29 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Can Easily Implement

Some simple and easy-to-implement ideas can make your small bathroom look perfect and stunning. This is not a fantasy, it may be the case. In my opinion, the decoration design of a small space and a large space is completely different, and the complex design is very likely to be out of date after some time. Many people just use their imagination to stuff too many things into a small space to create a seemingly rich effect. The final result is completely predictable, that is, the appearance is confusing, and the practicality and convenience are terrible.

I think the decoration of small bathrooms should always be simple. First, you have to determine the tone of your style, and then incorporate 1 or 2 unique designs that you like or can express your personal style. The overall decoration should end here, and then you can make some subtle adjustments to the details.

Before I renovated the small bathroom, I collected some simple and inspiring design ideas to ensure that I was always on the right path. Do you need them like me? After in-depth sorting, the following content is what I want to share with you!

1. Exquisite details

I always believe that details determine success or failure. The advantage of a small bathroom is that you can spend more time and energy fine-tuning the design. In fact, this may be the only way you can achieve the perfect spatial effect.

Exquisite details
IG: homeinheidelberg

2. Small pink bathroom

Pink can effortlessly create a comfortable and warm atmosphere for a small bathroom, even in a poorly lit space can have the same effect.

Small pink bathroom
IG: rusticandvine

3. Lighting atmosphere

It is entirely possible that the main lighting setting is not used in a small space. The wall LED light strips and mirror lights create a subtle atmosphere of a small bathroom at night.

Lighting atmosphere
IG: ka.mafi.w.domu

4. Small bathroom wallpaper

We cannot underestimate the decorative effect of wallpaper, especially for small bathrooms. This elegant butterfly waterproof wallpaper makes this space look like a fairyland.

Small bathroom wallpaper
IG: laylagrayce

5. Cozy small bathroom

From a certain perspective, a small space represents warmth. Therefore, any warm color matching can create a small bathroom with this effect. It is worth mentioning that this decoration concept will hardly allow you to make any unnecessary design mistakes.

Cozy small bathroom
IG: diymom.ca

6. Mini flowers for small bathrooms

Who wants to decorate the bathroom as a garden? For a small bathroom, every square meter is extremely precious. However, this does not mean that we can not achieve this theme, maybe mini flowers can help you.

Mini flowers for small bathrooms
IG: nest_twenty_eight

7. Unique sink for small bathroom

Small space means that it is easier to make something unique stand out. For example, a beautiful and practical small bathroom sink.

Unique sink for small bathroom
IG: archiproducts

8. Eye-catching small bathroom decoration

Creatively decorating your small bathroom bathtub or toilet background wall can easily get eye-catching and impressive effects.

Eye-catching small bathroom decoration
IG: small.flat.ideas

9. Bathroom mirror

An irregularly shaped bathroom mirror may be able to maximize the decorative effect of your small bathroom. I mean, this design solution is worth a try.

Bathroom mirror
IG: no.mad_design

10. Small bathroom with bright yellow

Incorporating bright yellow in a small bathroom is both dangerous and exciting. Excessive proportions of this color will inevitably create a bad appearance. Take a look at this idea, you can easily master this decoration technique.

Small bathroom with bright yellow
IG: a.menina.do.lar

11. Minimalist small bathroom

The combination of soft and light colors looks comfortable, and the simple hardware is still amazing. This minimalist style of a small bathroom is always popular.

Minimalist small bathroom
IG: ddesignmood

12. Dark blue small bathroom

Creating a small dark blue bathroom is definitely a challenge, and perhaps it is a wise choice to incorporate bright colors into the design. These two completely different shades produced a very strong visual impact. This decoration scheme reminds me of a sentence, high risks are often accompanied by high returns.

Dark blue small bathroom
IG: eclectichunkydoryhome

13. Closet Shelves

As long as you want, small bathrooms with limited space can be renovated at any time. This kind of closet shelf in the wall is practical and space-saving.

Closet Shelves
IG: shady_pines3interiors

14. Barn Door

For small bathrooms, using traditional doors will definitely waste some wall space when opening the room. If conditions permit, barn doors may be the most ideal choice.

Barn Door
IG: cotswoldco

15. Small bathroom wall decoration

The floor space of a small bathroom is precious, so you have almost no chance to put too many decorations and storage items. Then the wall may become the only choice. These unique floating shelves and small hanging baskets are both beautiful and practical.

Small bathroom wall decoration
IG: homewithrue

16. boho small bathroom

We all know that decorative items with obvious style and characteristics are the key to creating a boho room. But what we are facing at this time is a small bathroom decoration. This earthy red wall may satisfy you.

boho small bathroom
IG: homestylemaguk

17. Floating shelf for small bathroom

Whether it is a small bathroom or a bedroom, we will recommend floating shelves to you without hesitation. You should consider or try them, trust me, you will not be disappointed by them.

Floating shelf for small bathroom
IG: pequenasalegriasdomorar

18. Small black bathroom

The most important consideration when incorporating black into the design of a small bathroom is the proportion of colors it occupies.

Small black bathroom
IG: queenstangleddesires

19. Personalized small bathroom

A small bathroom can also mean private space, so you can try a decorative design with a personal touch. Look at this idea, this small bathroom is full of art.

Personalized small bathroom
IG: hom.fy

20. Modern small bathroom

A small modern bathroom must be a popular choice. Although it may not have an overly eye-catching decorative design, we must admit that it performs very well in all aspects.

Modern small bathroom
IG: justinplace_sydney

21. Retro small bathroom

A unique small bathroom is very likely to have a relatively special style, I think retro style is a good choice. It can make this small space more chronological and historical.

Retro small bathroom
IG: cottageonmainst

22. Small bathroom with golden color

Small bathrooms can also have a magnificent appearance. One of the secrets to achieving this effect is to use golden bathroom hardware.

Small bathroom with golden color
IG: hom.fy

23. Beautiful and lively shower curtain

Small bathrooms usually choose to use shower curtains to separate the space. A shower curtain with bright colors can make this space full of vitality.

Beautiful and lively shower curtain
IG: homewithamandaj

24. Always keep simple

No matter what the decorative design scheme of a small bathroom is, keeping the space clean and simple can always present its best appearance. I mean, there are a lot of items that don’t need to be there at all.

Always keep simple
IG: livingawilderlife

25. Small black and white bathroom

Black and white color matching design is another popular modern small bathroom decorating scheme. This idea has told you the best color ratio, which is 50:50.

Small black and white bathroom
IG: nood_co

26. Floating bathroom cabinet

Floating bathroom cabinets can create more storage space for your small bathroom.

Floating bathroom cabinet
IG: fabia.home

27. Small green bathroom

The fresh small bathroom can make you feel relaxed and happy. I think the color of choice for this look must be green.

Small green bathroom
IG: m.toninterieur

28. Elegant small bathroom

It seems that it is not easy to create a truly elegant small bathroom, but fortunately, we still have this idea to refer to. The space incorporates some dull greens and grays, and the delicate prints hanging on the wall make the small bathroom look like a medieval gallery. The overall atmosphere is tranquil and calm. The designer chose white ceramic sinks and marble countertops. When these elements are combined, elegance is created.

Elegant small bathroom
IG: interiorjems

29. “Enlarged” small bathroom

Whether it is the wall or the floor, small bathrooms should choose to use small tiles. This simplest and easy-to-use decoration method can visually expand the space area.

Enlarged small bathroom
IG: homewithrue