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20 Popular Christmas Tattoo Ideas and Designs

If you are as obsessed with Christmas vibes as I am, or if the most important holiday of the year has special meaning to you, then you have every reason to get a Christmas tattoo. This tattoo might sound weird since inks designed for the holidays are really rare, but on the other hand, it also proves that Christmas tattoos are unique in their own right, and who doesn’t love something unique?

Well, you seem to have made your decision, and now you’re probably struggling to imagine your Christmas tattoo design in the back of your mind. However, since this kind of tattoo is rare, the end result is predictable, and none of the designs I imagined were satisfactory to me. So, I searched out and compiled some of the best Christmas tattoo ideas, they helped me, and I’m sure, you can too.

These ideas are not limited to my personal style, whether you like minimalism or ornate, realistic or abstract, you can get something useful from this guide. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that they’re all colored ink designs. This is easy to understand, imagine black and white can reflect the perfect festive atmosphere? The answer must be no.

1. Christmas Elk Tattoo

The elk is Santa’s closest companion, and it’s a deeply held Christmas image, so I think an elk tattoo with a red ribbon is worth adding to your consideration list.

Christmas Tattoo

2. Gingerbread Man Tattoo

Want to get a unique and fun Christmas tattoo? A gingerbread man may satisfy you.

Christmas Tattoo

As you can see, line tattoos are bold and minimal, and no matter what your style is, they will suit you. Also, if you don’t want to show off your ink, turning thick lines into thin lines is a common and popular way to design. However, for images with simple structures, the final result of the work may look monotonous.

3. Plaid Red Ribbon Tattoo

Plaid red ribbons often appear on Christmas gift wrapping, which means that it quickly reminds everyone of this most important holiday of the year.

Christmas Tattoo

A red ribbon tattoo design like this one can be scaled up or down, which also means it can be placed on any body part. Of course, the arms, wrists, and ankles are always the most popular places to get inked, whether for men or women.

4. Cute Christmas Tattoo

Trying to get a cute and personalized Christmas tattoo? My advice is, please string your favorite Christmas decorations together.

Christmas Tattoo

Additionally, you can add one or more small tattoos to this design around it to make a perfect Christmas tattoo combination. Perhaps they could be Christmas trees, Santa hats, Santa Claus, the moon and stars.

5. Simple Christmas Tattoo

For those who prefer simplicity, a green tree covered in snow is the style.

Christmas Tattoo

If you feel like something is missing from this tattoo, I think you could try adding a bright yellow star to the top of the tree to make this design stand out.

6. Berry Tattoo

Striking red berries, elegant green foliage, and wonderful thin lines make this ink the best Christmas tattoos for women in this guide.

Christmas Tattoo

Since this ink is a horizontal design, it is a perfect collarbone tattoo. Of course, scaled down the design size, it can also be tattooed on the wrist and ankle. Also due to the good design, you can effortlessly add quotes, words or texts to this tattoo to give it more depth of meaning.

7. Snowflake Tattoo

The simple but gorgeous snowflake design makes you feel the Christmas spirit in every moment.

Christmas Tattoo

Also, if you want to make this ink look elegant and simple, you can do it by removing or softening the shadow details in the design. Try using colored inks for a vibrant look as well. Since the design is uncomplicated, when scaled down, it can also serve as a unique behind-the-ear tattoo.

8. Personalized Christmas Tattoo

A personalized tattoo design will make you the most unique one in the crowd. How about this cat tattoo with a Santa hat? I guess, your attention is already completely on it.

Christmas Tattoo

Personalized tattoos give people unlimited creative space. If it’s a dog that spends Christmas with you, then you know what to do. Do you have many pets? Please put Santa hats on them all! It’s worth mentioning that this fun Christmas tattoo has great design details so it looks alive. If you are not interested in realistic style, you can choose to remove these details, don’t worry, doing so will not have too much negative impact on the final effect.

9. Snowman Tattoo

If you are looking to get a very iconic Christmas tattoo, then there is no reason why you should not consider a snowman design.

Christmas Tattoo

This ink design is like it was done by a child. So, I feel pure joy and happiness from it. This extremely simple and seemingly deliberately unrefined design has become very popular recently.

10. Christmas Holiday Vibe Tattoo

Do you want to feel warm, relaxed and comfortable all the time? This idea is your perfect starting point. Christmas trees, rocking chairs, and balls of yarn are a must, and if adding a fireplace to the design, then this ink is perfect.

Christmas Tattoo

11. Christmas Arm Tattoo

Red flowers, berries, and glittery bells make this Christmas arm tattoo an eye-catching design. Honestly, if you are not an experienced tattoo art lover, I do not recommend you to consider large inks such as this, because even with the help of an artist, it is difficult for beginners to control the final effect. Of course, there is no problem if you copy this idea directly. However, tattoos should be personal and I don’t encourage people to use the same designs.

Christmas Tattoo

12. Christmas Flower Tattoo

Check out this gorgeous flower tattoo design and you must be feeling Christmas from it. It is worth mentioning that the white ink makes the red ribbon look very delicate.

Christmas Tattoo

Undoubtedly, fine tattoos feature stunning detail. There are many ways to achieve this effect with your tattoo, the easiest and most popular way is to modify the outline of the tattoo. If your tattoo is a colored design, white ink is the best option. If your tattoo is a classic black and gray, striking the outline is the easiest way to enhance the look of your tattoo.

13. Fun Christmas Tattoo

This is a fun and meaningful ink. Christmas trees and presents on the car herald the holidays and family reunions.

Christmas Tattoo

In fact, this is a situation inspired tattoo design. It provides us with a starting point. If everyone got the same tattoo, the art would lose its purpose. Now start to think about which scene will make you feel the warm atmosphere of Christmas the most, it will be the blueprint of your Christmas tattoo design.

14. Small Christmas Tree Tattoo

What are the best small tattoos for Christmas? In my opinion, a simple decorated Christmas tree with glitter.

Christmas Tattoo

You also have many other options, such as a vintage bell, snowman, or gift box. Perhaps, you can also try combining them, but keep in mind that you want a small tattoo, so limit their size. Also, I recommend that you use color sparingly, multiple colors combined can end up confusing the look of your tattoo.

15. Realistic Christmas Tattoo

Rustic tattoos look amazing even with simple designs, like this basic decorated Christmas tree.

Christmas Tattoo

You might think that this design looks a bit inactive, maybe even lacking some vibe, right? Well, I know that not everyone likes pure rustic style, and the way to solve this problem is to choose the same color, but more bright ink.

16. Christmas Ornament Ball Tattoo

What are the decorative accessories that make you think of Christmas easily? Perhaps, it’s an easily accessible decorative ball. As for how to choose the color, it depends on your style. Of course, red balls, blue balls, and golden balls are the most common.

Christmas Tattoo

If you want to make the design more feminine, you can add more red or white flower tattoos to it. In the same way, natural greenery tattoos can make the design more elegant. Men opting for this design, you can remove the flowers from the design and combine vintage bells with decorative balls.

17. Mixed Christmas Tattoo

Mix your favorite Christmas motifs together and you’ll end up with a tattoo design that’s most personal.

Christmas Tattoo

Depending on your imagination and creativity, you may end up with dozens of unique hybrid designs. Also, changing the direction of the design, like we tried from vertical to horizontal, this design becomes a perfect collarbone tattoo. Then reduce the size appropriately, it can also be used as a wrist tattoo.

18. Christmas Wreath Tattoo

A wreath is one of the most common Christmas decorations, so it’s also one of the best tattoo designs to consider. In addition, adding your favorite things to the wreath can make the design more and more unique.

Christmas Tattoo

Of course, there are many styles of Christmas wreaths, even if you don’t consider the personalized design, it is a good choice to choose the style that matches you.

19. Christmas Disney Tattoo

Disney is the happiest place on earth to be happy, and how perfect and satisfying it is when combined with Christmas art tattoos.

Christmas Tattoo

Although the design is good, there is no perfect thing in this world, so it still has room for improvement and improvement. I mean, if you add snow to the design, does it look more atmospheric? Or you can also try adding some small snowflake white tattoos in the sky. Pay attention to what you want to accentuate, and don’t let other patterns overwhelm.

20. Christmas Bell Tattoo

Even if it’s not Christmas right now, this small bell tattoo on your wrist is a constant reminder that the holiday season is coming and keeps you looking forward to it.

Christmas Tattoo

Do you know how to make tattoos feminine? Without a doubt, the answer is to add flower tattoos. So, what if you want to make this design look more sophisticated? Try to change the overall style, realistic art will surprise you.