21 Chic and Practical Small Living Room Decor Ideas

There is no perfect decor design in this world. Regardless of the size of the space, we must make some trade-offs subjectively and objectively. I think there may be more considerations for small living room decor. Because facing a small space, the practicality must be the core of the design. This also means that we have to create enough storage space and release visual white space before we can get the amazing appearance. In short, we can’t make the small living room too full. Such a decorative effect will undoubtedly make people feel uncomfortable and depressed after living for a period of time.

The best design style for decorating a small living room is modern. This style will make it easier for the space to strike a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. Of course, if your small living room is 100% private, the design can be based on your personal style and hobbies. For example, relatively “radical” color combinations and unique furniture that looks somewhat impractical. This way of decorating will make your small living room an impressive personal domain. In short, whether you are for your family or yourself, we suggest that you should not over-decorate. The following ideas have their own shining points. It is no exaggeration to say that any one of them can make the small living room look new.

1. Private small living room

If you live in a bachelor’s apartment, your small living room decor can be selfish. Such a decorative design can highlight your personalization and hobbies. Just like this mini living room library, books have become exquisite accessories. Bookshelves near the ceiling are used for storage. The bookshelves on the ground contain books that need to be read at any time. Finally, you can add a bit of vitality to the space by arranging colorful hanging pictures.

Private small living room

2. Personalized small living room

Single hanging chairs, exquisite carpets, and abstract prints make this small living room fully personalized. In the face of small spaces, sofas may not be absolutely necessary furniture. However, it is conceivable that the comfort will be negatively affected.

Personalized small living room

3. Storage space in the small living room

Creating a beautiful and perfect storage space for a small living room is usually exhausting. This idea shows us a good solution, which uses two walls at the same time and creates a three-dimensional effect. So please make good use of the corner of the living room.

Storage space in the small living room

4. Multifunctional small living room

Combining the living room and dining room into one is one of the popular small space decor solutions. But if you want to achieve a perfect fusion effect, please choose modern furniture without complicated lines and neutral color combinations. In other words, it is a simple modern style. Finally, plants are used to embellish and enhance the overall appearance.

Multifunctional small living room

5. Active small living room

If you want to make the small living room decor look lively, adding warm colors to the space is the easiest way. In my opinion, slightly rustic yellow and orange are good. These two colors can also give the room a warm atmosphere. If you need a refreshing visual experience, lush plants and green tones are the right choices.

Active small living room

6. Concise small white and gray living room

If the space is too small, some people will obviously feel depressed. There is no doubt that a simple small living room decor with a combination of white and gray colors will perfectly solve this problem, and it will always make people feel calm and comfortable. Take a look at the decorative effect picture below and you will understand what I mean.

Concise small white and gray living room

7. Creative small living room

This penetrating space is not only a creative small living room but also contains a number of different types of “rooms.” After entering the door, you will pass through the living room with bedroom function, dressing room, storage room, and home office in turn.

Creative small living room

8. Cozy small living room

Bright colors can cause fluctuations in our mood, and the effects may be positive or negative. There is no rule to follow for this kind of fluctuation, and it varies from person to person. So the absolutely comfortable small living room decor is just like this idea, the main color of the design is clean white. The multifunctional linen sofa bed and soft carpet also played a positive role. The creamy white marble living room table also incorporates a little luxury into the space.

Cozy small living room

9. Cool black and white small living room

The ratio of the color combinations in this small black and white living room is well mastered. This color combination itself has a strong visual impact, because black accounts for less, its effect is neutral. But it does not affect the black and white color combination to make this small living room look cool and modern.

Cool black and white small living room

10. Free small living room

If the small living room becomes a private resting space, the choice of furniture style will become particularly flexible. A unique and even somewhat “weird” sofa will make you complimented by friends and family. In addition, the special prints on the wall also show off your personal style to everyone.

Free small living room

11. Fun small living room

Modular sofas have become very popular in recent years. They are flexible and perfectly match the small living room. You can organize them together as you like, and the unique appearance will make the space look fun.

Fun and small living room

12. Modern small living room

No matter how the trend changes, I believe that modern decor styles will be the first choice. This style is simple and easy to implement, and it always conforms to the mainstream aesthetic. The modern small living room looks very balanced, and some green plants can make it have an impressive appearance. I know that there are many colors to choose from. If you don’t want to make the design difficult and complicated, white is a good starting point.

Modern small living room

13. Fresh small living room

Dark green sofas may be easier to create a fresh visual experience than plants. In this idea, the side table composed of books is very interesting. Its cost is very low, and flexibility is very good.

Fresh small living room

14. Eye-catching small living room corner

The decoration of the small living room is often based on practicality, and finally will be considered to create a special appearance effect. When the complete set of furniture is arranged in the space, it seems that there is no extra space. Please don’t ignore the corners at this time.

Eye-catching small living room corner

15. Round Furniture

If you don’t like warm colors, but want to make the small living room look softer, then round furniture may be the only “helper.”

Soft small living room

16. rustic small living room

The rustic and modern small living room decor will not be absent in this series. If the main color is brown, it is bound to dim the small space. But you can incorporate this hue into the design through the wood grain living room table, light brown pillows, and dark brown creative chairs.

Natural and rustic small living room

17. Simple TV background wall for small living room

The TV background wall in the small living room is a good place to create storage space and focus. Simple wall cabinets and TV tables are the most suitable for many people.

Simple TV background wall for small living room

18. Side table

The importance of the side table to the small living room is self-evident, and it is a magic weapon for adding functions to the space. The side table in this idea turns the living room into a cozy tavern.

Side table for the small living room

19. Amazing Small Living Room

This background wall design may affect the experience of watching TV, but in terms of the overall decorative effect, it is a big win.

Amazing Small Living Room

20. perfect space utilization

For a small living room with an inch of land and an inch of gold, we can’t waste any place that can be used. For many people, a fireplace is indispensable. That being the case, the area next to it becomes a good place to place a shelf.

Small living room with perfect space utilization

21. Furniture set

In fact, you don’t have to worry about which furniture should be placed in the small living room. Some suits designed and developed for this kind of space have solved this problem perfectly for you. Just like the high and low TV cabinet set in this idea, although it does not make people feel amazing, its practicality and aesthetics are also impeccable.

Furniture set for small living room