36 Best Small Hand Tattoo Ideas

Back in the day, hand tattoos were not a hot topic, and even many tattoo artists advised people to stay away from them. With the trend going, more and more people are now getting interested in this tattoo and adding it to their to-get list. Because the hands are not flat, the best hand tattoos are small designs.

Now, we have many reasons to get small hand tattoos. For example, if you want to show off your ink, but finger tattoos aren’t on your list, then I can’t think of a better option than small hand tattoos. Or, do you want to make a statement or communicate your philosophy to those around you? Undoubtedly, this tattoo is easy to do. There is no one who does not pay attention to the symbolic meaning of tattoos, however, you are one of the many people who also want to get permanent decorations on their hands? You should not miss small hand tattoos.

Getting a small tattoo on your hand and finally your ink is eye-catching and subtle is something special that I think most people will love. Of course, before proceeding, you also need to know that getting a hand tattoo is painful, and the ink fades and spreads quickly. You need to take good care of your tattoo on a daily basis and make regular visits to the tattoo parlor to keep it looking flawless.

After weighing the pros and cons, are you still determined to get a small hand tattoo? Alright, keep scrolling your screens. We have prepared some of the best ideas for you that contain classic, creative and gorgeous designs that are on trend. Confidently, there is enough inspiration here to make it easy for you to get the perfect small hand tattoo for you.

1. Small Swallow Hand Tattoo

Swallow tattoos symbolize protection, love and devotion. If these meanings are the most important part of your life, then you have a good reason to get a beautiful little design on your hands.

Small Swallow Hand Tattoo

2. Small Dragonfly Hand Tattoo

Dragonfly tattoos symbolize change, and like four-leaf clover tattoos, also symbolize good luck. All I can guess is that with a dragonfly tattoo on your hand, you’ll be an eye-catcher.

Small Dragonfly Hand Tattoo

3. Small Alien Hand Tattoo

Interested in alien or UFO incidents? This fun design is for you.

Small Alien Hand Tattoo

4. Small Letter Hand Tattoo

The vintage letter B design is both meaningful and charming. In my opinion, such a tattoo is very suitable to be tattooed on the hands. Of course, I have to admit that the wrist is also a good position.

Small Letter Hand Tattoo

5. Small Number Hand Tattoo

The same number has different meanings to different people, and some people think that the number 8 represents wealth.

Small Number Hand Tattoo

6. Small Flame Hand Tattoo

The minimalist flame tattoo is a classic of classics, and it symbolizes passion. In addition, this pattern is a fashion symbol,

Small Flame Hand Tattoo

7. Small Horseshoe Hand Tattoo

Horseshoe tattoos symbolize good luck and wealth, and this is a unisex design.

Small Horseshoe Hand Tattoo

8. Small Gradient Hand Tattoo

Do you want to achieve a gorgeous, eye-catching yet simple enough design? This gradient silhouette tattoo on hand will give you inspiration.

Small Gradient Hand Tattoo

9. Small Word Hand Tattoo

Have a word that matters to you? Then, use it to design small hand tattoos that are personal and meaningful! It is worth mentioning that font style can indicate your style.

Small word Hand Tattoo

10. Small Couple Hand Tattoo

This simple matching tattoo has great meaning and the initials of the person on the hand is a promise of love.

Small Couple Hand Tattoo

11. Small Text Hand Tattoo

Putting a word tattoo on your hand, you can easily declare a certain content or idea aloud.

Small Text Hand Tattoo

12. Small Paw Print Hand Tattoo

Undoubtedly, paw print tattoos will make your hands look lovely. If you feel that the outline design is not eye-catching enough, then you can try filling the design with ink.

Small Paw Print Hand Tattoo

13. Small Custom Hand Tattoo

A custom design on hand is the perfect symbol all your own. The symbolic meaning of this design can only be known by asking the person who owns it.

Small Custom Hand Tattoo

14. Small Cross Hand Tattoo

Christianity is your religion? You want everyone to know? Please tattoo the small cross on your hand.

Small Cross Hand Tattoo

15. Small Elephant Hand Tattoo

Elephant tattoos symbolize strength and good luck. A minimalist design is great for tattooing on the hands, it will make you stand out and be cute.

Small Elephant Hand Tattoo

16. Small Dog Hand Tattoo

This tattoo is a great design in honor of pets. The dog head portrait can be placed on small body parts, and after removing some details, it matches the hands perfectly.

Small Dog Hand Tattoo

17. Small Planet Hand Tattoo

Planet tattoos will enhance your attractiveness and show others that you are someone who is interested in outer space. Since we’re going to have it in our hands, I suggest you first consider the classic black and gray design.

Small Planet Hand Tattoo

18. Small Sun Hand Tattoo

The sun tattoo is a positive symbol, put it on your hand, I believe, you will feel full of positive energy every day.

Small Sun Hand Tattoo

19. Small Paper Airplane Hand Tattoo

Paper airplanes flying upwards will make your hands look unique and elegant. For travel enthusiasts, this is a very meaningful design, and it is also a decoration representing hobbies.

Small Paper Airplane Hand Tattoo

20. Small Quote Hand Tattoo

If you want ink to serve as a reminder or to gain self-improvement through it, why not get a short quote that resonates with you tattooed on your hand like this idea?

Small Quote Hand Tattoo

21. Small Knife Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos can convey your personal message to others. A person with this design seems to be telling others that he is a chef or that he loves to cook.

Small Knife Hand Tattoo

22. Small Plant Hand Tattoo

If you want to get one of the most elegant tattoos on your hands, I think designs with plants are ones you don’t want to miss.

Small Plant Hand Tattoo

23. Small White Hand Tattoo

For someone who is low-key but still wants to get a hand tattoo, a minimalist white ink design might be the best option.

Small White Hand Tattoo

24. Small Star Hand Tattoo

The stars symbolize excellence, guidance and good luck. Needless to say, everyone knows that it is one of the most popular tattoo elements. Putting it on your hand will make you attractive, which is very suitable for women.

Small Star Hand Tattoo

25. Small Moon Phase Hand Tattoo

A moon phase tattoo symbolizes mystery, eternity and magic. From the looks alone, it looks more impressive than the basic moon design.

Small Moon Phase Hand Tattoo

26. Small Ribbon Hand Tattoo

Putting a small ribbon tattoo on your hand represents that you are making a statement of femininity and this idea is very important to you.

Small Ribbon Hand Tattoo

27. Small Meteor and Moon Hand Tattoo

This combination design presents a dreamy night sky in the hand. Meteors symbolize good luck.

Small Meteor and Moon Hand Tattoo

28. Small Lotus Hand Tattoo

If you need your hand tattoo to remind you to stay away from temptation and become a better person, then the lotus flower is for you.

Small Lotus Hand Tattoo

29. Small Bird Hand Tattoo

A flying bird represents physical and spiritual freedom. This tattoo shows that the person who has it is a person who values freedom as important as life. This remarkable design is sure to impress.

Small Bird Hand Tattoo

30. Small Rose Hand Tattoo

It would be a major mistake on our part if beautiful rose tattoos were not included in this guide.

Small Rose Hand Tattoo

31. Small Flower Hand Tattoo

Are you wondering what kind of small flower designs are best for hands? This idea is one of the best answers, the silhouette style ensures simplicity in the design and makes it look special.

Small Flower Hand Tattoo

32. Small Smiley Hand Tattoo

Get this tattoo on your hand and you will laugh as soon as you see it. The smiley face pattern is classic and chosen by many people, but what we cannot ignore is that it is still a fashion icon.

Small Smiley Hand Tattoo

33. Small Butterfly Hand Tattoo

If you’re a big fan of butterflies, or the symbolism of this insect is important to you, why not get it tattooed somewhere you can see it at all times? Such as hands.

Small Butterfly Hand Tattoo

34. Small Heart Hand Tattoo

A black heart tattoo symbolizes the sadness that a relationship has ended. In fact, it is not a negative tattoo, rather it serves as a reminder.

Small Heart Hand Tattoo

35. Small Ladybug Hand Tattoo

Ladybugs symbolize love and friendship. Plus, it’s great for women, as it also symbolizes femininity. A red design might look more beautiful and realistic, but you’ll need to retouch it more often.

Small Ladybug Hand Tattoo

36. Small Year Hand Tattoo

This year tattoo honors the parents of the person who has it, and there is a depth of meaning behind the simple combination of numbers.

Small Year Hand Tattoo