20 Best Cuff Nail Art Design Ideas

When you see the cuff nail design, you may not be amazed, but I believe you will get a little surprise and joy. To be precise, this type of design was not an independent style in the past, and it was just a popular way to embellish nails. Today the situation has changed slightly. As more and more people fall in love with it, cuff nail art has become a category.

In addition, for those who are obsessed with French nails but want to try special designs, cuff nails may be the perfect alternative design. Although the appearance and effect are completely opposite, the visual experience given to you is somewhat similar. Whether you believe it or not, try it once, and you will understand what I’m talking about.

You don’t have to worry about whether the number of cuff nail designs is abundant. As I said, it can be integrated with various types of nail designs. Of course, we still sort out some of the best designs for you to inspire you. The advantage of this is that you can release your creativity to make your cuff nails an exclusive design.

1. Moon short cuff nude nails

This cuff nail design has a beautiful golden arc like a moon, and the perfect detail processing makes it undoubtedly exquisite. This design also makes monotonous short nude nails look refreshed and gorgeous. Whether it’s work or a party, this nail design can easily cope with it.

Moon short cuff nude nails

2. Hand-painted cuff nails

Patterns and elements can represent your personal style, and you can incorporate them into your nail design by hand-painting. Although this method is somewhat complicated and challenging, it will enhance the uniqueness of the cuff nails.

Hand-painted cuff nails

3. Colorful cuff square nails

The multi-layered cuff design can add more color to the nails. This nail is undoubtedly one of the best designs for those who are obsessed with various color palettes.

Colorful cuff square nails

4. Exquisite shell cuff nails

The degree of sophistication of this nail is far better than those that use nail polish and powder because the artist encapsulated the beautiful shells on the cuffs. In my opinion, this design is an impeccable combination of creativity and superb technology.

Exquisite shell cuff nails

5. Two-color long cuff nails

I think the fashionable and simple two-color nails are one of the most mainstream modern designs. If you agree with me. This chrome-plated gold and olive green cuff nail design may suit you.

Two color long cuff nails

6. Smoke gold leaf cuff nails

The colorful smoke makes people feel a dreamy atmosphere, and the gold foil paper can easily create a gorgeous appearance. If they do not satisfy you, try to embellish the cuffs of your nails with glittering gold. I believe that even short nails will have a magnificent appearance.

Smoke gold leaf cuff nails

7. Creative purple cuff almond nails

Two-color creative patterns look like eyes, and the light purple in the design is one of the most charming and soft colors. These low-key cuff almond nails reveal a little noble and queen.

Creative purple cuff almond nails

8. Blue cuff nails

This lively blue nail is designed for summer and it looks very refreshing. But if there is no silver cuff design, the overall appearance will be dim.

Blue cuff nails

9. Warm-toned cuff nails

This nail adds warm colors to the design through plants and flowers. In my opinion, this autumn cuff short nail design is slightly better than many classic long coffin nails.

Warm-toned cuff nails

10. Cute cow cuff nails

More and more people are following the fashion trend, this situation has led to the cow print nails becoming more and more popular. Fortunately, the cuff embellishment design can make the nail look special. Next, you can match your favorite colors according to the festival, season, and personal style.

Cute cow cuff nails

11. Leopard print cuff nails

How to add a bit of gorgeousness to the wild leopard pattern? And which way is the easiest? I think this cuff nail design has given you the perfect answer.

Leopard print cuff nails

12. Rainbow cuff matte white nails

This cuff nail combines fun and gorgeousness in an unparalleled way. The textured matte white makes the rainbow pattern brighter.

Rainbow cuff matte white nails

13. French zebra cuff nails

This cuff nail design that incorporates French-style breaks people’s traditional impression of cute zebra prints. The combined design of the two styles looks elegant and ensures the uniqueness of the appearance.

French zebra cuff nails

14. Modern minimalist cuff nails

If you just want to try cuff nails quickly, I highly recommend this classic that will never go out of style.

Modern minimalist cuff nails

15. Chrome cuff nails

Do you think the special cuff nails are not eye-catching enough? Please try a design that combines chrome art! Believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Chrome cuff nails

16. Floral cuff nails

There is no doubt that vibrant floral nails are one of the best design types. If you embellish the cuffs with shiny powder, it will be impressive.

Floral cuff nails

17. Gradient cuff nails

It may be boring to combine multiple similar colors directly, I recommend you to consider gradient art. This nail design with tips and cuffs changes in an orderly fashion looks stylish and creative.

Gradient cuff nails

18. Printed cuff nails

Nail polish, hand-painted patterns, or wild animal prints? The personalized cuff nail design is inspired by your personal preferences.

Printed cuff nails

19. Abstract cuff nails

Combining cuff nails with abstract art and matching eye-catching color combinations, this design is intoxicating.

Abstract cuff nails

20. Cool cuff nails

I think that cool and gorgeous nail designs cannot lack black and gold. Of course, the design should also be relatively unique. If you are looking for such cuff nails, please check out this one!

Cool cuff nails