27 Graceful Plant Nail Art Designs

The classic and elegant plant nail designs are not exclusive to spring and summer. To be honest, just a little modification to the design, it can be perfect for all festivals and seasons.

Allow me to give you some examples so that you can understand this point more easily. The plant nail design that perfectly matches the spring may have a green color. If you plan to wear this kind of nail in summer, perhaps a design with blue as the main color is the most perfect. After entering autumn, I believe that brown plant nails will make you obsessed. For cold winters, the best design is to combine plant patterns with basic nails that look warm. Designs incorporating gold, silver, or red may be ideal for the holidays.

Thousands of plant nail designs also have some perfect designs that can be worn at any time throughout the year. In order to make the process of getting inspiration easier and more enjoyable, we have carefully compiled a guide for you, and the plant nails you want may be in it.

In addition, many people regard plant nails and flower nails as the same design theme. I think this idea may be wrong because plant nails are based on an elegant appearance. If you need gorgeous visual effects from start to finish, obviously flower nail designs may be more suitable for you. I know that combined design may be able to satisfy two points at the same time, but the design may also become complicated.

1. Black and white plant nails

The plant nail design with black and white as the main color is a perfect fusion of elegance and simplicity. At the same time, this nail is also a versatile style.

Black and white plant nails

2. Plant almond long nails

This creamy white almond nail with a plant accent design is impressive and eye-catching. The exquisite design will make you feel like you are in nature.

Plant almond long nails

3. Realistic plant short nails

The plants around you are your best source of inspiration for designing this style of nails. The realistic appearance is enough to make short nails shine.

Realistic plant short nails

4. Modern and stylish plant nails

No matter what the background color of the nail design is. Black plant patterns can easily incorporate the modern and fashionable atmosphere into the design.

Modern and stylish plant nails

5. Plant nude matte nails

The botanical pattern on this nude matte nail is very worthy of copying because the rich shadow details in the design make it look so delicate.

Plant nude matte nails

6. Creative plant nails

I must recommend to you this special and truly creative plant nail design, which looks like a set of exquisite plant specimens.

Creative plant nails

7. Colorful plant short nails

These colorful short nails composed of plants and flowers will brighten your day. Not only that, but the design is also interesting, and the clouds and rain on the thumb will always nourish them and grow.

Colorful plant short nails

8. Soft-toned Boho plant nails

Boho nails are niche and unique, so they are not common. This plant nail with soft tones is 100% in line with this design style.

Soft-toned plant nails

9. Blue plant nails

If you want to make plant nails look cool at the same time, I think blue is a color you can’t miss.

Blue plant nails

10. Plant French nails

These beautiful plant patterns dance on classic French nails and make the design look full of personality.

Plant French nails

11. Purple plant nails

When people see purple, they immediately associate it with the word dream. Not only that, the plant nail design created with this color seems to exude the fragrance of lavender.

Purple plant nails

12. Classic plant green nails

Everyone may want to try some unique and special colors, but this also means that there is a high probability of going wrong. That being the case, the classic green plant nail design is one of the most ideal styles for many people.

Classic plant green nails

13. Golden plant nails

Gold makes plants have strong natural power and also makes this nail design look magnificent.

Golden plant nails

14. Rainbow Plant Coffin Nails

If there is no rainbow palette, this coffin nail design with black plants may be monotonous and boring.

Rainbow Plant Coffin Nails

15. Plant cuff nails

Comparing cuff nails with French nails seems completely unnecessary. But my personal opinion is that putting plant patterns on the bottom of nails looks more unique and interesting.

Plant cuff nails

16. Cute plant short nails

Simple plant patterns can make short nails cute without any effort. You can add them to your nails through stickers or hand-painting, and finally apply clear nail polish.

Cute plant short nails

17. Mixed plant nails

If you can wear two nail designs at the same time, then there is no reason to choose only one. This mixed design is very easy to create an eye-catching nail look.

Mixed plant nails

18. Gorgeous plant nails with gold leaf

The gold leaf makes the plant nail design harmoniously blend elegance and gorgeousness.

Gorgeous plant nails with gold leaf

19. Dark gray stiletto plant nails

Thanks to the dark gray, the plant pattern looks brighter, and the stiletto shape also makes this nail design bold.

Dark gray stiletto plant nails

20. Plant pink gradient nails

The pink gradient design creates a strong tropical atmosphere for this plant nail. This nail is a perfect match for beach vacations.

Plant pink gradient nails

21. Abstract plant nails

The plant nail design combined with abstract art will awaken people’s strong curiosity.

Abstract plant nails

22. Vigorous plant nails

These plant patterns wrapped on the tips of the nails will add charm and youthful vitality to you.

Vigorous plant nails

23. Orange plant set nails

Compared with other designs, orange nails with plant suits look richer and distinctive. Of course, they will be more complicated to make.

Orange plant set nails

24. Eye-catching plant nails

A plant accent nail is a secret weapon to make the overall nail look attractive.

Eye-catching plant nails

25. Plant yellow nails

In addition to leaves, branches, and cacti, I think the glittering dandelion pattern is also worth trying. The positive yellow color makes this plant nail design inspiring.

Plant yellow nails

26. Warm-toned nails with plants

For cold weather, wearing plant nails with warm tones may be the most correct choice.

Warm-toned nails with plants

27. Glittering plant nails

This design that uses powder to make plant nails shine is excellent and balanced in all aspects.

Glittering plant nails