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42 Awesome Tiger Tattoo Design Ideas

Due to human hunting and too scattered wild habitats, tigers have become a rare and endangered species. It is a cat of the Mammal class, so people also call it a big cat. The tiger represents confidence, bravery, strength, vitality, glory, and authority. In Eastern culture, it also means auspiciousness. Because the symbolic meaning of the tiger is very compatible with the excellent spiritual character pursued by human beings, tiger tattoos are deeply loved and sought after by people.

Although there are countless tiger tattoo designs, the appearance style has two extreme effects. The first is cool and fierce, while the other is naughty and cute. Therefore, both men and women can find the best and most suitable design. You may need some inspiration to make sure your tiger tattoo is perfect enough. Please keep reading! The best ideas are here.

1. Tiger tattoo with black background

A design with a black background can make the tattoo eye-catching without color. The image of a ferocious tiger may be enough for many people. However, if you want a more unique appearance, this design is worth learning from. And the creative black ink and wash background also creates a somewhat mysterious atmosphere.

Tiger tattoo with black background
Source: instagram.com/82theinkmachine/

2. Tiger Line Tattoo

This tattoo is created by thin lines, but the tiger still looks dangerous. And this design is very suitable for women to wear.

Tiger Line Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/hailey_blossom/

3. Tiger tattoo with blue cloud

Clouds in this shape symbolize good fortune, and the blue color makes the tiger tattoo look unique and eye-catching. Try to change the number, position, and color of the clouds to make the tattoo more personal.

Tiger tattoo with blue cloud
Source: instagram.com/nana.orient/

4. Tiger tattoo behind the ear

This tiger tattoo behind the ear is absolutely impressive because it fits perfectly with the body part. In other words, it looks like the wearer is born with it.

Tiger tattoo behind the ear
Source: instagram.com/viburnum_tattoo/

5. Color tiger small tattoo

Tiger small color tattoo is one of the most suitable designs for women. This design style is usually gorgeous and vibrant.

Color tiger small tattoo
Source: instagram.com/ovenlee.tattoo/

6. Plant tiger tattoo

The tiger tattoo design combined with plants has an elegant atmosphere. This design method is very common and can be worn by both men and women.

Plant tiger tattoo
Source: instagram.com/cliogadea.tattoo/

7. Crown Tiger Tattoo

The tiger is the king of the forest, and it symbolizes power and status. So adding the crown element to the design is just right, and the appearance effect will be richer.

Crown Tiger Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/kypros_andreou/

8. Naughty tiger tattoos

People jokingly call the tiger a big cat, so it also has a playful side. This tiger tattoo with a doll bear is not only cute but also sweet.

Naughty tiger tattoos
Source: instagram.com/tattooist_dh/

9. Flame Tiger Tattoo

The tiger walking on the red flame shows its power to the fullest. And this tattoo design also has a mythical color.

Flame Tiger Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/lindberg.tattoos/

10. Tiger tattoo on hand

Take a look at this tiger tattoo, do you feel dangerous? There is no doubt that the hand is one of the best positions for a tiger tattoo.

Tiger tattoo on hand
Source: instagram.com/vdominic.tattoo/

11. Charming tiger tattoo

Thanks to the purple flowers, this tiger tattoo is charming and it has full feminine charm. Not only that, but the design also looks cute.

Charming tiger tattoo
Source: instagram.com/tattoozgzmiki/

12. Tiger tattoo with Chinese

In Eastern culture, tigers have an important position. Therefore, a tattoo design incorporating Chinese is completely appropriate. The general meaning of the text content is patience. And the use of fonts and colors is just right, you can see that it is full of power.

Tiger tattoo with Chinese
Source: instagram.com/happy.rebby/

13. Half sleeve tiger tattoo

Such an amazing half sleeve tiger tattoo! Realistic style and delicate yellow eyes give people a sense of visual and psychological oppression. Wearing a sleeve tattoo absolutely requires courage, and the appearance is indeed attractive enough, but before that, you have to know what you want.

Half sleeve tiger tattoo
Source: instagram.com/mehmetcelikartt/

14. Mandala Tiger Tattoo

The popular mandala pattern around the world can be combined with almost any element to create a tattoo design with unique feminine charm. Of course, tiger tattoos are no exception.

Mandala Tiger Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/luzanne_ink/

15. Red brushstroke tiger tattoo

The red brush strokes make the tiger tattoo full of art. In fact, this creative design also makes tattoos more attractive.

Red brushstroke tiger tattoo
Source: instagram.com/gemma_tattooer/

16. Personalized Tiger Tattoo

If you want to wear a personalized tiger tattoo, a unique and even looking special design style must be your first choice.

Personalized Tiger Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/les_niaiseries/

17. Tiger Dagger Tattoo

A tiger tattoo with a dagger is one of the classic designs. The two elements complement each other and enhance the symbolic meaning.

Tiger Dagger Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/tonymontattoo/

18. Tiger ink tattoo

Ink-style tiger tattoos have a strong oriental style. In other words, the design may incorporate Zen into it.

Tiger ink tattoo
Source: instagram.com/mukyeon_tattoo/

19. Tiger tattoo with heart

Add a red heart on the tiger’s forehead, and this tattoo design becomes sweeter.

Tiger tattoo with heart
Source: instagram.com/anastasi.tattoo/

20. Tiger Feather Tattoo

Tiger tattoos that are completely mixed with other elements have unique meanings that only the wearer knows. The appearance of this tattoo design is special, and it can easily attract other people’s attention.

Tiger Feather Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/denizo_ink/

21. Lion and tiger mixed tattoo

Usually, a tattoo will show off a person’s character. Are you a lion or a tiger? Or both.

Lion and tiger mixed tattoo
Source: instagram.com/manilananna/

22. Tiger Mask Tattoo

This creative tiger tattoo reflects the true side of human nature. There is often kindness and weakness underneath the seemingly tough appearance. If your personality is the same, this tattoo is for you.

Tiger Mask Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/lindberg.tattoos/

23. Tiger red ink tattoo

This red ink tiger tattoo is full of aggressive desire. Of course, the design is also gorgeous and eye-catching.

Tiger red ink tattoo
Source: instagram.com/five_knives_tattoo/

24. Tiger tattoo on the back

Tiger tattoos on the back tend to be larger in size. It can allow artists to display more creativity and pay attention to more design details. Therefore, tattoos have a perfect appearance.

Tiger tattoo on the back
Source: instagram.com/jakubkowalskitattoo/

25. Tiger Rose Tattoo

Tiger tattoos combined with roses are romantic, and the design symbolizes force and love.

Tiger Rose Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/dimo_tattooer/

26. Tiger Moon Tattoo

This tiger tattoo may have no special meaning, but once the moon is incorporated into the design, the appearance of the tattoo will be full of mystery.

Tiger Moon Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/vento.solar/

27. Unique tiny tiger tattoo

If you are good at exploring the limits, you must want to know what the most minimalist tiger tattoo is. I think this unique and tiny design may make you ecstatic.

Unique tiny tiger tattoo
Source: instagram.com/tattooer_dogy/

28. Double Tiger Tattoo

The symbolic meaning of a double tiger tattoo may be unexpected. It represents relative balance.

Double Tiger Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/leroygiesbers/

29. Tiger Eye Tattoo

Tiger eye tattoos are also one of the classic designs, and relatively few elements are involved, so the appearance will easily become more refined.

This tattoo is impressive, and the design incorporates the human eye to anthropomorphize the image of the tiger.

Tiger Eye Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/amspittattoo/

30. Geometric tiger tattoo

A modern tiger tattoo cannot lack geometric elements. Although it is difficult to incorporate elements into the tiger, geometry also has a good performance as a tattoo background.

Geometric tiger tattoo
Source: instagram.com/ogitattooer/

31. Tiger Butterfly Tattoo

If you are looking for the best tiger tattoos for women, this design incorporating butterflies is worth considering.

Tiger Butterfly Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/nandostudios/

32. Cool tiger tattoo

In my opinion, any tattoo design that tries to highlight black ink is cool. This tiger tattoo with elegant black lines is a good example.

Cool tiger tattoo
Source: instagram.com/bium_tattoo/

33. Natural Tiger Tattoo

This tiger tattoo is definitely close enough to nature because the outline of the tattoo is a leaf. In my opinion, this is a highly customized design. I don’t recommend copying it directly, but use it as a reference.

Natural Tiger Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/courtneymeerman/

34. Cute baby tiger tattoo

No need for color and creative design, baby tiger tattoos are originally cute. If you are looking for tiger tattoos for your children, this design is very suitable.

Cute baby tiger tattoo
Source: instagram.com/sia_tattooer/

35. Tigress tattoo

You may want to wear the simplest tiger tattoo for women. I mean, the design does not contain flowers or other elements. The image of a tigress may be the most ideal choice.

Tigress tattoo
Source: instagram.com/gyra.studio/

36. Tiger tattoos for the family

This may be the underlying law of tattoo design. As long as there are three or more tattoos of the same animal, they are prepared for the family.

Tiger tattoos for the family
Source: instagram.com/tattoosbyeloise/

37. Special tiger tattoo

This tiger tattoo is entirely composed of plants and flowers, so it is definitely special and niche enough.

Special tiger tattoo
Source: instagram.com/mardiglldc/

38. Tiger abstract tattoo

The abstract tiger tattoo combined with the character image can arouse the curiosity of the people around.

Tiger abstract tattoo
Source: instagram.com/hustletattooart/

39. White Tiger Tattoo

There are many types of tigers, and the white tiger is the most famous one. I think it is very suitable for women’s tattoo design.

White Tiger Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/rodrigomtattoo/

40. Realistic Tiger Tattoo

Most tiger tattoo designs are realistic style. In other words, they are all realistic. But this black and white tiger design with green eyes look even more shocking.

Realistic Tiger Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/skinshokz_tattoo_studio/

41. Tiger Watercolor Tattoo

The vibrant watercolor tiger looks beautiful and dreamy. Try to use different color combinations for the design to meet your individual needs.

Tiger Watercolor Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/marcoencre/

42. Tiger Flower Tattoo

In short, incorporating flowers into a design is one of the easiest and most effective ways to feminize tiger tattoos.

Tiger Flower Tattoo
Source: instagram.com/grettel.inkaholik/