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32 Excellent Eye Tattoo Design Ideas

Eye tattoos that fight evil and counteract negative emotions are very popular and sought after. There are many reasons, the most worth mentioning is that this kind of symbol with a wide range of meanings has many personalized designs. In other words, you can easily mix your favorite patterns into eye tattoos, and the meaning of the design will almost always be positively enhanced.

Different color eye tattoos express different meanings. But in the final analysis, this kind of tattoo serves as a protector for the wearer. Some designs highlight the enhancement and protection of the spirit, while others focus on blessing the health of the body. Tattoos with deep meanings often lose their own meaning after over-simplified design. However, eye tattoos do not have a similar situation at all, which is exactly its strength. In other words, ultra-minimalist small eye tattoos that do not require huge commitments can also work perfectly.

As mentioned above, the best eye tattoos must have a personal style. So directly copying a certain design is obviously not the preferred approach. If you want to create an eye tattoo that suits you best, these inspiring and excellent designs are for you.

1. Melting Eye Tattoo

The melting eye tattoo is not a symbol of fragility, but it represents a strong heart. Tears rolled around in the eye sockets, but they did not flow down. Moreover, this design looks soft, so it is very suitable for women to choose from.

Melting Eye Tattoo
instagram @heloisegeslain

2. Blue Eye Tattoo

Blue eyes protect your spirit from evil, and this simple tattoo design is actually a powerful amulet.

Blue Eye Tattoo
instagram @ynnssteiakakis

3. Eye Tattoo in the Sky

The eyes floating in the air release a huge beam of light, and the tattoo design combined with the cloud makes it look like the sun.

Eye Tattoo in the Sky
instagram @_.joeytattoo._

4. Super Minimal Eye Tattoo

This super minimalist red-eye tattoo does not require a huge commitment, and it still has a certain meaning.

Super Minimal Eye Tattoo
instagram @ula.mierzwa.tattoo

5. Wings Eye Tattoo

The perfect creative tattoo design can always remind people of something else. These connected eyes look like wings full of mystical power. In fact, the design made me feel a little scared.

Wings Eye Tattoo
instagram @bibi.tttu

6. Geometric Eye Tattoo

Eye tattoos made entirely of geometry make people want to understand the meaning. I mean, it is particularly eye-catching.

Geometric Eye Tattoo
instagram @trikona.tattoos

7. Hamsa Lotus Mandala Eye Tattoo

This tattoo is a gorgeous and useful amulet, and it is perfectly designed to condense a variety of meanings.

Hamsa Lotus Mandala Eye Tattoo
instagram @ik_tatz

8. Owl Eye Tattoo

Owl’s eyes can see everything clearly at night, perhaps this is what this tattoo wants to express. The tattoo also has a protective effect, it will not make you lose yourself in the dark.

Owl Eye Tattoo
instagram @simoneb.tattoo

9. Sacred Horus Eye Tattoo

The eye of Horus from ancient Egyptian mythology is awe-inspiring, and the ancient text symbols make the design look extremely sacred.

Sacred Horus Eye Tattoo
instagram @theartoftattooingofficial

10. Cloud Eye Tattoo

The rain in the sky is every tear from the eyes. This tattoo has a romantic color, and the eyes combined with clouds look even a little cute.

Cloud Eye Tattoo
instagram @rynawhite

11. Plant Eye Tattoo

Plants add an elegant atmosphere to eye tattoos. This tattoo is also an anthropomorphic design. Actually, it looks very interesting, right?

Plant Eye Tattoo
instagram @_onirma

12. Gorgeous Eye Tattoo

There are many ways to make eye tattoos gorgeous. Bright and lively color combinations are one way of design, and beautiful flowers are another.

Gorgeous Eye Tattoo
instagram @rany_boskie

13. Sketch Eye Tattoo

Sketching is a common way of painting and artistic expression. When this style is combined with the tattoo design, it gives this eye tattoo a mysterious appearance.

Sketch Eye Tattoo
instagram @krzysztofwronski

14. Colorful Eye Tattoo

The colorful combination of colors makes this eye tattoo a painting full of childlike innocence.

Colorful Eye Tattoo
instagram @diana.malo

15. Red Eye Tattoo

The red-eye tattoo will resist evil for you and tear away the darkness of the fog. This frightening-looking design is one of the best amulet tattoos.

Red Eye Tattoo
instagram @benihime.ink

16. Watercolor Eye Tattoo

Do you want to make eye tattoos look like a gorgeous work of art? Maybe the watercolor style is what you need.

Watercolor Eye Tattoo
instagram @encretattoo

17. Clock and Eye Combination Tattoo

This combination of eye tattoos is of great significance for the wearer. This design usually connects a variety of fragments with different meanings tightly. Maybe only the wearer knows the exact meaning.

Clock and Eye Combination Tattoo
instagram @highsocietytattoostudio

18. Flame Eye Tattoo

Burning eyes can turn bad things and negative emotions into ashes.

Flame Eye Tattoo
instagram @lisanne_handpoke

19. Butterfly Eye Tattoo

Butterflies with eyes on their wings make people and other animals afraid to approach easily. Because from a distance, the eyes make the butterfly more like another fierce animal. This is one of the ways they protect themselves.

Butterfly Eye Tattoo
instagram @seppe_tattoo

20. Portrait Eye Tattoo

Eyes are an important characteristic of a person. We can easily remember a certain person with only his eyes.

Portrait Eye Tattoo
instagram @oekfactory

21. Thin Line Eye Tattoo

The thin line design allows you to easily wear any tattoo type. Eye tattoos created in this style may only be used for body decoration. Of course, the allegorical meaning of the design element itself still exists.

Thin Line Eye Tattoo
instagram @vasia

22. Eye Tattoo on Finger

Mini eye tattoos on fingers always bring some surprises to people.

Eye Tattoo on Finger
instagram @mardetinta1

23. Family Eye Tattoo

This family eye tattoo is perfect. The design expresses that there is only family and love in the wearer’s eyes.

Family Eye Tattoo
instagram @ivanruotolo.ink

24. Eye Bulb Tattoo

It is no exaggeration to say that eyes are an important way for us to draw inspiration and ideas.

Eye Bulb Tattoo
instagram @marco.odio

25. Sun Eye Tattoo

The sun has unlimited energy. This tattoo expresses that the wearer will never lose the love for life. Of course, the dazzling sunlight will also wipe out all the dark bad things.

Sun Eye Tattoo
instagram @mapon.art

26. Surreal Eye Tattoo

The surreal tattoo design makes the wearer have another eye. This kind of realistic appearance is impressive.

Surreal Eye Tattoo
instagram @___90boy___

27. Tear Eye Tattoo

Tear eye tattoos are used to commemorate a sad experience to alert yourself not to repeat the same mistakes.

Tear Eye Tattoo
instagram @samanthatattoo

28. Eye Magic Ball Tattoo

This tattoo is a personalized hybrid design, the magic ball represents the witch, and the eyes give the appearance of a mysterious atmosphere.

Eye Magic Ball Tattoo
instagram @larissawandtattoo

29. Creative Eye Tattoo

Open one eye and close another eye. In Eastern culture, this is a way to behave. This tattoo expresses a subjective disregard for certain things.

Creative Eye Tattoo
instagram @megurum.tattoo

30. Rose Eye Tattoo

If the rose has a piercing eye, it looks truly unique. There are countless rose tattoo designs that are highly sought after by people. The downside is that it is really difficult if you want to get a special design.

Rose Eye Tattoo
instagram @juun_tattoo

31. Heart Eye Tattoo

The eye tattoo in the heart of love expresses not to be blinded by love. Only in this way will you not be deceived by some people.

Heart Eye Tattoo
instagram @alicepjb

32. Earth Eye Tattoo

The meaning of this eye tattoo is very profound. It wants to tell people to take a long-term view, a country, a continent, or even the entire earth.

Earth Eye Tattoo
instagram @alexmanoletattoo