37 Best Cool Small Tattoo Ideas

If you keep an eye on tattoo art trends, you know just how popular small tattoos are. I’m honestly amazed at how popular this tattoo is, to the point where I thought everyone seemed to have one. Small tattoos are simple yet chic, some are cute designs while others are pretty cool. Of course, the former isn’t the focus of this guide, but if you’re looking for cool small tattoos, keep scrolling your screens.

Everyone’s definition of “cool” is different, some people base it on the pattern itself, while others rely on intuition and feeling. Let me give you an example, the same design, placed on different body parts, one of them may look cool, while the other will look completely different. That’s right! It’s just so amazing. Not to worry, we have collected the best cool small tattoo ideas for you that will inspire you to find your own design and make no mistakes. From minimalist hearts to abstract symbols to bold flower tattoos, this guide has something for everyone.

1. Small Moon and Plant Tattoo

This combination design not only looks eye-catching but also cool due to the black botanical tattoos. The symbolic meaning of this design varies from person to person and cannot be generalized, even some people just use it as a body ornament.

Cool Small Tattoo