55 Unique Small Finger Tattoo Ideas

Anyone who knows about tattoos probably knows that tattooing on fingers is painful, and finger tattoos tend to fade easily. Also, this type of tattoo requires frequent upkeep to always look good. Despite all the drawbacks of finger tattoos, we have to admit that they are becoming more and more popular every year, even surpassing wrist tattoos.

To be honest, in the past, we would not recommend finger tattoos to tattoo newcomers, but now, because of thousands of small designs, we have changed our minds. There is no doubt that small finger tattoos are suitable for everyone. You can get one for a few dozen dollars and a few minutes. A short time means that even if you are sensitive to pain, you don’t have to suffer prolonged discomfort. And, since it’s small, it can be easily concealed with just some foundation.

Small finger tattoos already on your next ink list? Well, this guide is for you. What kind of ink do you need? Cute, gorgeous or fun? They are all included in this guide, and there are classic and creative designs waiting for you to explore, let’s continue!

1. Tiny Panda Tattoo

Love pandas? You are their fan? Awesome! This adorable panda tattoo is for you.

Tiny Panda Tattoo

2. Small Sun Tattoo

The sun tattooed on your fingers will make you feel positive energy anytime, anywhere.

Small Sun Tattoo

3. Colorful Mini Coconut Tree Tattoo

Obsessed with the beach vacation life? So how about getting a mini colorful coconut tree? This design looks really cute.

Colorful Mini Coconut Tree Tattoo

4. Simple Small Rose Finger Tattoo

Rose tattoos symbolize love, so if love is what your life is all about, it makes perfect sense to get it on your finger.

Simple Small Rose Tattoo

5. Small Fine Line Camera Tattoo

Are you a photographer? Or photography is your hobby? The minimalist camera design on this finger will say it all.

Small Fine Line Camera Tattoo

6. Small Star Finger Tattoo

Believe it or not, this bold star on your finger will make you look more attractive.

Small Star Tattoo

7. Cute Small Blue Daisy Tattoo

Daisy is your flower? And need a unique design? How about this small blue daisy?

Cute Small Blue Daisy Tattoo

8. Small Word Tattoo

Sometimes, one word is enough to say it all. This type of tattoo is great to place on the finger!

Small Word Tattoo

9. Small Eye Tattoo

Eye tattoos ward off evil for you, so it should be done on a prominent body part, no? In my opinion, a minimalist line design is good for fingers.

Small Eye Tattoo

10. Small Fun tattoo

A fun small finger tattoo will delight you and those around you at all times.

Small Fun tattoo

11. Small Girl Power Tattoo

Girl power is what you want to express? I think this simple but eye-catching symbol will please you.

Small Girl Power Tattoo

12. Small Diamond Tattoo

Diamonds are rare, gorgeous and hard, and many women liken themselves to them.

Small Diamond Tattoo

13. Small Sun and Wave Tattoo

The sunrise on the sea is impressive and fascinating. I want to have this scenery tattooed on my fingers. How about you?

Small Sun and Wave Tattoo

14. Small Bird Tattoo

The bird symbolizes freedom, which is one of the most important things in a person’s life.

Small Bird Tattoo

15. Small Ace of spades Tattoo

Ace of spades tattoos are cool and have deep meaning, they symbolize leadership, new beginnings or a new phase of life.

Small Ace of spades Tattoo

16. Small Number Tattoo

Numbers can represent many things. In some cultures, the number 7 symbolizes good luck.

Small Number Tattoo

17. Small Flame Tattoo

Flame tattoos mean passion, get it on your finger and you will look cool.

Small Flame Tattoo

18. Small Chinese Tattoo

This is a Chinese tattoo that symbolizes love and it is very popular. It is unique in countries where the official language is not Chinese.

Small Chinese Tattoo

19. Small Black Leave Tattoo

Need an elegant yet eye-catching small finger tattoo? This black leaves design is a perfect option.

Small Black Leaves Tattoo

20. Small Burning Heart Tattoo

A burning heart symbolizes ardent love, passion and strength. This design is suitable for both men and women.

Small Burning Heart Tattoo

21. Small Peace Symbol tattoo

This lovely design symbolizes peace and love. The line design is for everyone, and if you want it to look sweet, you might consider colored ink.

Small Peace Symbol tattoo

22. Tiny Clover Tattoo

This clover tattoo is small, but its symbolism is powerful. Plus, the green ink makes it look cute and eye-catching.

Tiny Clover Tattoo

23. Small Angel wings Tattoo

Angel wings symbolize protection, freedom, and the everlasting remembrance of loved ones who have passed away. The minimalist thin line design fits well on fingers, and it will make your fingers look cool.

Small Angel wings Tattoo

24. Small Lightning Tattoo

When talking about the most popular patterns, I am sure, lightning must be mentioned. Lightning is considered a primal force, it symbolizes inspiration and creativity.

Small Lightning Tattoo

25. Small Letter V Finger Tattoo

Believe it or not, a simple letter tattoo can easily spark curiosity. The symbolism of this type of tattoo depends on the individual.

Mini Letter V Tattoo

26. Black Small Lotus tattoo

The black lotus symbolizes power, strength and maturity. If you’re going to get it tattooed on your finger, I think this silhouette design filled with black ink might be one of the best options, it looks cool, doesn’t it?

Black Small Lotus tattoo

27. Small Music Player Tattoo

This fun and minimal design symbolizes a love of music. Based on this design, do you need it to match your style? You can easily do it with your favorite color.

Small Music Player Tattoo

28. Mini Hamsa Tattoo

For fingers, this outline small hamsa design is perfect. This pattern symbolizes happiness, good luck and health.

Mini Hassam Tattoo

29. Mini Happy and Sad Tattoo

This particular tattoo symbolizes laughing now and crying later, and the person who has it is well aware that life is full of ups and downs, so it is also a reminder.

Mini Happy and Sad Tattoo

30.Small Cross Finger tattoo

Do you want to declare your beliefs? Maybe getting tiny crosses tattooed on your fingers is a good idea. Check out this idea, maybe you’ll agree with me.

Tiny Cross tattoo

31. Small Whale tattoo

Whales represent wisdom, protection, strength, and unbridled creativity. Choose the silhouette style, you can easily get it on your finger.

Small Whale tattoo

32. Small Five-pointed Star Tattoo

The five-pointed star symbolizes authority, strength and spiritual power. This pattern is incredibly simple, so you can get a design that’s extremely small. Of course, you can also easily incorporate your creativity into the basic design.

Small Five-pointed Star Tattoo

33. Small Bee finger tattoo

Bees symbolize teamwork and family. When it is on your fingers, I am sure, your fingers will look unique. As for which tattoo design style to choose, I think minimalist and simplified realistic styles are both good, and I personally prefer the latter.

Small Bee tattoo

34. Mix Small Tattoos

You can get multiple small finger tattoos at once, and depending on what you like and what you want to express, getting the perfect combination is a breeze.

Mix Small Tattoos

35. Mini Heartbeat tattoo

A heartbeat tattoo symbolizes the passing of time, and this tattoo reminds people to live each day to the fullest.

Mini Heartbeat tattoo

36. Tiny Airplane tattoo

This cool and simple tiny airplane is one of the best icons for travel enthusiasts.

Tiny Airplane tattoo

37. Mini Moon tattoo

When the basic mini moon is tattooed on the fingers, it doesn’t look drab at all, it even looks a bit unique, don’t you think?

Mini Moon tattoo

38. Small Music Note Tattoo

Not interested in music player design? This musical notation tattoo might just please you. Colorful designs look even better if you don’t mind the ink fading quickly.

Small Music Note Tattoo

39. Minimalist Small Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon bows symbolize feminine power, and this design works well as a ring tattoo, which, in my opinion, is more attractive than any jewelry piece.

Minimalist Small Ribbon Tattoo

40. Fine Line Small Heart Finger Tattoo

The heart is known to be a symbol of love and it is always in trend. It can look complex or simple, plus, you can shrink and enlarge it at will. In other words, based on this pattern, you can effortlessly get a design that matches your taste.

Fine Line Small Heart Tattoo

41. Lovely Small Flower tattoo

A flower tattoo doesn’t have to look like a flower, it can be a person too. Check out this unique design where the flowers are beckoning and it looks so happy.

Lovely Small Flower tattoo

42. Cute Small Tiger head tattoo

Tiger tattoos symbolize courage and confidence. The cute little design is nice for women and matches the fingers perfectly.

Cute Small Tiger head tattoo

43. Black Small Snake Finger tattoo

Thanks to the black ink and silhouette style, this little snake design is both eye-catching and cool.

Black Small Snake tattoo

44. Small Dollar Sign Tattoo

Undoubtedly, this design symbolizes wealth. In tattoo art, this symbol is rarely used by people and thus this simple tattoo can be considered unique.

Small Dollar Sign Tattoo

45. Small Red Crown Finger tattoo

Finger tattoos are eye-catching in their own right, and the effect is enhanced by the red ink. The crown symbolizes femininity and it is one of the favorite patterns among women.

Small Red Crown tattoo

46. Mini Smiley tattoo

This mini smiley looks cute and inspiring. Honestly, I’m not worried about having the same tattoo as someone else, so I’ll consider this simple yet meaningful classic design.

Mini Smiley tattoo

47. Tiny Infinity Symbol tattoo

The infinity symbol symbolizes many things, such as eternal love, reincarnation of life and death, and so on. Some believe this symbol contains cosmic energy.

Tiny Infinity Symbol tattoo

48. Small Butterfly Finger tattoo

A gorgeous butterfly design should be included in any tattoo guide on any topic, don’t you think?

Small Butterfly tattoo

49. Black Small Paw Print Tattoo

One of the best designs to commemorate a pet is a paw print, which can be made in a small size and placed on a special body part, such as the side of a finger.

Black Small Paw Print Tattoo

50. Small Paper Airplane tattoo

Paper airplane tattoos symbolize freedom, childhood, and a love of travel.

Small Paper Airplane tattoo

51. Small Zodiac Symbol Tattoo

A horoscope tattoo is meaningful and it is one of the best personal symbols. The minimalist design is great for the fingers, check out this Sagittarius tattoo and you should get inspired.

Small Zodiac Symbol Tattoo

52. Minimalist Tiny Arrow Tattoo

Arrows symbolize struggle, progress, and new beginnings. Get it tattooed on your finger and it will remind you not to forget your mission.

Minimalist Tiny Arrow Tattoo

53. Outline Small Rabbit Tattoo

If you’re planning to get animal tattoos on your fingers, this minimalist bunny tattoo will show you what the best design is.

Outline Small Rabbit Tattoo

54. Mini White Ink Tattoo

Although white ink tattoos are not eye-catching, we have to admit, it is unique. This type of tattoo is perfect for someone who is somewhere between low key and showy.

White Ink Mini Tattoo

55. Minimalist Tiny Fish Tattoo

Fish symbolize wisdom and prosperity. The fish pattern has a lot of detail and it sounds crazy to get it on the fingers, but we have great artists, check out this minimal design and you will be satisfied.

Minimalist Tiny Fish Tattoo