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20 Amazing Long Halloween Nail Art Designs For 2021

When we start to celebrate Halloween, it means that the best holiday of the year is approaching. There will be many things waiting for you to do, such as Halloween costumes, home decoration, and gifts. It is worth mentioning that, please don’t forget to wear Halloween nails that can feel the festive atmosphere in advance. If you want to wear a gorgeous or scary nail design, long Halloween nails may meet your needs. Of course, there are also cute and elegant short Halloween nails for you to choose from.

With more and more festivals, I know that your time is extremely precious, and many people’s schedules may have been filled at this moment. We prepare for you some of the best long Halloween nail ideas this year, most of which are very simple. In other words, you can easily do it yourself at home without going to a nail salon. We have collected almost all mainstream theme designs and holiday nail colors. You can see pumpkins, witches, bones, spider webs, and other themes, as well as vibrant orange and classic black and white color combinations.

Continue to swipe down on the screen to find the one you like best. You can then incorporate your personal style into the design or copy it directly, and wear it immediately to start enjoying your perfect holiday life.

1. Nude long Halloween nails

Thanks to the shape of the long stiletto nails, the basic nude design becomes eye-catching. Add some evil little bats to one of the nails, and you can easily get a Halloween-themed nail style. This nail can be integrated into more personal styles, and it is suitable for almost everyone.

Nude long Halloween nails
IG: babyghoul.13

2. Bone-themed Halloween long nails

This bone nail design refreshes people’s traditional appearance of the theme. In fact, it is absolutely cute. This Halloween nail has four sparkling accent designs, and they have chosen a coffin shape to make the overall nail look fun and creative.

Bone-themed Halloween long nails
IG: sharkeebabie

3. French Halloween long nails

Some unique Halloween sticker designs can make your French nails get a strong festive atmosphere.

French Halloween long nails
IG: thenailritual

4. Colorful long Halloween nails

Wearing this vibrant colorful Halloween nail design, you can go back to summer on the day of the holiday.

Colorful long halloween nails
IG: ceirrasnails

5. Long white Halloween nails

The appearance of this nail is impressive, the reason is simple because the design is absolutely unique. The way to create this look is very simple, you may need to forget those classic Halloween theme elements and try something more personalized.

Long white halloween nails
IG: iwiboo

6. Black long Halloween nails

I think wearing black nails on Halloween is the most horrible atmosphere. Of course, we still need some creativity or theme design to make it unique. This nail design features a red rose and some sparkling red crystals. It reminds me of the noble countess in horror movies.

Black long Halloween nails
IG: klawsbykatieeve

7. White and black long Halloween nails

This Halloween nail design incorporates almost all outstanding creative ideas. The white and black color combination makes the nails eye-catching, and the stiletto and the shape of the coffin nail make the overall appearance unique. Then there are those element patterns that are popular on Halloween, you can stand out from the crowd by wearing them.

White and black long halloween nails
IG: tattedtips

8. Mixed Halloween character long nails

What is your favorite Halloween classic character? Please mix their cartoon images together and add them to the nail design.

Mixed Halloween character long nails
IG: ceirrasnails

9. Pumpkin theme Halloween long orange nails

Needless to say, this nail design, anyone knows that it is definitely a classic in a classic. These pumpkin patterns are cute and scary, and orange can also make you full of energy during the festival.

Pumpkin theme Halloween long orange nails
IG: strawberrymilknailsx

10. Halloween long brown nails with big eyes

Whatever the base color of the nails? These big eyes with rainbow colors make people feel weird and creepy.

Halloween long brown nails with big eyes
IG: vexnails

11. Spider-themed long Halloween Coffin nails

There are many Halloween nail design themes, some are simple, others are very complicated. For some people, they may not have a definite theme choice. In other words, they just want to wear Halloween nails, then the spider theme may be the most ideal.

Spider-themed long Halloween nails
IG: klawsbykatieeve

12. Rainbow long Halloween nails

This rainbow nail design will make you the most special person at the Halloween party. Not only that but the design is specially processed so that the nails will shine extremely under the light.

Rainbow long Halloween nails
IG: obsidiannailstudio

13. Purple simple long Halloween nails

Purple can easily create a dreamy and noble appearance, but please don’t forget that it can also create a mysterious atmosphere.

Purple simple long Halloween nails
IG: decorateddigits

14. Long Halloween witch nails

What is your Halloween costume? If you want to become a witch, then there is no reason not to choose a corresponding nail design.

Long Halloween witch nails
IG: naileditbychelsey

15. Long Halloween nails with pink

Please don’t doubt the scary atmosphere of this nail design. The pink Halloween nails are definitely not cute. It reminds me of a girl killer.

Long Halloween nails with pink
IG: ceirrasnails

16. Gray and black long Halloween nails

This nail perfectly describes the night of Halloween! Gray creates a quiet atmosphere, while black is used as an embellishment design. You can change black to other colors, such as red, dark orange, etc.

Gray and black long Halloween nails
IG: nailsbydania_

17. Cute ghostly long Halloween nails

This Halloween nail has a very simple and cute accent design, with little ghosts floating back and forth on the nails. I think this design can be worn for a whole year.

Cute ghostly long halloween nails
IG: iwiboo

18. Vibrant orange super long Halloween Square nails

Lively orange, super long nails, and unique but simple design. This Halloween nail is unforgettable.

Vibrant orange super long Halloween nails
IG: nailpromagazine

19. Minimalist long Halloween Stiletto nails

Minimalist Halloween nail designs can also be charming and attractive. The key to achieving this appearance is to use a color combination with a strong visual impact.

Minimalist long Halloween nails
IG: clawanddagger

20. Green Poison Long Halloween Nails

What is the tempting but deadly drink on Halloween? It is the green poison of witches! This nail design is perfect, it has exquisite details and a minimalist appearance.

Green Poison Long Halloween Nails
IG: strawberrymilknailsx