23 Gorgeous Rainbow Tattoo Art Ideas

Rainbow colors are used in various artistic designs. It has been popular for a long, long time, and this trend will continue. Nevertheless, when you see this beautiful color combination, you will still be amazed and impressed. However, rainbow colors are not mainstream in all art, such as tattoo art.

Unconstrained imagination and outstanding creativity are two important factors for designing a unique tattoo. At the same time, this also means that many designs can be complex or even difficult to understand. If you are looking for a type of tattoo design that has a minimalist look and is truly unique and niche, then I strongly recommend rainbow tattoos to you.

No matter what the content of the tattoo is, rainbow colors will make the design look inspiring and vibrant. I think this is the unique charm of this color combination. Not only that, but it will also make small super minimal tattoos unusually eye-catching, and can easily create a cute and fun look for animal tattoos. Not to mention, the tattoos specially designed for rainbows are so harmonious and memorable. The total number of rainbow tattoo designs may be relatively small, but there are still enough excellent designs waiting for your discovery and exploration. Keep reading, these design ideas are here!

1. Geometric rainbow tattoo

This impressive rainbow tattoo is a combination of multiple geometric shapes. Thanks to the colorful color combination and creative design, it looks full of childhood vitality and imagination.

Geometric rainbow tattoo
IG: hen_tattooer

2. Rainbow music score tattoo

For music lovers, wearing a colorful rainbow sheet music tattoo must be exciting. This type of design can incorporate more personalized elements. If you love this color style and music at the same time, then you shouldn’t miss it.

Rainbow music score tattoo
IG: u_oooops

3. Rainbow Earth Tattoo

This rainbow earth tattoo design combines abstract style, so it is both beautiful and dreamy. Anyone can wear it, especially travel enthusiasts and environmentalists.

Rainbow Earth Tattoo
IG: nikita.tattoo

4. Rainbow brushstroke tattoo

This rainbow tattoo is one of the most popular design types. If you don’t have a clear theme, then it may be the most ideal option. The colorful brushstrokes symbolize the unconstrained imagination and outstanding creativity.

Rainbow brushstroke tattoo
IG: disegnarti

5. Rainbow landscape tattoo

People are always amazed at the beauty of the rainbow after the rain. If you are obsessed with this scenery, you can wear it perfectly. This realistic rainbow landscape tattoo will guide you on the right design.

Rainbow landscape tattoo
IG: eunyutattoo

6. Rainbow Butterfly Tattoo

The rainbow makes the classic butterfly tattoo more unique. Of course, this tattoo also has some small ideas, this design style is very worthy of reference and learning.

Rainbow Butterfly Tattoo
IG: xinamon_tattoo

7. Rainbow cat tattoo

I couldn’t help but want to laugh when I saw this tattoo design. This “soft” kitten is so cute and funny, not only that, the rainbow colors make it energetic and childhood fun.

Rainbow cat tattoo
IG: hiacyntaa

8. Rainbow line tattoo

If you are looking for a minimalist and modern rainbow tattoo design, then this tattoo created using only lines may interest you. It can be zoomed in and out arbitrarily, and you can place it in any position.

Rainbow line tattoo
IG: hamburger_at

9. Creative rainbow tattoo

This rainbow tattoo looks “chaotic”, I mean, it has a creative look. The clever artist makes this tattoo stand out among the many designs in an extremely simple and creative way. I believe that you will also get a lot of attention when you wear this tattoo.

Creative rainbow tattoo
IG: ynnssteiakakis

10. Rainbow Moon Tattoo

This moon tattoo not only has a rainbow color scheme but also combines a realistic style. In order to make the overall design look not monotonous, a quote tattoo, some cute stars, and spheres are also matched around the moon.

Rainbow Moon Tattoo
IG: tattooist_color.b

11. Rainbow sun tattoo

Sun tattoos are usually inspiring, and yellow is its main hue. This tattoo does not deviate from the basic design theme. The rainbow colors incorporated make it have a more eye-catching appearance and unique charm.

Rainbow sun tattoo
IG: shiratwig

12. Rainbow dot tattoo on finger

Wearing colorful finger tattoos is a challenging task, because the color may fade quickly over time. Of course, you can maintain a perfect appearance through post-modification. And I think that complicated design is not always a great choice.

Rainbow dot tattoo on finger
IG: keenetattoo

13. Rainbow quote tattoo

In my opinion, no matter what the content of the quote tattoo is, as long as the design incorporates rainbow colors, it looks full of positive energy.

Rainbow quote tattoo
IG: lauragomeztattoo

14. Rainbow Bird Tattoo

Realistic and realistic style can give bird tattoos a “lively” appearance. Of course, rainbow colors can also make the design have the same effect.

Rainbow rain tattoo with a cloud
IG: handitrip

15. Rainbow rain tattoo with a cloud

This little rainbow rain tattoo is so cute, the wrist may be the best place to place it. When you raise your hand and see it, you will definitely feel happy. Although the size of the tattoo is small, the design still has meaning. It means that the rainbow will only appear after rain. It’s like when we defeated many difficulties, we will surely usher in the dawn of victory.

Rainbow Bird Tattoo
IG: panna.lew

16. Rainbow Christmas Tree Tattoo

Few people wear Christmas tree tattoos on their bodies. Because of this, this type of tattoo is niche. The design incorporates iridescent colors to make the minimalist look vivid. At the same time, it has also become a “limited” design.

Rainbow Christmas Tree Tattoo
IG: handitrip

17. Rainbow Flower Tattoo

Monochrome ink floral tattoos are usually elegant, adding some color to the design is gorgeous. The rainbow flower tattoo combines the two, and from the appearance, you can feel that the design is full of love for life.

Rainbow Flower Tattoo
IG: k_inx

18. Rainbow bracelet tattoo

A rainbow bracelet tattoo made up of “numerous” stars, even if it is not metal or gemstones, it does not look dim at all, and even the effect is far beyond the real bracelet.

Rainbow bracelet tattoo
IG: misspokestattoo

19. Rainbow Mermaid Tattoo

I have to admit that rainbow colors can give designs an unexpected appearance. This mermaid tattoo made me feel psychedelic and divine.

Rainbow Mermaid Tattoo
IG: blvedove

20. Rainbow Heart Tattoo

The perfect combination of rainbow colors, creative design, and unique style. This heart tattoo is as bright as a gem.

Rainbow Heart Tattoo
IG: tattooist_sigak

21. Rainbow turtle tattoo

To be honest, the minimalist turtle tattoos are easily overlooked. If you want to make it eye-catching, this idea will give you inspiration.

Rainbow turtle tattoo
IG: wittybutton_tattoo

22. Rainbow Symbol Tattoo

The design of this symbol tattoo is inspired by the sun. Creativity makes it unique. The rainbow colors emphasize this effect.

Rainbow Symbol Tattoo
IG: fundasakarya_tattooer

23. Rainbow Galaxy Tattoo

No one knows what the full picture of the galaxy is, and the galaxy is also a romantic design theme. Just like everyone’s soul, everyone’s galaxy may be different. Is your Milky Way colorful and cute? So how about this tattoo?

Rainbow Galaxy Tattoo
IG: seon_tattoo