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30 Creative Thanksgiving Nail Design Ideas

After entering November, Thanksgiving is coming soon. Wearing a special nail design is the best way to celebrate the festival ahead of time. Many people think that the traditional turkey nail design is cheesy and are tired of it. We know your thoughts well, so we skipped it as much as possible.

Responsibly speaking, any manicure with a fall atmosphere can be worn on Thanksgiving. Of course, it would be great if the design had a specific theme pattern or color. You might wonder what they are and how they look. Please keep scrolling the screen, and you will meet them immediately.

1. Ombre Nails

Do you think a single color is a little boring? That being the case, the combination of ombre nails with a variety of different colors is your treasure.

Ombre Thanksgiving Nails

2. Cute thanksgiving Nails

The exquisite golden spoon and fork make this red Thanksgiving nail extremely cute in one step.

Cute Thanksgiving Nails

3. Metallic brown nails

When you tell others the correct color of this nail design, I believe they will be surprised.

Metallic brown Thanksgiving nails

4. Elegant red nails

Exquisite golden plant stickers give this passionate red nail an elegant atmosphere.

Elegant Thanksgiving red nails

5. Simple green nails

Simple green nails are full of vitality, but a single color is not our best choice. So the white arc is a perfect complement to the design.

Simple green Thanksgiving nails

6. Corn theme nails

What’s your favorite food? Please announce it through Thanksgiving Nail Design!

Thanksgiving corn nails

7. Brown toned nails

The brown nails perfectly match the autumn atmosphere, and the sparkling accent design makes it eye-catching.

Thanksgiving brown toned nails

8. Unique Thanksgiving Nails

Unique Thanksgiving nails mean that they look a little special, as this is the case with this Gothic design.

Unique Thanksgiving Nails

9. Classic grid nails

The classics are always circulated, and I think the red shirt grid is one of the best autumn nail design elements.

Classic grid Thanksgiving nails

10. Fun Thanksgiving nails

What food did you prepare for Thanksgiving dinner? This interesting nail design can be used as a chic “menu.”

Fun Thanksgiving nails

11. Hand painted nails

Hand-painted nails often have amazing looks, but you can hardly do it yourself. So please ask a professional for help to wear a DIY custom Thanksgiving nail art.

Hand painted Thanksgiving nails

12. Exquisite nude nails

Nude nails only need some orange and gold leaf to perfectly match Thanksgiving.

Exquisite nude thanksgiving nails

13. Golden Thanksgiving Nails

Gold symbolizes prosperity, and it can be used as a nail color throughout the year. But in order to clarify the nail theme, it is worth trying to add a turkey motif to the design.

Golden Thanksgiving Nails

14. Confetti nails

Colorful confetti is the best prop to use for celebration. Incorporate this element into the design, even if you nest in the sofa, your Thanksgiving nails will shine at any time.

Festive Thanksgiving Nails

15. Luxurious Black Nails

Are you obsessed with cool black? Luxurious gold leaves can give nails of this color to the Thanksgiving atmosphere.

Luxurious Thanksgiving Black Nails

16. Orange toned nails

If you just want to wear minimalist orange Thanksgiving nails, maybe a combination of different tones is the best for you.

Thanksgiving orange toned nails

17. Thanksgiving Leopard Nails

The classic leopard print nails still have a lot of playability, such as this Thanksgiving theme abstract design is the best proof.

Thanksgiving Leopard Nails

18. Chic Thanksgiving Nails

This design idea allows you to wear Thanksgiving nails like an artist. The visually striking color combination makes nail tips attractive.

Creative Thanksgiving Nails

19. Fox nails

The turkey is not the only animal pattern available, the cute little fox is another option worth trying.

Thanksgiving fox nails

20. Vibrant Thanksgiving nails

Please combine your favorite patterns to create vibrant and personalized Thanksgiving nails. In my opinion, this is the easiest and most effective way to design.

Vibrant Thanksgiving nails

21. Yellow and Gold Nails

The appearance of these Thanksgiving nails is subtle, and the combination of light gold and yellow looks very soft. I mean, this nail design is both elegant and eye-catching.

Yellow and Gold Thanksgiving Nails

22. Thanksgiving long coffin nails

The long coffin nails may have the greatest creative space. In this design, the curved arcs look like rustic and natural autumn wood grains.

Thanksgiving long coffin nails

23. Beige nails

You don’t have to limit the scope to specific themed nail designs. To be honest, this beige nail can also perform well on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving beige nails

24. Stripe Nails

Wear warm striped sweaters for your nails during Thanksgiving! Important note: Vertical lines can visually extend the length of the nail.

Thanksgiving Stripe Nails

25. Pumpkin Pie Nails

This Thanksgiving nail design perfectly uses abstract art. The artist breaks the pumpkin pie and reassembles it on the nails through color matching.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Nails

26. Lively Thanksgiving Nails

The more color combinations used, the more active the nail appearance will be. This Thanksgiving nail design can smoothly transition to Christmas.

Lively Thanksgiving Nails

27. Gold Foil Nails

Minimalist, striking, and charming. This short nude nail design with gold leaf embellishment is suitable for everyone.

Gold Foil Thanksgiving Nails

28. Shiny Pumpkin Nails

In order to make the nails eye-catching, the pumpkin should also sparkle. Then add some orange stars and gold dots to the design to make the accent nail look rich.

Shiny Thanksgiving Pumpkin Nails

29. Thanksgiving blue nails

For Thanksgiving, blue may not be the right nail color. Because of this, the nail design that applied this common color is unique in itself during this period.

Thanksgiving blue nails

30. Colorful Sweater Nails

Different from single-color sweater nails, colorful designs can make you more dynamic and attractive.

Thanksgiving Color Sweater Nails