22 Rustic Style Bedroom Ideas For the Best Resting Space

When people are crazy about the rich and wonderful decorative appearance effects, please don’t forget the basic functions of the bedroom. This room is essential to relax and get a good night’s sleep. So a warm and comfortable atmosphere is more important than anything else. If you agree with what I said above, a rustic style bedroom may be what you need.

This style of the bedroom does not mean monotonous and boring. We have collected some of the best ideas and put them together in this ultimate guide. It can make you perfect the basic needs while making the appearance of the room unforgettable. There are also some creative designs that will make it easier for you to show off your personal style. If your bedroom needs an eye-catching but simple focal point, perhaps a two-tone accent wall or a unique original wall can resonate with you. Want to incorporate some exotic atmosphere into the bedroom? How about a rustic bedroom combined with light blue tones? In short, these ideas will fully inspire your creative brain.

1. Romantic atmosphere

We should not waste every exposed wooden beam in the rustic style bedroom, please use string lights to wrap it around. When night falls, I believe you will be amazed by the romantic atmosphere in the room. Of course, just decorating this place is far from enough, please don’t forget to choose a pair of modern and simple bedside lamps.

Romantic rustic bedroom

2. Two-color feature wall

This feature wall is the most eye-catching focal point in the entire space, and it makes this rustic bedroom wonderful and unique. Creating such a look is less complicated and difficult than imagined. By quickly sanding the original wall, you can easily get the effect of the upper part of the wall. The next step is to paint the lower part of the wall with your favorite color. Darker paints are the most ideal choice because they can form color combinations with a strong visual impact.

A rustic bedroom with two-tone feature walls

3. Lovely rustic bedroom

The golden simple headboard blends cuteness and vitality into the rustic style. Because of its existence, this bedroom also incorporates a modern style.

Lovely rustic bedroom

4. With a Mediterranean style

Entering this rustic style bedroom combined with Mediterranean style, you will feel the exotic style of the coast. The special bedside lamp and blue striped bedding set are the keys to this decorative design.

A rustic bedroom combined with a Mediterranean style

5. Stay active

Rustic bedrooms are usually warm and comfortable, but the downside is that a neutral color combination will reduce the vitality of the space. If you are also aware of this, lush plants and green pillows can perfectly solve this problem. It is worth mentioning that they can also create a holiday atmosphere.

Vibrant rustic bedroom

6. Special decorative items

If you have some ancient and special decorative items, congratulations! You can easily create a rustic bedroom. In this idea, the style of the furniture is no longer important, and the exquisite large bronze picture frame will be impressive.

Rustic bedroom with special decorative items

7. Beautiful rustic carpet

The magic of carpets is self-evident, and every decoration style has hundreds of carpets for you to choose from. A carpet can enhance the rustic atmosphere in the bedroom, and it can also reflect some of your personal styles.

Beautiful rustic carpet

8. Personalized rustic bedroom

This rustic bedroom looks laid-back and free, and the whole space is full of personalization. Because of this, the damaged wall perfectly becomes an important part of the room. The dark wooden box clarifies the decoration style, and it also has some practical functions, such as storing clothes and temporarily as a seat.

Personalized rustic bedroom

9. Minimalist rustic bedroom

For some people, a bed and one or two pieces of furniture in this bedroom may be enough. Of course, this is also true for those who are crazy obsessed with minimalist style. Decorating a rustic style bedroom with such an appearance is relatively simple, and practical wooden benches and chairs are indispensable furniture. The overall tone of the room should always remain neutral, even low.

Minimalist rustic bedroom

10. Antique headboard

The decoration effect of the rustic bedroom with the old flower screen as the headboard will surely surprise you. In addition, you may also need some plants to supplement or enhance the atmosphere of the space.

Rustic bedroom with antique headboard

11. Elegant plant rustic wallpaper

If you want to use a limited budget to create an eye-catching accent wall for a rustic bedroom. I think elegant plant or flower wallpapers may be your first choice.

Elegant floral rustic wallpaper

12. Unique and rugged rustic wall

This white rustic wall is the soul of this bedroom, it will show the rough and original appearance effect vividly. However, the construction must be complicated, and the cost will be high because you need to ensure that it will not fall off naturally over time.

Unique and rugged original wall

13. Incorporating modern style

I bet that most people prefer a modern rustic style bedroom because it looks warmer and more acceptable to people. You only need one or two pieces of furniture and decorative items to achieve it. In this room, they are wood grain headboards, low ladders, interesting bedside lamps, and soft carpets.

A rustic bedroom combined with a modern style

14. Striking rustic focus

The perfect bedroom decoration must have an eye-catching focus. I think the second-hand accent cabinet is the most suitable for the rustic style, and it also has good practicality.

Striking rustic focus

15. Symmetrical rustic bedroom

For bedroom decoration, comfort is a visual experience, not a sense of touch. The rustic style can easily achieve this effect, and the symmetrical concept will enhance it again. In addition, in this perfectly balanced room, the old cinema chair is the focal point of the entire space.

Symmetrical rustic bedroom

16. Serene neutral tones

The rustic style bedroom decoration has a variety of color palettes for you to choose from, and I think a neutral color combination is the best. Because it looks closer to the original, and it is not easily out of date. Best of all, it is easier for you to incorporate bright colors into the bedroom to create some surprises.

Neutral rustic bedroom

17. Warm rustic bedroom

The combination of grey walls and green wall panels makes this bedroom rustic, fresh and warm. The wood panels have also incorporated some farmhouse style into the room. To be honest, this kind of decorative design relies more on subjective feelings, and it does not have a rigid framework. For example, changing the color of the wall panels to light blue or light pink will greatly change the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Warm rustic bedroom

18. Striped textiles

I must recommend to you the plan of decorating the bedroom with a distinctive bedding set. It has many benefits and conveniences. The most important thing is that you can change the style of the room at any time.

A rustic bedroom decorated with striped textiles

19. Classic rustic bedroom

Responsibly speaking, the classic rustic style bedroom only needs a farmhouse-style bed. Next, please choose the color of the bed frame you like. Such as white, brown, and dark gray.

Classic rustic bedroom

20. Gorgeous and delicate rustic bedroom

This corner of the bedroom is fascinating and makes me feel a little gorgeous, thanks to the small yellow flowers on the bedside table.

Gorgeous and subtle rustic bedroom with yellow flowers

21. Light gray brick wall

Rustic and industrial styles can be perfectly combined, but please note that you’d better choose gray gradient brick walls instead of red.

Light gray brick wall for rustic bedroom

22. Fresh rustic bedroom

Bright green is obviously not suitable for rustic bedrooms, but light green with blue tones is completely okay. Extensive use of this color makes the space look as if it can automatically purify the air.

Fresh rustic bedroom