28 Vibrant & Creative Room Decoration Ideas For Kids

There is no doubt that a vibrant and creative room design is best for children. Decorating trends are changing every day. To create such an appearance, there are at least thousands of options for you to choose from. This is good news, but at the same time, it has a bad side. Imagine that you can draw the best inspiration from each design. Once you blend them together, a bad appearance may appear before your eyes.

I always believe that the best kid’s room decoration must have a complete and unique theme style or a unified and harmonious combination of colors. Fortunately, no matter which direction you start from, you can invite your child to be the “lead designer”. You don’t have to ask yourself to complete it in a short period of time. Gradually decorating may be the most ideal way. The perfect appearance of the room requires exquisite details and constant modification. In this process, both you and your children can enjoy the happiness of displaying creativity. We integrated some decoration ideas and scrolled down the screen to see which designs you have been looking for and want to achieve.

1. Gray kids room

Gray kids room
IG: linn_viken

It may be rare to use gray to decorate a kid’s room. If there is no correct color combination, the appearance of the room must be dull. Once you have mastered the color matching well, then gray will provide you with an unexpected sense of modernity. This idea is one of the best practices. The designer has incorporated some pinks that can be replaced at any time.

2. Fun neon lights

Fun neon lights
IG: l.e.design.studio

Neon lights can make a kid’s room fun and more dramatic. You can purchase corresponding patterns according to your child’s hobbies. As we all know, this kind of light can provide a subtle atmosphere at night.

3. Zoo theme

Zoo theme
IG: hanusi.m2

Some cute animal wall stickers can create a zoo-themed kid’s room. If you think that the appearance of such a room is far from enough, small plastic and medium and large plush animal toys can once again enhance the overall effect.

4. Minimalist colorful walls

Minimalist colorful walls
IG: onceabuildnowahome

This wall looks light and full of childhood fun. Thanks to the minimalist style, the construction is not difficult, you can try to complete it by yourself. Please forget the rules and restrictions when painting, what you need is freedom. As the height of the painting gets lower and lower, please don’t forget to invite your children to do it with you.

5. Mixed colors

Mixed colors
IG: raffaela.sofia

What colors does your child like? Please give him the right to decide the color of the wall decoration. If you can, please don’t interfere with his creativity, you just need to mix these colors. Of course, the painting is still done by you.

6. Flower theme

Flower theme
IG: our_vintage_life

Elegant flowers are one of the little girls’ favorites. When this element appears anywhere in the room decoration, the appearance of this kid’s room looks like a gorgeous princess castle in a fairy tale.

7. Bright curtains

Bright curtains
IG: yanamol

There are many ways to incorporate bright colors into a child’s room, such as pillows, bedding, curtains, and so on. Children’s thoughts and preferences can change at any time. The benefits of this decoration method are obvious, you can adjust the color combination of the room at any time.

8. Sea theme

Sea theme
IG: prettyinprintart

The decoration of this sea-themed kid’s room is appropriate. Matching soft colors, creative ocean wave walls, unique bedside tables, and eye-catching whale plush toys. What I mean is that it is not complicated to create a theme kids room, you only need to incorporate 3-4 theme elements into the room. Of course, please don’t forget the important color combinations.

9. kids room furniture

kids room furniture
IG: asar_architectural_group

Furniture with rounded corners may be the most suitable for a kid’s room. This design style can give people a comfortable visual experience and easily create a warm atmosphere. Not only that, if you choose a round-corner table, you can protect your children from accidental injuries as much as possible.

10. Rainbow theme

Rainbow theme
IG: thehousethatdiybuilt

In fact, this kid’s room does not have a complete color combination. But the design of the room is inspired by rainbow colors. Rich color combinations can have a positive psychological impact on children. For example, always stay active and have the courage to overcome difficulties.

11. Comfortable kid bed

Comfortable kid bed
IG: dirksdotter

The bed may be one of the biggest and eye-catching pieces of furniture in the kid’s room. If you want to create a warm atmosphere, then a bed that looks comfortable from the outside is obviously an ideal choice. Of course, the color of the bed is also very important. Please choose warm colors with light tones as much as possible, such as light pink, light yellow, or beige.

12. Nature theme

Nature theme
IG: johannacryer

Only using flowers and plants is not enough to create a perfect nature-themed kid’s room. I always believe that wallpaper is the most powerful thing to lay the theme design.

13. Original style

Original style
IG: uttearquitetura

The original style created by the white brick wall can be easily incorporated into any color that children like. The appearance of this room is relatively unique, it perfectly combines retro and modern, the effect is creative and full of personal style.

14. Small playground theme

Small playground theme
IG: bacla.arquiteturainfantil

This room design is the best gift for children who are obsessed with playgrounds. In my opinion, this decoration is absolutely perfect. Because the design does not lose any practical functions while ensuring the realization of the requirements.

15. Wall decoration of kids room

Wall decoration of kids room
IG: project junior

If you want to quickly present the design theme of the room and the personalized decoration dedicated to children. Then it may be the most convenient and quickest to decorate the wall. You still have a variety of ways to choose from, such as wallpapers, hand-painted patterns, and so on.

16. Rustic tones

Rustic tones
IG: love_by_lily

The peaceful room atmosphere can make it easier for children to fall asleep and get a good sleep quality. A combination of rustic colors can help you achieve this look.

17. Personalized themes

Personalized themes
IG: ayeshausmandesign

What are your children’s hobbies? What is the most curious or interested in? These are the themes that can be used to determine the decoration of the room. Like this idea, he is a big fan of Harry Potter.

18. boho kids room

boho kids room
IG: marinacabero

Decorating a kid’s room in a boho style is a good starting point, as the foundation of this style usually doesn’t incorporate color. In other words, you have a larger DIY space. You can incorporate colors that children like according to their preferences.

19. Bright yellow tones

Bright yellow tones
IG: natocadesign

Bright yellow is positive and I think it is one of the best colors for decorating children’s rooms.

20. Adventurer Theme

Adventurer Theme
IG: goodhomesmagazine

When it comes to the theme of niche decoration, many people will feel unable to start. In fact, please turn your attention to wall decoration. This room uses a creative map to highlight the adventurer theme.

21. Modern style

Modern style
IG: korenevanelli

This modern kid’s room is realized thanks to the diamond pattern (geometric) wall decoration. It is worth mentioning that, in order to obtain a comfortable visual experience, the rhombus changes from sharp corners to rounded corners.

22. Amazing space utilization

Amazing space utilization
IG: 360buro

This design method of space utilization is worth learning for everyone. The designer uses only a part of the room area to achieve almost all the required functions. It contains a small sofa, reading area, bookshelf, and bed.

23. Space Theme

Space Theme
IG: kidofthevillage

Some exquisite prints and bedding can create a simple space theme. Of course, if you can hang some planets and rockets, then the final appearance must be very good.

24. Dreamy kids room

Dreamy kids room
IG: ministerylemag

The decoration method of this kid’s room is free, and the warm light makes me feel like I have entered a fairyland in a fairy tale.

25. Brick Wall

Brick Wall
IG: trendesignbook

Such a huge wall of building blocks is a good place for children to display their creativity. At the same time, this wall is also entertaining.

26. The second space

The second space
IG: tinylandus

Use a small tent to create a second space for the children, where is their exclusive “small room”. Not only that, but the tent can also play a decorative role. This design approach is simply killing two birds with one stone.

27. Dark blue tone

Dark blue tone
IG: shawnhendersonnyc

If you are looking for unique decorative colors for little boys, then we recommend that you consider dark blue tones. This color can be used until adolescence and even adulthood.

28. Secret Space

Secret Space
IG: leatandreasen

Everyone belongs to their own secret space, especially children. They will collect their favorite toys and books there.