20 Inspiring Sun Nail Art Design Ideas

If I say that nail design can invigorate emotions and keep people optimistic at all times. Would you believe this to be true? I can understand that your answer may be no because it sounds nonsense. However, when you see the sun nail art, I believe you will change your opinion.

In addition, when people plan to refresh the appearance of their nails, they usually consider the color, shape, length, and trending trends. I bet that few people think of a particular style theme. Sun nails are the niche among the niche. In other words, wearing it can make you special and express personalization easily. If you are obsessed with sun patterns, you have more reasons to try these best nail designs that we have prepared for you.

1. Glittering Sun Long Coffin Nails

Theoretically, the longer the nail and the larger the surface area, the more abundant the design can be. This may be the case, and this sun nail has proved this to us. Although the pattern is composed of black lines, the sparkling background makes the sun gleaming.

Glittering Sun Long Coffin Nails
instagram @joelyoceannails

2. Gorgeous Sun Stiletto Nails

Rose gold dust makes the sun unique. Multicolored decorative diamonds give the design a gorgeous appearance and the stiletto nails are very visually penetrating.

Gorgeous Sun Stiletto Nails
instagram @nicolemiricl

3. Golden Sun Nude Nails

I believe that this classic and perfect color matching will capture many people’s hearts. Golden Sun makes you no longer worry about the eye-catching nature of nude nails.

Golden Sun Nude Nails
instagram @soh_nails

4. Short French nails with hand-painted sun

Create a hand-painted sun accent nail for your elegant short French nails. This creative design will make your nails look more innocent and fun.

Sun French Short Nails
instagram @arrowsandawe

5. Unique Sun Moon Yin and Yang Nails

This nail design is definitely worth a try. I think maybe only amazing creativity can create a truly impressive look.

Unique Sun Moon Yin and Yang Nails
instagram @by.daniellesparkle

6. Colorful

From left to right, the sun on each nail is your favorite color. What a delightful and DIY nail design, you can choose different personalized color palettes for different seasons.

Colorful Sun Nails
instagram @sammimay.beauty

7. Modern but sweet sun beige nails

Beige nails can be worn at any time of the year. This simple nail is illusory because the design looks like both the sun and the sunflower. Did you notice it?

Modern but sweet sun beige nails
instagram @kogenatsu920

8. Elegant mixed nails with sun and plants

Sun nails often need to mix other design elements to achieve a 100% elegant look. Of course, this is not the only way to design, but this is the easiest. This design has already told you the answer, the element is the plant.

Elegant mixed nails with sun and plants
instagram @billybobandbertie

9. Nails with 3D sun

Exquisite 3D sun decorations can make your nails look three-dimensional. It’s cheap, and you only need one to create a great look.

3D Sun Nails
instagram @nail.apy

10. Lively pink nails

The anthropomorphic sun pattern is lively, and it is worth mentioning that pink is also one of the best colors for active emotions. This design combination has enhanced both parties.

Lively pink sun nails
instagram @nitanails

11. Simple sun white nails

All-match white nails can easily highlight any bright color pattern. These minimalist little suns become more eye-catching here.

Simple sun white nails
instagram @no29naillounge

12. Glamorous sun almond nails

The design theme of this almond nail is about nature, from rivers, sun, clouds to mountains, and so on. What we must admit is that the bright yellow on the sun nail makes the design attractive.

Glamorous sun almond nails
instagram @gilded.pensacola

13. Fun Sun Smiley Nails

The funny and cute sun smiley sticker has completely changed the appearance of this classic shiny short nail.

Fun Sun Smiley Nails
instagram @nastya_naillove

14. Beautiful sun gradient nails

The simple three-color gradient has made this nail perfect enough, and the sun pattern at the bottom integrates the artistic conception into the design.

Beautiful sun gradient nails
instagram @snatchedbylulubelles

15. Luxurious Sun Marble Nails

Many people think of luxury directly when they see marble patterns. However, the artist may not be satisfied with this simple appearance effect. Therefore, a hand-painted gold foil sun is added to enhance the sense of luxury.

Luxurious Sun Marble Nails
instagram @sunmoonandnails

16. Fresh Sun Green Nails

This nail design is perfect for wearing in spring. The green color makes people feel fresh, and the sun pattern will give you the most primitive power in nature.

Fresh Sun Green Nails
instagram @sayyesnails

17. Sun Rainbow Nails

This rainbow nail with the sun reminds me of the whimsical childhood paintings.

Sun Rainbow Nails
instagram @killerbeenailss

18. Short black almond nails with golden sun

To be honest, my favorite sun nail design in this series is this one. It satisfies my many needs, simple, eye-catching, and even a little cool.

Short black almond nails with golden sun
instagram @allyssapower

19. Minimalist sun brown nails

Sun nail designs suitable for autumn and winter wear are here. Although this nail is not too gorgeous, the minimalist design makes it easy to match various styles of clothing.

Minimalist sun brown nails
instagram @thelauraclarke

20. Blue celestial nails with sun

The sun pattern in this celestial nail is worthy of praise. Combined with the retro blue, the design looks like a deep and attractive sky as a whole.

Blue celestial nails with sun
instagram @la_couture_nails