19 Unique Space and Galaxy Phone Backgrounds

Human beings have been looking up at the mysterious galaxy and dreaming of flying to space. Although exploring the universe requires a great price, consumes enormous manpower and resources, and has a high failure rate, human beings have never stopped exploring the universe. The reason is simple, the mysterious and distant space has a fatal temptation to human beings. And humans want to know “Who are we?”, “Where do we come from?” and “Where are we going?”.

With the rapid development of technology, dreams have gradually become a reality. Although only a few people can directly participate in this great cause. But this does not affect our appreciation of the beauty of the galaxy while spreading culture and knowledge.

Space exploration is complicated, but getting a unique mobile phone background with a related theme is really easy because we have already prepared it for you. Let us appreciate these artworks together!

19. Power


18. The Big Bang

The Big Bang

17. Ethereal


16. Purple


15. Horizon


14. Profound


13. Like a Flower

Like a flower

12. Gorgeous


11. Solar System

Solar system

10. Space Exploration

space exploration

9. Earth


8. Beautiful


7. Creativity


6. Rainbow Colors

Rainbow colors

5. Combustion


4. Watercolor


3. Charm


2. Moon


1. Movement


At the end

Although they are just some beautiful mobile phone backgrounds, I still want them to have “temperature.”

So I thought about a question about “Why should human beings keep exploring space?”. Here are some of my views.

The fate of human civilization on Easter Island is like a microcosm of the fate of mankind on the entire planet. For Easter Island, the most important resource is trees that are tall enough to make long-distance ships. Once these trees are completely extinct due to human activities, the fate of Easter Island’s civilization is doomed.

Our current civilization is based on disposable fossil energy such as coal and petroleum. Although we have mastered nuclear fission technology, heavy element fuels such as uranium and plutonium are also disposable energy sources with limited reserves. Water, solar, and wind energy alone are simply not enough to support our current level of civilized development.

Even if we abandon all high-energy-consuming industrial civilizations, we will go back to the “pastoral era” of farming. However, this approach will still cause the gradual depletion of nutrients in the soil that support plant growth. Eventually, the land will become desertified or salinized.

Assuming that the descendants of mankind completely abandon the development of civilization and survive in nature with animal instinct and luck. When the life of the sun is exhausted, mankind will be extinct with all life on earth.

In other words, if human beings always keep their eyes on the earth and give up the dream of opening up outer space, they can only go to the end of civilization after the resources are exhausted, just like Easter Island. However, the story of Easter Island is recorded and disseminated by European navigators, and the story of human civilization on earth cannot even be recorded.