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35 Shocking Whale Tattoo Designs

The smartest, largest, and oldest animal on the planet is none other than whales. Many people may not have the opportunity to witness majestic whales in their lifetimes. For seafarers, seeing whales is also considered a very lucky thing. Just because it is hard to see, many people are full of keen interest in this behemoth from the mysterious deep sea. I think this is also the reason why whale tattoo designs are so popular. Of course, the deep meaning of whales cannot be ignored. People usually associate it with peace, harmony, balance, bravery, dreams, and soul. In the history of human culture, whales are also a symbol of motherhood.

The best whale tattoo designs are always creative and imaginative. The conventional creative design method is to move whales from the sea to the sky, even into space. Over time, people tied whale tattoos with the word dream. But there are some designs that combine other elements to make whales cool, such as tribal patterns and compasses. If what you need is a design that pays more attention to expressing meaning, a whale tattoo with infinite symbols and quotes is your ideal choice.

1. Whale Galaxy Tattoo

The look of this whale tattoo design is dreamy, and it even looks a little sacred. The artist perfectly blends galaxies and whales together, even if it is just the “tip of the iceberg,” it is enough to make people feel shocked. This tattoo also has a certain meaning. The galaxy acts as an intermediate medium to make the human soul communicate and connect with this ancient marine life.

Whale Galaxy Tattoo

2. Whale Space Tattoo

I believe most people have imagined whales swimming in mysterious space. Although this tattoo design has long been divorced from reality, it seems to be more popular. Imagination is unlimited, so this design can become very personal.

Whale Space Tattoo

3. Whale geometric tattoo

If you want to make a whale tattoo in a pure modern style, geometric elements will give you a satisfying result. The appearance of the tattoo will become hard and have a sense of strength.

Whale geometric tattoo

4. Whale symbol tattoo

A personalized symbol tattoo must be a design that mixes multiple elements. This tattoo is dominated by whales and then combines the sun, stars, moon, and waves. The pink in the design makes the tattoo very feminine.

Whale symbol tattoo

5. Cute whale tattoo

This whale tattoo design with small flowers looks super cute and its expression is smiling. The color combination of blue, pink, and purple once again enhances this appearance. Not only that, but the shadow details make it refined.

Cute whale tattoo

6. Whale Aurora Tattoo

If the themes of galaxy and space are not your style, would you be interested in this whale tattoo combined with aurora? The overall appearance looks like it is telling a beautiful fairy tale.

Whale Aurora Tattoo

7. Whale tribal tattoo

It is difficult for whales to be directly and closely connected with people. We need something like a link, and ancient tribal patterns are one of the most suitable design elements. In addition, tattoo designs created using this element will undoubtedly be cool.

Whale tribal tattoo

8. Whale and rainbow cloud tattoo

If you want to show off your whale tattoo, please design it to be eye-catching. I bet this tattoo can excite you. The flashing green whales flying through the rainbow clouds look innocent and romantic.

Whale and rainbow cloud tattoo

9. Whale oil painting tattoo

Oil painting art can be realistic or abstract, and it focuses on expressing people’s spiritual thoughts. But this artistic style is rarely used in tattoo design, so this whale tattoo is definitely special and niche enough.

Whale oil painting tattoo

10. Three Whales Tattoo

If you know something about tattoo art, you will immediately guess that this is a whale tattoo design for the family. It usually symbolizes harmony, close connection, and happiness. In addition to whales, you can also combine other elements that can express your personal style or family. But for this kind of tattoo with deep meaning, I suggest you keep the design as simple as possible.

Three Whales Tattoo

11. Whale flower balloon tattoo

A whale may dream of flying in the sky, but it obviously cannot do it without wings. The artist who designed this tattoo had a big brain, and he came up with a “practical” solution. The natural flower balloon can help whale dreams come true.

Whale flower balloon tattoo

12. Whale flower tattoo

I believe that everyone has a whale that resonates with them. If flowers are part of your soul, perhaps whales should also be made of them. This colorful flower whale tattoo will surely be unforgettable.

Whale flower tattoo

13. Whale and compass tattoo

Compass tattoos with in-depth meaning are highly sought after by men, combined with the design of whales to have a gaining effect. Such as clearer goals, stronger powers, blessings, and protection.

Whale and compass tattoo

14. Whale watercolor tattoo

The femininity presented by watercolor art tattoos is amazing. This combination design makes this dreamy blue whale seem to swim in the sea of stars.

Whale watercolor tattoo

15. Whale wave tattoo

The free and cheerful state of this surfing whale is what everyone dreams of.

Whale wave tattoo

16. Tiny whale tattoo

Thanks to the tiny tattoo design, this little whale exudes a sweet breath.

Tiny whale tattoo

17. Whale thick line tattoo

The combination of thick and thin lines creates a strong visual impact, so this eye-catching whale tattoo will make everyone notice it.

Whale thick line tattoo

18. Whale Moon Tattoo

Because there is no moon pattern in the design, this whale tattoo design can be called interesting. It reminds people of the moon through a perfect arc.

Whale Moon Tattoo

19. Whale Tail Tattoo

If you want to express the whale swimming freely in the sea through design, I think a whale tail tattoo is for you.

Whale Tail Tattoo

20. Realistic whale tattoo

Detailed lines and exquisite shadow design can make the tattoo look very realistic. This whale tattoo is just as I said.

Realistic whale tattoo

21. Science fiction whale tattoo

Can whales shuttle back and forth in different spaces satisfy your sci-fi vision of the future? Although this tattoo is very interesting, you should be more cautious about unconventional designs.

Science fiction whale tattoo

22. Whale Eye Tattoo

The whale will give you strength and shelter, and the eyes will help you dispel evil. In addition, this design pushes the mysterious atmosphere to the extreme.

Whale Eye Tattoo

23. Whale infinity symbol tattoo

Rumor has it that the death of a whale is the beginning of the recovery of all things. In this case, this infinite symbol, which implies the endless cycle of life and death, becomes more meaningful.

Whale infinity symbol tattoo

24. Whale print tattoo

Thousands of printed patterns, they can effortlessly make whale tattoos an exclusive and personal style design.

Whale print tattoo

25. Whale mixed tattoo

The meaning of whale hybrid tattoos may only be known to the wearer, and the design needs to ensure that there are no serious contradictions and conflicts between the elements. This tattoo looks unusually rich and contains whales, dream catchers, waves, mountains, and moon phases.

Whale mixed tattoo

26. Whale Heart Tattoo

The waves drew a perfect heart shape in the sky, and the little pink whales shuttled through it. What a heart-warming scene! The beautiful appearance makes people forget all their worries, perhaps the meaning of this tattoo design is no longer the most important.

Whale Heart Tattoo

27. Double Whale Tattoo

Double whale tattoo can represent a variety of relationships, such as family, friendship, or love. This design with blue spider lily is to commemorate the dead.

Double Whale Tattoo

28. Abstract whale tattoo

Which element do you think is suitable for designing a perfect abstract whale tattoo? My only answer is seawater.

Abstract whale tattoo

29. Whale quote tattoo

If there is a certain connection between the content of the quotation and the meaning of the whale, why not blend them together?

Whale quote tattoo

30. Whale Dot Outline Tattoo

The whale outline tattoo design made with dots seems to be more interesting than the lines. This subtle design may lead people to infinite imagination.

Whale Dot Outline Tattoo

31. Creative whale tattoo on the hand

If this creative whale tattoo is not placed on the hand, it will not be perfect. Of course, only a few specific designs have such limitations. I guess that the wearer must start the design after confirming the position.

Creative whale tattoo on the hand

32. Whale Boy Tattoo

The anthropomorphic whale tattoo design looks vibrant and empathetic.

Whale Boy Tattoo

33. Whale thin line tattoo

Thine line tattoo does not require a major commitment. From another perspective, it makes it easier for you to get this behemoth from the ocean.

Whale thin line tattoo

34. Whale rose tattoo

What a creative tattoo design! I can hardly imagine that the whale can be so perfectly combined with the rose. The classic black ink also shines with this design.

Whale rose tattoo

35. Whale City Tattoo

This tattoo design is reminiscent of fairy tales. To be honest, I have also imagined a mobile city supported by whales.

Whale City Tattoo