Top 21 Stunning Snowflake Tattoo Ideas

Snowflake tattoos that are special and chosen by few people will make you a more unique and attractive person. This guide contains the best snowflake tattoo ideas and designs that will make the process of getting your very own design super easy and enjoyable. Whether you want to pattern snow on your wrists or other body parts, you’ll find the best examples of that design in this guide. Also, we collected all the mainstream and trending styles, in other words, among these ideas, at least one will match your style perfectly.

There are many good reasons for us to get snowflake tattoos. If you love winter then it’s for you. Or if you were born in winter, then snowflakes can represent the season you were born in. Looking for a meaningful and special ink for your child? If he was born in winter, a design with his name is the right one for you. Let’s go a little further, are you looking for a Christmas tattoo? Snowflake is one of the perfect and very representative patterns.

We know that some people get specific tattoos by specific meanings. If you are looking for ink that symbolizes purity, cleanliness and rebirth, a snowflake tattoo will be one of the few options for you.

1. Line snowflake tattoo

Are you obsessed with minimalism? Well, line tattoos will make you feel the joy of winning. This kind of tattoo looks pure and clean. It only focuses on the most basic structure of the pattern itself, which fits well with the symbolic meaning represented by snowflakes.

Snowflake Tattoo

2. Snowflake Tattoo Behind the Ear

A person who wants to get a tattoo behind the ear must be a person who is full of personality and pays attention to the inner world. At the end of the day, tattoos are a way to enhance your thoughts and express yourself, and for some people, it may not seem to matter whether or not you want it to be seen by others.

Snowflake Tattoo

You might want to get a minimalist tattoo design on this body part and it is totally doable. However, I’d rather suggest that you try to make the ink more complicated. As for what the reason is, I think when you see this idea, you may have already got the answer. To be honest, this design looks better than pure lines.

3. Red Snowflake Tattoo

Snowflakes symbolize rebirth, while red represents excitement, enthusiasm and hard work. I guess, this is a tattoo design that combines multiple specific symbolic meanings.

Snowflake Tattoo

The idea was simple and practical, you can modify or enhance the symbolism of the snowflakes by using other colors of ink to make the simple design more personal and intriguing. Also, the size of this tattoo allows it to appear on all body parts, so for a tattoo with such an important symbolic meaning, I prefer to have it on the wrist.

4. Striking Snowflake Tattoo

Are you looking for eye-catching snowflake designs like stars? This idea is the ultimate answer. Of course, colored inks also contributed. However, even with black and gray ink, the effect will not be greatly reduced.

Snowflake Tattoo

Also, due to the size of this design, it also fits well on the back or chest where it will become your perfect personal symbol.

5. Snowflake with quote tattoo

To be honest, snowflake tattoos can only symbolize very simple and intuitive meanings. If you want your ink to say more, then adding a quote tattoo to the design will please you.

Snowflake Tattoo

Using almost the same color scheme will make your tattoo look more like a whole. And turning the quote into black will highlight what you want to express or convey at the whole point.

6. Snowflake tattoo with name

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, a well-designed snowflake tattoo with a child’s name is so beautiful and meaningful. In addition, this ink also expresses good wishes for the child, the mother wishes her child to be pure and upright throughout his life.

Snowflake Tattoo

If you add the exact date in the design, it can also express the date of birth of the child, further making this tattoo memorable. If you want the ink to be noticed and shine, you can use any combination of colors depending on your style.

7. Snowflake tattoo on arm

The arm has a large area and the location is perfect for a large tattoo. A simple big snowflake might be fine, but I think a design like this idea would be perfect. Even though color ink might not be your thing, the black ink design is enough to make you a star in the crowd.

Snowflake Tattoo

8. White snowflake tattoo

The white ink restores the truest appearance of snowflakes, and this color also highlights the meaning of snowflakes representing purity.

Snowflake Tattoo

White tattoos have never been an option for people who are keen to show off their ink, but if you happen to be a low-key and reserved person, I think you will fall in love with this simple and unique design.

9. Snowflake and sun tattoo

How about this idea? Did the pattern of snowflakes combined with the sun surprise you? I think that’s the beauty of this creative design. The symbolism of this tattoo must be very deep and have multiple interpretations. As for the final answer, I think it varies from person to person, it may be dedication, or it may be a perfect balance.

Snowflake Tattoo

In addition, this ink design has some abstract style in it, so it looks a little mysterious.

10. Snowflake symbol tattoo

Keep refining your snowflake design and adding more details and subtle color combinations, and the snowflake will eventually become your own symbolic tattoo. It can represent your personality, preferences and spirit, even your own story.

Snowflake Tattoo

11. Mixed Snowflake Tattoo

The look of the snowflakes is up to you, mix the designs you have in mind, then embellish with white ink to make them sparkle on your arms or other body parts.

Snowflake Tattoo

It is worth mentioning that the white ink is important in this design. It accentuates the crystal clear feel of the snowflakes in my opinion. Without them, this tattoo would be much less effective. Also, you can experiment with light blue inks, which conceivably make for interesting designs.

12. Snowflake tattoo on back

Are you going to get a snowflake tattoo on your back? Wow, then you really have to think hard. Because this body part is the best place to get inked and it’s a large area, you should want a large and stunning design. Creating a beautiful back tattoo is never easy, but luckily we have this idea, and it will inspire you.

Snowflake Tattoo

13. Small snowflake tattoo

This small snowflake design is not to be underestimated, it will be one of the options for most people, especially for those who are getting tattoos for the first time. In addition, I recommend women to consider this design, because the thin line shows the femininity of women.

Snowflake Tattoo

Well, maybe you want to make it look a little more unique? I do not recommend adding other images to the design, why not try colored inks!

14. Gradient Snowflake Tattoo

Gradient art makes this snowflake look dreamy and aesthetic. Due to the red ink in the design, this tattoo is also special. You can experiment with the color combinations you like and the advantage of this is that the design will match your style perfectly. In other words, your snowflake can represent you completely.

Snowflake Tattoo

15. Snowflake ornament tattoo

Not all tattoos have specific meanings, and some people are just looking for a good-looking design to ink as part of their adornment. If you too, this idea is the best, especially for women.

Snowflake Tattoo

16. Snowflake Tattoo On Chest

Most people will opt for a bold chest tattoo, which is why I am sharing with you a colorful and creative snowflake. Having said that, for those who prefer simple styles, minimalist tattoos will really win their hearts. You don’t have to be like everyone else, but if your style isn’t set, I really recommend you consider this ink.

Snowflake Tattoo

In the center of this tattoo is a small pink flower tattoo which makes the design look feminine and enhances the charm of the person using this ink. If you’re going to copy the design directly, but want to give it a personal look, changing the color combination might be the easiest way.

17. Snowflake tattoo on finger

Finger tattoos are almost always minimalist, but that doesn’t mean the designs are devoid of any details. If you’re looking for a snowflake that fits on your finger, start with this idea.

Snowflake Tattoo

Let’s be honest, fingers are still a relatively special place for inking by now. Also, since the fingers are constantly exposed to water or oil, these things can affect the longevity of the tattoo. In short, finger tattoos fade quickly. Of course, we can properly make the lines thicker to make the ink fade as slowly as possible.

18. Snowflake tattoo on wrist

The meaning of wrist tattoo is self-evident, if the snowflake is your symbol, or it represents your character and spirit, then it is very suitable to be placed on this body part.

Snowflake Tattoo

Since the wrist is not as special as the fingers, you can try slightly more complicated designs and bold colors. Still, in my experience, most people prefer to go for a minimal design and then add some shadow details to make it look chic.

19. Blue snowflake tattoo

Some people think snowflakes are blue, and in fact, this is a romantic idea. Besides, blue means calmness, sanity and purity, this color can also represent winter. So, the symbolism of blue and the symbolism of snowflakes can at some point be considered very similar.

Snowflake Tattoo

20. Snowflake and moon tattoo

If you feel that just one snowflake in a tattoo design might look a bit monotonous, adding other motifs to the design is a common solution. You can use whatever you like, or choose by gender. For women, a moon tattoo or flower tattoo might be better. For men, sun tattoos are more suitable.

Snowflake Tattoo

However, when adding other patterns, also consider the changes in the overall symbolic meaning of the tattoo. What I mean is, try to avoid that the things represented by multiple patterns are contradictory.

21. Snowflake Crystal Tattoo

How regal this snowflake tattoo looks, the artist has made it look crystal-like with exquisite detailing. The gradient color combinations are eye-catching, and the galaxies in the snowflakes are even more stunning, I admire the creativity of this artist.

Snowflake Tattoo

It is worth mentioning that since the outline of this design is not complicated, you can try to make it smaller so that you can tattoo it on your wrist or arm to make your snowflake more visible to more people.