20 Popular Summer Hair Color Ideas For 2021

Trying new hair colors can give you a new look this summer, now is the time to meet with the hairdresser! At this moment, you may have thought of multiple colors. But I still recommend that you check out this summer hair color idea guide. It can at least ensure that you always choose among trendy colors.

Of course, you still have another option, which is to try a completely different hairstyle. It is conceivable that if you muster the courage to cut long hair that has lasted a whole year into fresh and cool short hair. This way can indeed make you get the most complete appearance change. But in my opinion, it is usually also risky.

Trying a new hairstyle is not part of your plan? So please let us return to the topic. Dyeing a new summer hair color seems to be the only way to change.

Summer makes the range of available hair colors wider. From inspiring rainbow colors to gorgeous light gold, from summer peach to passionate light red. Some styles are complex, but they are definitely worth a try because they are gorgeous and eye-catching. Other styles are stylish and simple, and never outdated. Believe it or not, every hair color here can effectively enhance your hairstyle and make it look more three-dimensional.

1. Black, white, and light purple

Black, white and light purple summer hair color

We all know that a perfect hairstyle can make your hair more layered and three-dimensional. In fact, well-designed hair color can also get these benefits.

This idea is a good example of a perfect transition from black hair roots through white to light purple. Together they create a charming and impressive appearance. Not only that, but light purple also creates a romantic atmosphere. This creative hair color matching method allows you to incorporate more personal styles. For example, if you want your hair color to cool down on a hot summer day, choosing ice blue as the color of the hair end may be the ideal choice.

2. Shiny golden

Shiny golden summer hair color

The shiny golden color is fascinating, this is one of the hair colors that every lady can’t resist. Choosing it as the color of summer hair is bound to make you more eye-catching among the crowd.

It is worth mentioning that this color has unique advantages in creating a gorgeous and elegant appearance. So if the visual effect you want is exactly this, it can provide you with the best service.

3. Cherry red tips

Cherry red tips summer hair color

Black is a magical color. Although this color is not bright, it is so eye-catching and popular.

Are you a fan of this color? Do you want to dye your black hair in a simple but fun way in the summer? Look at this idea! It will inspire you and make you happy.

4. Rainbow summer hair color

Rainbow summer hair color

Rainbow colors are always popular, especially in summer. Although this gorgeous color combination will not give you a minimalist look, it can easily make you stand out from the crowd.

We all know that only a simple appearance can never go out of style. But the bold and complex rainbow colors do the same. So don’t worry, dyeing iridescent hair colors this summer will put you at the forefront of fashion trends. And if you want to fully express your personalization through hair color, then you have a good reason to choose it.

5. Gray and silver

Gray and silver summer hair color

Silver hair can make you look very noble and mysterious. This idea gives us some simple and easy-to-implement tips. That is to dye the hair roots gray or light black. This hair color matching can make your hair more three-dimensional, and the visual effect will not be boring.

Simple summer hair color is considered to be the easiest to integrate into your personal style. Some of my personal suggestions, take this idea as an example. If you want to create an amazing or lively look based on silver hair, it is worth trying the same or two different bright colors for the hair roots and ends.

6. Pink and yellow

Pink and yellow summer hair color

If you are tired of classic hair colors, then try this style of color combination that can definitely make your appearance look new. It is gorgeous and charming, but also eye-catching. These are the characteristics of the best summer hair color.

In fact, the design of this idea is inspired by the sunset, so it may have thousands of color combinations. I will show you this idea alone for a reason because the color combination has a wide range of applicability. Everyone can use it safely, and the hair color will not interfere with your daily dress.

7. Honey blonde summer hair color

Honey blonde summer hair color

Let me guess, although there are many bright summer hair colors, the gorgeous blonde is still the first choice for most people. What do you think? But you may not know that when it comes to dyeing hair, gold is not a color but a series of similar but completely different colors.

Different golds have different gloss levels, and they can present completely different visual effects. Some golds are gorgeous and charming, others are low-key but luxurious. So what kind of gold can resonate with you?

8. Black and pink summer hair color

Black and pink summer hair color

These two most classic colors match together, they produce a strong visual impact, this summer hair color is unforgettable. If you want to be the hottest girl in summer, in my opinion, you have no reason to miss it.

Perhaps this idea is a bit too eye-catching, you want to make it a little low-key? You can do it easily by matching other colors. Would you like to try it? Please dye your black hair silver, white or beige (pink is the core of the hot look, we do not recommend changing this color).

9. Ice blue and pink

Ice blue and pink summer hair color

Summer is perfect, but at the same time, it is extremely hot. During the hottest days, I couldn’t wait to take the air conditioner with me when I went out. Of course, this seems impossible. However, we still have a way to cool the vision to get some psychological coolness.

There are many ways to achieve this effect, such as wearing light-colored clothing or dyeing ice blue hair like this idea. Not only that, but this summer hair color can also “help” other people.

10. Creative summer hair color

Creative summer hair color

Wow! Let’s take a look at this amazing summer hair color. This is definitely not a literal exaggeration, it can definitely impress you, right?

In fact, I think this is no longer color matching in the traditional sense, but a creative hair design. Want to dye rainbow-colored hair? So why not wear it on your hair? Fun summer hair deserves our serious appreciation and taste. Please try to copy this design concept to your hair. It may be bold to display creativity at the hair roots, but we still have a choice of hair ends.

11. Light red

Light red summer hair color

Dyeing your hair red in the summer can be an “untimely” thing. But the benefits of this color are still irresistible, the most worth mentioning is that red can make your personal appearance more enthusiastic.

Of course, no one wants to challenge pure red in hot weather. However, we still have light red (it can also be called bronze) to choose from. This color may be a compromise choice, but we cannot deny that it can indeed make you get red hair perfectly and gently on a hot summer day.

12. Purple and pink

Purple and pink summer hair color

Summer hair color like strawberry sorbet, this color matches soft but expressive. Color combinations with high contrast are not only eye-catching but also make you look enthusiastic. Pictures similar to this idea are common on Instagram, which shows how much it is loved by girls.

13. Beige gold

Beige gold summer hair color

As mentioned above, gold is rich and diverse. If we show them at the same time, these golden colors are enough to dazzle you.

However, just like other art designs, there are always a few of the most popular in a whole series. In gold, you can often see honey gold, rose gold, light gold, dark gold, and this kind of beige gold. So it’s your turn to choose, what is your favorite gold? Please use it to dye your summer hairstyle to declare your preference.

14. Blue, purple, and black

Blue, purple and black summer hair color

In fact, you can incorporate any color you like into your summer hair color, which is an expression of your personal style. You can see the charm of bright colors, even though most of the hair is black, the overall appearance is still stunning and charming. If you think this effect is still a bit unsatisfactory, don’t forget, you also have a neon color series.

In this idea, blue can help enhance the personal charm, and purple can create a romantic atmosphere. What is the best color combination in your mind?

15. Sunset themed summer hair color

Sunset themed hair color

I never thought that dyeing hair can also have a deep meaning. In this summer, summer-themed hair colors inspired by the sunset scenery of different regions emerge endlessly. This has definitely become a popular trend. If you are a trend-following person, then you must be interested in getting involved.

Carefully observe the sunset scenery near your area, and record the changes in the colors of nature. Or take some representative photos and give them to the hairdresser, who will help you finish them.

16. Gorgeous and soft summer hair color

Gorgeous and soft summer hair color

What a dreamy summer hair color, it makes me obsessed, this color matching reminds me of unicorns. This idea shows a fairy-tale appearance, gorgeous at the same time it is soft, although a little complicated, it has just right eye-catching. In short, everything is so perfect.

17. Peach and green

Peach and green summer hair color

With pink as the base and some soft treatments, we got a sweet summer peach color. If you have ever tried light pink or light rose gold, I think you will be interested in this color. No doubt, I know they are different colors, but if you taste them carefully, you will find that the visual effects and feelings they give to people are similar.

This summer hair color also adds some green to create an interesting look.

18. High-gloss brown

High-gloss brown summer hair color

Highly faded brown can also be used as a summer hair color, and this color usually creates an elegant look. Incorporating some white in the hair color combination can make the hairstyle more three-dimensional. Having said this, I can’t help but think about how many times I have said the word “three-dimensional”, and you can imagine how important it is to a perfect hairstyle.

Let’s return to the theme, this hair color is not unique, but it is classic enough. Not only that, but it also gave us inspiration about other colors, such as linen.

19. Purple and peach

Purple and peach summer hair color

What kind of visual effect is the combination of two equally sweet and dreamy colors? This idea may give you the answer.

20. classic Brown summer hair color

Classic summer hair color

Summer is bright, thanks to the hot sun. So even the classic brown hair color can still shine. For those who like classic and retro styles, brown may even be more popular than gold.