25 Stunning Nail Designs For Christmas 2021

Christmas nails do not necessarily have to have thematic pattern elements. Believe me! This is not nonsense. If you want to get some impressive uniqueness through your nails on the most important festival of the year. I think this design method is definitely worth a try.

I think the atmosphere created by the appearance of the nails is the most important. In other words, as long as the color combination and overall effect of the nails meet the holiday requirements, the design should be considered perfect. Not only that, but it also has a wide range of uses. Do you need some examples? For example, the classic high-gloss red and green color combination, the sparkling eye-catching appearance, or the warm atmosphere created by the matte effect.

Having said that, cute Christmas nails still need some pattern elements to enhance their appearance. Don’t worry, we will share all mainstream design styles with you.

1. Olive green square long nails

This unique green has the best performance in the cold season. I think it looks more vibrant. Silver accents and snowflake elements give nails a Christmas vibe. This design can also be worn in autumn and winter.

Olive green square long nails
Source: instagram.com/ellielouisenails/

2. Luxurious cyan short nails

Don’t be fooled by your eyes, this short nail is cyan instead of black. It’s fun, right? Not only that, but the gold color also makes the appearance look luxurious, but the design still maintains simplicity. In short, this is one of the most recommended short Christmas nails in this series.

Luxurious cyan short nails
Source: instagram.com/pani_kas_kas/

3. Simple nails with silver

If you always want to keep a low profile, but at the same time, you need a little eye-catching appearance of your nails. This soft and creative nail design incorporating silver may please you.

Simple nails with silver
Source: instagram.com/k.alexandrah/

4. Matte light pink nails

For cold winters, you may need cute nail designs that look warm. I think this light pink nail with matte texture is worth a try!

Matte white nails
Source: instagram.com/monmayernails/

5. Minimalist golden long nails

In my opinion, incorporating a relatively small amount of gold into the nail design may be easier to attract attention. The appearance of these minimalist long nails is exactly the same.

Minimalist golden long nails
Source: instagram.com/fabeh_nails_/

6. Colorful striped nails

As we all know, striped nails can have many colors. This vibrant color combination makes the design look like a delicious candy. I also felt the festive atmosphere from it.

Colorful striped nails
Source: instagram.com/abigaillnails/

7. Shiny dark brown almond nails

As the temperature gradually dropped, pure brown nails began to be active in people’s eyes. This extremely simple design is loved by people, but many people also think it is boring. Making it shiny can effectively improve the appearance effect.

Shiny brown almond nails
Source: instagram.com/nailsbyharriet_/

8. Gorgeous stiletto nails

Believe it or not, stiletto heels are the most attractive nail shape. The color combination of black, white and gold makes the design look gorgeous and festive. This nail can be worn at any time of the year.

Gorgeous stiletto nails
Source: instagram.com/xsuicidemakeover/

9. Red and nude nails

When we see red, we can’t help but think of Christmas, which is the magical power of this color. The classic and elegant nude color is one of the most suitable colors for nail primers. As for the pattern elements in the design, it depends entirely on your preferences. Of course, please don’t ignore the gold in this design. Because of its existence, nails will be gorgeous.

Red and nude nails
Source: instagram.com/embrace.nails/

10. Red and gold nails

For those who are obsessed with modern minimalist style, this design is simply one of the perfect Christmas nails. The combination of high-gloss red and gold makes people feel more pleasant.

Red and gold nails
Source: instagram.com/basecoatstories/

11. Abstract Art Nails

Abstract art makes Christmas short nails interesting and mysterious. The design does not have to be complicated and keep it simple to avoid aesthetic fatigue. The key part of the design is still the right color combination.

Abstract Art Nails
Source: instagram.com/nails.byliz/

12. Colorful dot nails

These colorful dots are not simple, they create a remarkable festive atmosphere. The perfect color matching makes anyone know this nail is designed for Christmas.

Color point nails
Source: instagram.com/lemontreenailscardiff/

13. Pink candy nails

This sweet nail design is inspired by the delicious lollipop. Maybe you don’t need to taste it at all, you will know it is “delicious” from the appearance of the nails.

Pink candy nails
Source: instagram.com/gossipandgloss/

14. Pastel-toned nails

This soft-toned nail design gives people a comfortable visual effect. Thanks to the delicate golden embellishment design, this nail is suitable for Christmas wear.

Pastel-toned nails
Source: instagram.com/polishedbylearnahstarbuck/

15. Nails with white plants

For Christmas nail design, the best color for plant patterns is perhaps white. Because of this color, the elegant plants look like they are covered in snow.

Nails with white plants
Source: instagram.com/paiwaloves/

16. White velvet nails

Whether it’s the touch or the visual effect, this white velvet nail is so graceful and luxurious.

White velvet nails
Source: instagram.com/basecoatstories/

17. Lively hand-painted nails

Hand-painted nails are not only lively and cute but also can easily incorporate personal style into the design. What’s your favorite Christmas pattern? Please draw them on your nails!

Lively hand-painted nails
Source: instagram.com/lauradidmynails/

18. Red French glitter nails

If Christmas nails can only have one color, I think it must be a sparkling red. Want to have an elegant look while maintaining its gorgeousness? Undoubtedly, The French manicure is your ideal choice.

Red French glitter nails
Source: instagram.com/ellielouisenails/

19. Charming black cow print nails

In my opinion, as long as the nail design has a sufficiently shining appearance, it is suitable for wearing on the holiday.

Charming black cow print nails
Source: instagram.com/__irina.__/

20. Eye-catching chrome nails

Chrome nails with high reflectivity can make you stand out and be impressive at Christmas dinners.

Eye-catching chrome nails
Source: instagram.com/withlove.liberty/

21. Circus themed nails

Who remembers the exciting and happy circus atmosphere? If you are obsessed with this, this nail design is the most suitable for you.

Circus themed nails
Source: instagram.com/thebeautyspotstreetly/

22. Golden contour nails

If you are looking for gorgeous nail designs with a subtle atmosphere for Christmas, you definitely don’t want to miss this one.

Golden contour nails
Source: instagram.com/mytownhouseuk/

23. Extremely elegant nails

The color combination of rose gold, matte nude, and black make this nail look elegant enough. The lace element enhances this appearance effect to the extreme.

Extremely elegant nails
Source: instagram.com/fabiobilloni/

24. Houndstooth nails

Have you worn a nail design with a knitted pattern last Christmas? Give houndstooth nails a try this year! The combination of black and white colors can make your Christmas nails more modern.

Houndstooth nails
Source: instagram.com/lkbeauty_9/

25. Blue ombre nails

Christmas without snow may be imperfect. Of course, we can’t control the weather. However, you can experience the unique atmosphere of this scenery in advance by wearing special nail designs.

Blue ombre nails
Source: instagram.com/miss_m.nails_liverpool/