41 Unique Swallow Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

Swallow tattoos have a long and rich history. Around the 18th century, sailors and pirates would often wear swallows to symbolize their travels and the distances they traveled at sea. In addition, they also believed that the swallow was a symbol of good omen and hope. Apart from this, swallow tattoos are also popular among prisoners and criminals who tattoo swallows on their body as a reminder of their experience in prison.

Today, swallow tattoos have evolved and taken on various new meanings, and they are considered symbols of love, loyalty, peace, and protection. Also, for those looking to commemorate an important journey or life transition with a tattoo, the swallow tattoo is a perfect choice. Still others believe that a swallow tattoo honors someone they loved but has passed away.

Not only do swallow tattoos have a strong symbolic meaning, but there are so many popular designs in different styles, so they are always popular. For men, bold and cool black designs may be more likely to win their hearts. However, for women, feminine or flamboyant designs may be more suitable. Of course, there are plenty of great designs out there that are worth adding to your next ink list, keep checking this guide, and you’ll be rewarded.

1. Gorgeous Swallow Tattoo

Gorgeous Swallow Tattoo

Undoubtedly, a swallow tattoo design perfectly blended with flowers is gorgeous. This impressive design is suitable for women. In addition, the design also has the symbolic meaning of flowers.

2. Cat and Swallow Tattoo

Cat and Swallow Tattoo

If you’re obsessed with cats and need the symbolism of swallows, why not combine them? This idea will inspire you, and it’s the perfect starting point.

3. Swallow Tattoo With Sun

Swallow Tattoo With Sun

The design of the swallow combined with the sun looks energizing and divine.

4. Minimalist Swallow Tattoo

Minimalist Swallow Tattoo

I love minimalist tattoo designs, they never go out of style, like this swallow, I am sure, no matter when, you will not regret getting it.

5. Swallow Couple Tattoo

Swallow Couple Tattoo

This is a creative design for couples. The swallow for men holds a key, and the swallow for women holds a heart-shaped lock. Of course, both the lock and the key are unique. In other words, the lock can only be opened with this key.

6. Black and White Swallow Tattoo

Black and White Swallow Tattoo

Black and white swallow design symbolizes peace and balance. Of course, this design also symbolizes undying love until death.

7. Swallow Tattoo on the Neck

Swallow Tattoo on the Neck

Honestly, if you are planning to get a swallow tattoo on your neck, from the very beginning, you should be thinking about an amazing design such as this idea.

8. Traditional Swallow Tattoo

Traditional Swallow Tattoo

For swallow tattoos, traditional style designs are always a favorite option.

9. Green Swallow Tattoo

Green Swallow Tattoo

Green ink will put your swallows in the spotlight.

10. Blue Swallow Tattoo

Blue Swallow Tattoo

Swallows filled with blue ink are very eye-catching even in small designs, don’t you think?

11. Anchor and Swallow Tattoo

Anchor and Swallow Tattoo

The history of swallow tattoos is closely associated with sailors, so this combination of bird and anchor is a classic design with deep meaning, it symbolizes hope, blessing and protection.

12. Realistic Swallow Tattoo

Realistic Swallow Tattoo

Realistic and detailed tattoos are impressive, like this swallow on the arm, what do you think?

13. Sword and Swallow Tattoo

Sword and Swallow Tattoo

The sword tattoo symbolizes strength and courage, while the swallow symbolizes love and peace, this design is an interesting combination.

14. Swallow Tattoo With Flowers

Swallow Tattoo With Flowers

Flowers make the design feminine and it is one of the best swallow tattoos for women.

15. Swallow Silhouette Tattoo

Swallow Silhouette Tattoo

Silhouette tattoos allow swallows to be kept small yet remain eye-catching and attractive.

16. Swallow Tattoo on Shoulder

Swallow Tattoo on Shoulder

In fact, the small swallow can be tattooed on any body part, but if you want everyone to pay attention to it, I think the shoulder is one of the best places.

17. Swallow Tattoo With Plant

Swallow Tattoo With Plant

Do you need a design that looks elegant and natural? This design with plants might be right for you.

18. Purple Swallow Tattoo

Purple Swallow Tattoo

The purple ink makes the swallow look unique, and if you’re the one who makes a statement, you should definitely consider this design.

19. Swallow Tattoo With Moon

Swallow Tattoo With Moon

This design incorporating the moon looks somewhat mysterious. The symbolic meaning of this design may have changed, but this is something that varies from person to person. I’m more inclined, the moon is just a decoration in this design.

20. Swallow Tattoo Behind the Ear

Swallow Tattoo Behind the Ear

Anyone who wants to get swallows tattooed behind their ears should check out this design. Although, it looks simple and classic, nothing special creative design. However, I have to admit that this design looks so perfect behind the ear.

21. Swallow Tattoo With Stars

Swallow Tattoo With Stars

The stars will illuminate your life and point you in the right direction. Plus, the swallow design with it looks unique and impressive, don’t you think?

22. Watercolor Swallow Tattoo

Watercolor Swallow Tattoo

Watercolor art makes swallows look gorgeous, bright and feminine. This design is great for women. You can fill the swallow with your favorite color, or blend the colors together as the background of the swallow.

23. Swallow Tattoo For Family

Swallow Tattoo For Family

These days, designs featuring multiple swallows often symbolize good wishes for the family. This design is almost always simple because the symbolic meaning of the tattoo is the point. People love to get this design tattooed on their arms or large body parts. The reason is simple, you may need to add one or more swallows later on.

24. Swallow Tattoo With Sunflowers

Swallow Tattoo With Sunflowers

The sunflower tattoo symbolizes hope, combine it with a swallow and ultimately, the meaning of your tattoo is powerful.

25. Small Swallow Tattoo

Small Swallow Tattoo

Looking for the best small tattoo designs for swallows? I have to share with you this exquisite and simple little swallow, it will give you inspiration.

26. Mini Swallow Tattoo

Mini Swallow Tattoo

Although the mini swallow contains no details, its silhouette still looks inspiring. This design is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist style, or a low profile.

27. Swallow Tattoo With Four Leaf Clover

Swallow Tattoo With Four Leaf Clover

The design with four leaf clover will bring you good luck and wealth besides protection and blessing.

28. Rose and Swallow Tattoo

Rose and Swallow Tattoo

Do you need your swallow tattoo to represent love or make it look gorgeous? Then add roses to the design!

29. Three Swallows Tattoo

Three Swallows Tattoo

A design featuring three swallows can symbolize family, or brother and sister.

30. Heart and Swallow Tattoo

Heart and Swallow Tattoo

If you want to make the symbolic meaning of the swallow concrete, like love, then a design with a heart might be the best.

31. Swallow Geometric Tattoo

Swallow Geometric Tattoo

Do you want to get a creative and personalized swallow? Try to create it with geometric style! Ultimately, its specific symbolic meaning is up to you.

32. Swallow Tattoo on Hand

Swallow Tattoo on Hand

Honestly, it would look pretty cool with a swallow tattooed on your hand. However, before doing it, I suggest that you should think carefully, hand tattoos are not suitable for most people.

33. Colorful Swallow Tattoo

Colorful Swallow Tattoo

Swallows in many bright colors look inspiring and impressive. The right color combination makes it look incredibly realistic. Personalized color combination will make it beautiful and dreamy.

34. Simple Swallow Tattoo

Simple Swallow Tattoo

Are you struggling with which style to choose? Take a look at the simple style! This design is classic and never goes out of fashion.

35. Swallow Tattoo For Men

Swallow Tattoo For Men

This black and white swallow design looks cool, I feel empowered from it, and it’s perfect for men.

36. Two Swallows Tattoo

Two Swallows Tattoo

A design featuring two swallows can symbolize many things, such as love, parent-child bond, and more.

37. Swallow Tattoo on the Wrist

Swallow Tattoo on the Wrist

If the swallow or its symbolic meaning is very important to you, then the wrist is the best place to ink, bar none.

38. Line Swallow Tattoo

Line Swallow Tattoo

The line art makes the swallow look clean and clear, this design is good for women.

39. Swallow Tattoo For Women

Swallow Tattoo For Women

Ladies, if you think line tattoos are too simple and monotonous, then this pastel design with some details and shading is one of the best options.

40. Black Swallow Tattoo

Black Swallow Tattoo

Are you looking for a bold, eye-catching design that isn’t garish? This black swallow might impress you.

41. Abstract Swallow Tattoo

Abstract Swallow Tattoo

To be honest, it is difficult to combine the abstract style with the swallow. However, brilliant artists did it! This idea will inspire you.