35 Cool Sword Tattoo Design Ideas

There are nearly dozens of cold weapons, and swords are the most famous among them. It has a long history and symbolizes power because the sword is a weapon often worn by the lord of a country. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why sword tattoos are so popular. Of course, this is also related to the cool appearance and other meanings of the sword. It also represents courage, strength, self-confidence, and protection.

Sword tattoos are not only popular among men, but also among women. This type of tattoo design is very rich and fun. The neutral and classic styles can be worn by almost everyone, while the designs for different genders have obvious appearance differences.

Many sword tattoos for men are realistic and minimalist styles, and some creative designs incorporate more powerful or modern elements. Such as geometry, skull, sun, or dragon. Sword tattoo designs for women are just the opposite. They usually have elements of feminine charm. You can see flowers, stars, moons, butterflies, and snakes in the design. Even some unique and lively designs incorporate bright colors of ink.

I know that it is difficult to imagine a complete design based on words alone. We have prepared some of the best sword tattoo design ideas for you, they can guide you to find the sword that can resonate with you.

1. Tree sword tattoo

The broken sword serves as the foundation of the tree and provides it with the nutrients it needs for growth. This sword tattoo expresses the symbolic meaning of protection and compassion.

Tree sword tattoo
IG: corndawgink

2. Lotus sword tattoo

The lotus has many symbolic meanings, some of which overlap with the sword. This tattoo design may seem contradictory, in fact, it expresses a very deep philosophical thought.

Lotus sword tattoo
IG: olgacaca

3. Sword tattoo on the leg

This sword tattoo design is simple and basic. The reason why it can be impressive and amazing is entirely due to the overall shape and huge tattoo size.

Sword tattoo on the leg
IG: ricardogtattoo

4. Book sword tattoo

This tattoo represents knowledge and power. Because the design has book elements, so you can incorporate some personalized things and content.

Book sword tattoo
IG: jeon______

5. Quote Sword Tattoo

Your motto guides you to move forward and grow, and it gives strong spiritual power. For you, it is the sharpest blade to defeat difficulties.

Quote Sword Tattoo
IG: ceriniya_

6. Musical note sword tattoo

The sword has a simple shape, so it can blend with almost any element. Just like this tattoo design, it is so creative and personal.

Musical note sword tattoo
IG: ipek_tattoos

7. Eye sword tattoo

This tattoo incorporates an abstract style, and the perfect combination of eyes and sword makes the design look quite mysterious.

Eye sword tattoo
IG: t.a.e_t

8. Wing Sword Tattoo

The sword can be used to attack or provide protection. Whether it is an angel or a demon is entirely up to you.

Wing Sword Tattoo
IG: tattooist_eheon

9. King sword tattoo

If you are looking for sword tattoos for men, then this design is for you. I can hardly imagine any element more representative of men than a crown.

King sword tattoo
IG: jeon______

10. Geometric sword tattoo

The combination of modern and retro designs is just right. These geometric elements are not meaningless. They represent a minimalist universe.

Geometric sword tattoo
IG: txttoo

11. Rose sword tattoo

This tattoo has a romantic complex, the rose represents passion and love, and the sword is used to defend it.

Rose sword tattoo
IG: allday_dakum

12. Sword tattoo on the hand

If you have extraordinary mental power and willpower, then your hand is an invisible and powerful sword.

Sword tattoo on the hand
IG: salartattoos

13. Sword small tattoo

Although this is a small tattoo, the realistic design makes this sword extremely sharp. From a certain perspective, wearing it also implies wanting to hide true strength.

Sword small tattoo
IG: stefano__mazza

14. Moon sword tattoo

The mysterious and bright moon gave this gorgeous sword some black magic. The appearance of this tattoo is so fascinating.

Moon sword tattoo
IG: sixtenism

15. Staff and sword tattoo

The sword and the staff respectively represent the opposite energy types. The combined tattoo design of these two elements implies absolute balance.

Staff and sword tattoo
IG: yeonji_heart

16. Japanese sword tattoo

The Japanese sword is also known as the katana, and it is usually regarded as the source of life for the samurai. Before wearing this type of tattoo, you must have a deeper understanding of the katana, and the design should reflect your personal style.

Japanese sword tattoo
IG: seolin_tattoos

17. Butterfly sword tattoo

The colorful and cute little butterfly makes the sword tattoo design more feminine.

Butterfly sword tattoo
IG: guseul_tattoo

18. Skull sword tattoo

The sword also represents death, and its combination with the skull is a classic and always beloved design.

Skull sword tattoo
IG: dokgonoing

19. Glittering sword tattoo

A beautiful sword passes through the galaxy. Although the design does not have a rich color matching, the stars still give it a sparkling effect.

Glittering sword tattoo
IG: auua.tattoo

20. Decorative sword tattoo

Many people wear sword tattoos only for personal decoration, so do you like this design combined with jewelry?

Decorative sword tattoo
IG: jeon______

21. Heart and Sword Tattoo

This tattoo design symbolizes a strong heart. Although the hurt is already “full of holes”, the wearer always maintains the love and passion for life.

Heart and Sword Tattoo
IG: vic.ink_

22. Broken Sword Tattoo

The broken sword represents the persevering soul. In other words, even if the broken sword has become a reality, the sword still has power.

Broken Sword Tattoo
IG: g.yawny

23. Sword tattoo on neck

The sword tattoo is usually a top-down vertical design, so it is very suitable to be placed on the neck.

Sword tattoo on neck
IG: vic.ink_

24. Black sword tattoo

Although this sword tattoo design uses a lot of lines, it looks very eye-catching thanks to the black tattoo art.

Black sword tattoo
IG: lunarlane

25. Flower Sword Tattoo

The perfect sword tattoo for women usually needs to incorporate some more feminine design elements, such as flowers.

Flower Sword Tattoo
IG: illang_tattoo

26. Gradient sword tattoo

This sword tattoo is not common, it almost changes the appearance of traditional designs. This little sword looks dreamy, cute, and full of vitality. In fact, I think it is a sword that belongs to the princess.

Gradient sword tattoo
IG: 9room_tattoo

27. Snake and Sword Tattoo

This sword tattoo design combining snake elements expresses their common symbolic meaning: deadly danger and absolute power.

Snake and Sword Tattoo
IG: yo_soy_vago

28. Antique sword tattoo

This special sword tattoo looks rich in history and culture, and its beautiful appearance attracts people who want to learn about it.

Antique sword tattoo
IG: jdew_tattoo

29. Realistic sword tattoo

The size of this sword tattoo is not big, and the realistic design makes it look very delicate. The wearer chose the best position for it, and a large amount of white space made the sword more precious.

Realistic sword tattoo
IG: ygtattoos

30. Three swords tattoo

This sword tattoo is inspired by the most iconic images in the Tarot cards. It has some negative symbolic meanings, on the other hand, it also represents progress and liberation. This design emphasizes this meaning again by incorporating the sun element.

Three swords tattoo
IG: seoulinktattoo

31. Unique sword tattoo

A tattoo composed of several swords, the overall design looks like an arrow. This tattoo made me feel a strong visual impact.

Unique sword tattoo
IG: jeon______

32. Dragon and Sword Tattoo

The dragon symbolizes supreme power, and the sword has a similar meaning. In my opinion, the meaning of this design is equivalent to a king or queen sword tattoo.

Dragon and Sword Tattoo
IG: anamaturana

33. Blue sword tattoo

Every epic sword has a fascinating pattern. This design incorporates blue ink to highlight this feature and make the tattoo more eye-catching.

Blue printed sword tattoo
IG: eunyutattoo

34. Compass sword tattoo

The compass guides your way forward and the ultimate goal, while the sword gives you unmatched power.

Compass sword tattoo
IG: goldenneedlestattooshop

35. Queen Sword Tattoo

Undoubtedly, this tattoo has the same status as the king sword tattoo. The difference is that it is exclusive to women. You can see more exquisite details in the design, such as the noble purple crystal inlaid on the sword.

Queen Sword Tattoo
IG: illang_tattoo