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22 Small Apartment Balcony Design Ideas

How pleasant it is to enjoy delicious coffee on the small balcony of the apartment in the morning. Or you can read a book quietly there to enjoy a wonderful vacation time. With the gradual warming of the weather, more and more indoor activities will be carried out on the balcony, so it is obviously necessary to decorate the area as desired.

There are many balcony decoration ideas, but the optimal design for a small space requires you to spend some time carefully searching. Fortunately, we have collected good designs for you. You just need to keep scrolling the screen and get inspiration from these ideas.

We try our best to make these design ideas comprehensive and unique. Whether you are planning to renovate your small balcony or looking for a creative design that can enhance the appearance. I believe that these ideas can make you gain something. For example, bright and eye-catching colors, popular boho style, beach theme design, and so on. Start planning your decoration plan now, and then act now to make the small apartment balcony look new.

1. Small balcony corner decor

Small balcony corner decor
IG: 56plants

Each square meter of the apartment’s small balcony is precious, so it is absolutely necessary to carry out a detailed plan and division of functional areas before decoration. If you just read a book or taste a delicious breakfast in the area, in other words, you will not take a temporary rest on the balcony. I think it might be the wisest to choose a corner for decoration. Such a design plan allows you to have more space for other activities, such as doing yoga on a small balcony.

2. Unique balcony carpet

Unique balcony carpet
IG: matea_mikic

The choice of balcony carpet material is very important. Conventional materials are easily eroded by rain and are not resistant to dirt. A unique bamboo carpet can perfectly solve these problems. When you step on it with bare feet, although you will not feel soft, you can get coolness.

3. light blue tone

light blue tone
IG: decco.ro

If you want your small balcony to have a coastal look, please try to incorporate light blue tones into the decorative design. You don’t have to apply this color to a large area, just like this idea, only a small part is enough. In my opinion, this color ratio is the best, and the light blue decoration looks very eye-catching.

4. Colorful small balcony

Colorful small balcony
IG: myapartmentbalcony

The lively small balcony should have a variety of colors, please don’t restrict your creativity, try to combine any color you like. Of course, what you still need to know is that you must control the correct color ratio and choose bright colors as much as possible. For example, pink, yellow, red, green, and so on.

5. Shading design

shade decoration
IG: rrose_interior

Sunlight is good, it is healthy, but it is also the culprit for the high temperature of the balcony. The simplest solution is to cover part of the direct sunlight. If you are looking for a similar decorative design, this idea will inspire you. It has a rustic appearance and is easy to implement. The most worth mentioning is that it is definitely a small balcony decoration design in the budget.

6. Hanging chair for small balcony decor

hanging chair
IG: dori.home

Hanging chair is the star product of balcony decoration, it can maximize the appearance effect. There are many styles of hanging chairs, such as different designs, sizes, colors, and installation methods. The small balcony has limited space, and the hanging chair shown in this idea is the most suitable style.

7. Very small balcony decor

Very small balcony decor
IG: dina.j.j

For very small balconies, you should avoid using excessively rich color combinations when decorating, because they will make the appearance of a small space excessively active, and even give people a “hot” visual experience. At the same time, please consider choosing furniture that is versatile and foldable. Although the budget will be higher, you can flexibly adjust the size of the event space.

8. white tone

white tone
IG: potejstronielustra

The use of white tones for balcony decoration is a hesitant thing, because this color is extremely intolerant to dirt, especially outdoors. Having said that, when we see the final appearance, it is difficult to reject this color. Looking at this idea, the designer is very clever. He chose to use a white cushion to incorporate this color into the design. The homeowner can clean them at any time to keep the small balcony clean and tidy.

9. Cozy small balcony

Cozy small balcony
IG: _kristinestien_

If you want to make the summer small balcony look cozy, you may only start with the color combination. Light pink can provide this atmosphere to space. You can choose to use light pink flowers, blankets or carpets, etc. Of course, please ensure that the appropriate color ratio, such as 2:8 or 3:7. I know that the ratio is difficult to calculate correctly, so please trust your visual feelings and intuition.

10. Casual and comfortable small balcony

Casual and comfortable small balcony
IG: my_sweet_little_home

Tulle curtains are crucial in the decoration of this small balcony, and a large part of this perfect spatial effect is due to it. The gauze curtain can not only block part of the sun but also create a subtle atmosphere during the day.

11. Black small balcony background wall

Black small balcony background wall
IG: spacejoyapp

In fact, the balcony belongs to the outdoor space of the apartment. No matter whether it is a large balcony or a small balcony, you can boldly try black in the decoration design. You can apply this color to sofas, side tables, or carpets. However, I think the best decoration scheme is to create a striking black background.

12. Minimalist small balcony furniture

Minimalist small balcony furniture
IG: inspiroivakoti

Balcony furniture has to experience wind and sun all year round, so durable materials are the ideal choice. The furniture shown in this idea is the type we recommend. It has a modern and minimalist appearance, no matter what your balcony decoration style is, it can be perfectly integrated into it. The tables and chairs are made of galvanized steel. In theory, you don’t need to maintain them. I have to say that they perfectly combine beauty and practicality.

13. More comfortable sitting posture

More comfortable sitting posture
IG: mysweetcactus

The low chair brings you closer to the ground for a more comfortable and relaxed sitting position. Such a decoration scheme will also make your small balcony look more private.

14. Eye-catching small balcony decoration

Eye-catching small balcony decoration
IG: 56plants

Although the balcony is small, eye-catching decoration is still indispensable. It is the most attractive design in the space. If you pay more attention to aesthetics and need some more personalized appearance, then this solution is for you. Although it will lose some practicality, its perfect effect is enough for us to have sufficient reasons.

15. Romantic small balcony night atmosphere

Romantic small balcony night atmosphere
IG: balconydecor_ideas

Reasonable lighting arrangements can create a romantic small balcony atmosphere. I mean, you should master the correct light source density. Like this idea, they should be scattered and have multiple types and designs.

16. blue tone

blue tone
IG: manzelmag

The charming blue tone can make your small balcony look more unique and fresh. Moreover, incorporating colors with greater contrast into the design is also an effective way to show your personal style.

17. Modern small balcony

Modern small balcony
IG: whereheartresides

There is no redundant decoration design and complicated decoration concept, the only thing you can see is the classic and popular modern style. You can use it as you like, trust me, you will never go wrong.

18. Rustic small balcony

Rustic small balcony
IG: myapartmentbalcony

If you want to create a rustic and original appearance, I think the extensive use of wood in the design must be one of the most prioritized options.

19. Garden small balcony

Garden small balcony
IG: incredible_prodigy

Taking care of flowers and plants is a thing that requires a lot of time and energy. Of course, for enthusiasts, this is not a problem at all. If you happen to be the same, then why not turn your small balcony into your private garden? In the early morning of every day, you can breathe the freshest air and taste delicious coffee here.

20. Beach theme

Beach theme
IG: homeforatealeaf

Place a beach umbrella and an inflatable mini bathtub on the small balcony. When the weather is hot, lie down and enjoy your beach time.

21. small green balcony

small green balcony
IG: chidaneh

Look at the appearance of this small balcony, what do you feel? It is so inspiring, thanks to the integration of bright green into the design.

22. boho small balcony

boho small balcony
IG: przepis_na_klimat

Whether indoor or outdoor decoration, boho style is always insanely sought after by people. The seemingly complicated small balcony is actually very simple to decorate, it is composed of multiple decorations. If you want to create such an appearance, please refer to this idea to purchase the corresponding items, and then please naturally place them on your balcony.