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35 Stunning Small Heart Tattoo Ideas

Which pattern best represents love and emotion, no doubt, the answer must be the heart. Small heart tattoos are one of the most popular and timeless designs, and even though it is small, it has great meaning. There are countless designs for small heart tattoos, some are basic and simple, others are bold and personal. I mean, no matter what your style is, there is always a small heart tattoo design for you.

Plus, because of the size of a small heart tattoo, you can get it without a big commitment. Moreover, you can also tattoo it on any body part you like. Common and popular locations are wrists, arms, fingers, ankles and chest. Of course, other positions are also very good, it’s just that these body parts are relatively prominent, and people want to show off their little heart ink.

Hearts of different colors have different specific symbolic meanings. According to your needs, please choose the color of the small heart carefully.

Red heart ❤️ symbolize true love and romance.

Yellow heart 💛 symbolizes happiness and friendship.

Purple heart 💜 symbolizes compassion.

Black heart 🖤 symbolizes sadness.

Blue heart 💙 represents peace and trust.

Orange heart 🧡 represents caring.

White heart 🤍 symbolizes pure love.

Green heart 💚 represents envy.

On the other hand, the combination of multiple hearts and the appearance of specific hearts also have specific symbolic meanings, keep scrolling your screen, and we will explain to you in detail.

1. Colorful Small Heart Tattoo

The colorful design incorporates the symbolism of different colored hearts all into one tattoo. This is a well rounded and lively looking personalized ink.

Small Heart Tattoo

2. Small red and blue heart tattoo

Due to the red and blue inks, this small heart tattoo has two specific symbolic meanings. This design may seem contradictory and antagonistic, but it actually demonstrates the spirit of tolerance.

Small Heart Tattoo

3. Small heart tattoo on the wrist

I always think that if you have ink on your wrist, the design should be very symbolic, even a reminder. And this small heart design does just that, a reminder of self-love.

Small Heart Tattoo

4. Small heart tattoo with a cross

A tattoo can be incredibly powerful when faith is combined with a heart and this design shows that.

Small Heart Tattoo

5. Small Heart Bubble Tattoo

Looking for a fun small heart tattoo? How about this design that looks like colorful bubbles? I think people will definitely be attracted to this tattoo.

Small Heart Tattoo

6. Small heart planet tattoo

The circle of thin wire turns a small heart into your very own planet, this red design is loving and charming. Also, you can add star tattoos to make the design sparkle and eye-catching.

Small Heart Tattoo

7. Small heart pixel tattoo

Pixel tattoos are unique and look fun. This red heart symbolizes life in video games. Of course, this design has more than one meaning, it also symbolizes love in real life.

Small Heart Tattoo

8. Gesture Small Heart Tattoo

This is an avant-garde gesture tattoo design that will surely be familiar to you and it symbolizes expressing love to someone or yourself.

Small Heart Tattoo

9. Small Heart Personalized Tattoo

This is a tattoo that expresses personal interests and such a design is easy to create by transforming or including your favorite things into the heart pattern.

Small Heart Tattoo

10. Small Heart Friendship Tattoo

Nothing expresses your precious friendship better than a heart pattern! To make the tattoo look unique, like this idea, create small hearts with a different look.

Small Heart Tattoo

11. Small Heart Thin Line Tattoo

The thin line art makes the small heart look feminine and this look is perfect for women. Plus, you can try to make the lines look “messy” like this idea, so your tattoo will be romantic.

Small Heart Tattoo

12. Small Gold Heart Tattoo

The small golden heart design symbolizes that love is the most precious thing in this world. In addition, depending on the person, this design may also have the symbolic meaning of an orange heart.

Small Heart Tattoo

13. Black and White Small Heart Tattoo

Undoubtedly, the small black and white heart design looks cool and eye-catching. Thanks to the shading details, this tattoo is delicate and has a dimensional look.

Small Heart Tattoo

14. Small Heart Tattoo With Wings

The winged design has a specific symbolic meaning that is different from regular small heart tattoos. This design represents remembrance, it may also symbolize freedom, or it may have a wonderful story behind it.

Small Heart Tattoo

15. Small Heart Matching Tattoo

In my opinion, you don’t have to go out of your way to create a very creative design, a small heart with a little embellishment and a representative pattern can be used to create the best matching tattoo.

Small Heart Tattoo

16. Small Glittery Heart Tattoo

Sparkling red hearts symbolize love and affection, and such designs are sweeter, often with a playful tone. Plus, this small design is eye-catching thanks to the glitter effect.

Small Heart Tattoo

17. Small Smiley Heart Tattoo

The perfect combination of a smiling face and a small heart represents a happy mood. Ink tattooed on the arm is conspicuous so this small tattoo will convey this sentiment to everyone around you through the dandelion tattoo in design.

Small Heart Tattoo

18. Small Heart Tattoo with Butterfly

Your small heart tattoo can be combined with anything you like, do you also like butterfly tattoos? This design will show you how to do it.

Small Heart Tattoo

19. Small Gradient Heart Tattoo

The blue and white gradient design means that this small heart tattoo combines two specific symbolic meanings, namely pure love, trust and loyalty. Plus, the appearance of this design is also great, it looks aesthetically pleasing and unique.

Small Heart Tattoo

20. Small Amethyst Heart Tattoo

The purple heart symbolizes empathy, and in fact, very few people actually empathize with others, so it’s a very precious quality. I think this quality is a fitting comparison to the rare amethyst. Plus, there’s no doubt that it’s a stunning design that will make you more attractive.

Small Heart Tattoo

21. Small Sacred Heart Tattoo

The Sacred Heart is a symbol of faith, it symbolizes devotion and divine love. This symbol is very important to Christians. It is perfect to have this small design tattooed close to the shoulder, as this position represents responsibility and responsibility. Also, there is an eye tattoo on this little sacred heart which removes evil and brings blessings for you.

Small Heart Tattoo

22. Small heart tattoo with crown

This small heart design with a crown looks so beautiful and sophisticated. Additionally, the design includes an infinity tattoo, so the design as a whole symbolizes eternal, precious and unique love.

Small Heart Tattoo

23. Realistic Small Heart Tattoo

Realistic small heart designs are another popular style option, and if you need cool small tattoos rather than cute ones, then it might be the one for you.

Small Heart Tattoo

24. Small Heart Gradient Line Tattoo

This gradient and abstract small heart line design will draw people’s eyes to you. Besides, if what you need is a soft and simple tattoo, this design is worth referring to. In fact, it’s a relatively basic design that you can copy straight away.

Small Heart Tattoo

25. Small Heart Flower Tattoo

If you are going to add a flower tattoo to your small heart design, you probably want a design that blends perfectly because it will look better like this. Need inspiration? Let’s start with this idea! The symbolic meaning of this tattoo combines what the flower and the pink heart represent.

Small Heart Tattoo

26. Small Heart 3D Tattoo

This small heart will definitely amaze you, it is not some eye-catching crystal jewelry tattoo, but it blends perfectly with the body. The tattoo appears to be embedded in the skin, a relatively rare 3D effect. While there are many 3D tattoo designs, this one remains unique. It’s like an innate symbol, naturally tattooed on your skin and never disappears.

Small Heart Tattoo

27. Small Heart Cat Tattoo

This small heart tattoo symbolizes the owner showing his love to his cat. This design is not only creative but also fun, the red ink makes the tattoo eye-catching and the symbolic meaning of the heart becomes concrete.

Small Heart Tattoo

28. Purple Small Heart Tattoo

A lot of creativity has been injected into this small purple heart design, but this outline tattoo still looks minimal. You can completely fill the tattoo with purple ink and the design will look more prominent. However, if minimalism is your style, then this design is just for your taste.

Small Heart Tattoo

29. Small heart tattoo on finger

This small heart design on the finger is impressive and it creates an illusion. I think people who see it for the first time don’t think it’s a tattoo, but a brilliant and gorgeous red crystal jewelry.

Small Heart Tattoo

30. Small flame heart tattoo

If you think that a simple red heart is not enough to represent your love and express your emotions, then let it burn, this design symbolizes extreme love and lust.

Small Heart Tattoo

31. Small Heart Text Tattoo

Need a small heart with your own symbolic meaning? Try using text to make it so the design looks simple yet full of character.

Small Heart Tattoo

32. Small Two Hearts Tattoo

Two hearts symbolize a close relationship and a bond that will never be broken. Usually such designs are used to create matching tattoos or couple tattoos. If you and your family or best friend are planning to get small heart tattoos together, this simple yet deeply meaningful design is well worth a look.

Small Heart Tattoo

33. Natural Small Heart Tattoo

Thanks to the yellow and green foliage, this line small heart design looks very elegant. It’s a meaningful tattoo, but it’s also a decent body ornament.

Small Heart Tattoo

34. Small Heart Infinity Tattoo

The infinity symbol combined with the small heart represents eternal love, and the meaning behind this simple design is impressive. If you need it to be gorgeous and eye-catching, try creating it with colored ink or gradient ink.

Small Heart Tattoo

35. Small Heart Tattoo With Letter

Do you need a small heart tattoo to express your love to a specific someone? This design with initials is what you want. With this idea in mind, using a handwritten style, your tattoo will look incredibly romantic.

Small Heart Tattoo