shiny mixed color autumn nails
IG: j_nails26

The color of this autumn nail is very rich, including red, yellow, gold, and orange. This color combination can give you a more autumn atmosphere.

18. Rainbow autumn nails

Rainbow autumn nails
IG: jasminecorinna_mua

The Rainbow is a combination of colors, and it is also a popular pattern (symbol). Take a look at this nail design, you can definitely feel gorgeous and fun from it.

19. Golden autumn nails

Golden autumn nails
IG: bashsbeauty

If you are looking for eye-catching autumn nail colors, shiny gold can make you satisfied.

20. Green autumn nails

Green autumn nails
IG: sarahfalshaw

Wearing green nails in the fall is an eye-catching way. However, light green is only suitable for use in spring and summer, so make sure you choose the correct hue. This idea will give you some inspiration.

21. Tree pattern autumn nails

Tree pattern autumn nails
IG: queenbcreative_

This nail design looks like a zebra print at first glance, but when you wear it in autumn, people think it is more like a tree pattern.

22. Amber autumn nails

Amber autumn nails
IG: ___riesato___

Although this autumn nail has a simple appearance, the design gives people a noble visual effect.

23. Neutral autumn nails

Neutral autumn nails
IG: haileyalmsted

A softer color combination than pastel shades, neutral colors allow you to quickly wear autumn nails without having to worry about color choices. Not only that, but this color can’t go wrong.

24. Dark blue autumn nails

Dark blue autumn nails
IG: luxapolish

Stunning nail appearance, this color is infinitely close to black. I think dark blue is a strong statement in itself, so no design is needed, and this autumn nail will also be impressive.

25. Orange autumn nails

Orange autumn nails
IG: queercuticles

If you don’t like golden or yellow autumn nails, then there are relatively bright and eye-catching nail colors to choose from? The answer is yes, in my opinion, this color is orange.